Lowrance minimun repair charge-$150 !!!! Lowrance minimun repair charge-$150 !!!!
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    Lowrance minimun repair charge-$150 !!!!
from Bill Beutel (  
5/24/1999 8:28:00 AM


 Surprise, surprise guys. I just sent my 2 yr old Lowrance X70A LCG in for repair. They called and said they were 4-6 wks behind in repair. Travis, the Lowrance repair Rep. then said that the minimum repair cost is a flat fee of $150 for that model. I almost sh*t. I ask about a $200 unit and he said it's prorated, that would be $80 for the exact same repair, a loose wire. Then he offered for an additional $50 the LMSA with no transducers and said it sells for $600. I told him NO, normal price is $549 with transducers and now on sale for $499. I then pushed him some more and found out the LMSA's were repaired units and only had a 6 month warrantee which he didn't tell me unless I ask. Time to rebel guys !!! $150 minumunn repair is a ripoff. Call 1-800-324-1356 and complain

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   $150 ouch! from Steve (  5/24/1999 1:25:00 PM
 Can anyone spell "GARMIN"???? There are more good LCG's out there than ever, make them earn your business! C&R, Steve
   X-70a and lowrance from Frank Jadeszko (  5/24/1999 2:36:00 PM
 I also had sent in my x-70a unit for normal repair and to get rid of moisture under the screen. I was called the next day telling me it would be at least 2 to 3 weeks for back ordered parts and would I like to up grade to the lms-350a for an addiatonial 50.00$ . Not knowing that others where also having this same thing happen I called lowrance and read them the riot act. Please let me know if there is alot more like us, maybe we should all call lowrance all at once and let them know their being watched.
   that's interesting..... from Tom (  5/24/1999 2:44:00 PM
 Lowrance just told me it would be $100 to upgrade to the LMS-350a. Wonder what the deal is?
   Lowrance repair costs from Bob D. (  5/24/1999 8:18:00 PM
 My buddy sent in his Optima. Was told they do not repair, they replace and the cost is $150. He and I have black screen Optimas and they will only provide him the blue screen Optimas. He is trying to get a Lowrance X75 out of them. For a two year old unit and a cost of $150 Lowrance should be accomodating. I am running a LMS350A (repaired 6 times) and an Optima. I will look closely at Garmin next time. I hate to leave Lowrance after having a green box, a paper graph, a flasher and now the LCGs.

Maybe part of the Magellan deal was lets just replace faulty units with new ones and charge more. That way we can reduce our repair dept. and/or Magellan will not buy into a lot of warranty or after warranty repair.

I wonder what it costs them to build a X70.

Just my $0.02 worth

   Lowrance Ripoff (Avoid It?) from Don (  5/24/1999 11:37:00 PM
 Bill, Try calling PORT-TRONICS INC.= Greenville,S.C.=864-2991432= They fixed a 2200 model after "THE BIG BOYS" said they had no way to repair it. Keep a Chunckin', Don
   Lowrance continues ripoff !! from Bill (  5/25/1999 3:03:00 PM
 A few additional comments. Since Magellan bought Lowrance two yrs ago, all models have been made in Mexico. Some of the last 'good' units were made in the US including some of the X70A's. For $200 and my X70A they are giving me someone else's repaired LMS-350A unit with no transducers. If I don't like it, I can wait 4-6 wks for the repair of my X70A. They do NOT tell you the LMA-350 is a repaired unit!!! Garmin and others will do well with Lowrances 'new management' style.The reason for all of the LMA-350 deals is they have a 20% failure rate and buyers don't want them back. They have our $millions now but they won't in the future!! Call them at 1-800-324-1356 and tell them you want to speak to management of customer service or public relations and let them know the next electronic unit you buy won't be a Lowrance and they had better clean up their act quickly. They are actually 'selling' the exchange unit illegally as they don't tell you it is a used and repaired unit. Remind them of that, the state Attorney Generals across the nation like these easy cases. I'd like someone from Garmin to read this and see just how intelligent their marketing dept is. We spend the millions, just give us a good product. Anyone listening ???
   Good repair shop for Lowrance/Eagle gear from A. Mallory (  5/25/1999 3:45:00 PM
 I've used an outfit called Marine Specialty in Riverdale Georgia, near Atlanta (770) 996-9014 to work on my X-16 - beats the heck out of Lowrance. They specialize only in Lowrance/Eagle and MotorGuide products.
   Lowrance from George (  5/26/1999 12:33:00 PM
 Just sent them an e-mail with all above comments: Someone there better get with the program.
   Ripoff from FrankP (  5/26/1999 10:15:00 PM
 Would anyone please explain what is a fair price for repair and if so why so and if not why not?
   Which hydofoil should I use?? from Bill (  5/27/1999 8:45:00 AM
 I have a 1989 18ft Stratos with a xp150hp, 2 fifteen gallon gas tanks, three batteries, a kicker motor and dual consule. The motor has a Sting Ray hydrofoil on it now and I have some problems getting out of the hole. Do we guess which actually has the most lift or measure or ask for the number of square inches of plastic that touches the water, etc?? Any suggestions are welcome.
   Tom and Frank with Lowrance X70A's, Need your help from Bill (  5/27/1999 3:04:00 PM
 Well, we got Lowrance's attention. I just received an email from the head of Customer Service from Lowrance. Was very polite and good PR person. I only want to give her the correct facts on our problems and exactly what Lowrance offered each of you. Seems we all were offered something different. Told me 4-6 wks to get parts or another $50 plus my check of $150 for repair of the X70A and they will send the LMS 350A with no transducers. Can't go without a unit so I went with what they answered. Please send me exactly what happened to you and maybe we can help them solve their/our problems. Thanks
   Is X70 worth it ? from John (  5/28/1999 9:58:00 PM
 I just pulled an X 70 from my boat. The unit seems to work great, problem is the screen. It is cloudy or smoked looking on the inside. It is bad enough that it is hard to see the display. I would like to have it fixed but is this thing worth $150.?



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