Furuno 1621 radar Furuno 1621 radar
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    Furuno 1621 radar
from Capt Skip (  
1/30/2000 8:58:00 AM


 Looking to add a small 16 mile radar to my bay boat. I have looked at a few and wonder if the Furuno 1622 is worth $300 more then the 1621? Anyone using the 1621 out there have any opinions?

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   Furuno Says from Thom (  1/30/2000 10:28:00 AM
  Capt. Skip,

I don't know a thing about them myself but I got an adertising E-Mail (that's all subscribers lists are now days you know - just advertising ####) and it gives some comparisons between the two. Here's what it had to say:

>From Furuno comes the new 1622 compact and waterproof, 6-inch LCD radar, perfect for smaller craft and pleasure boats. The high-definition screen displays echoes in four shades of grey, giving the 1622 the highest resolution for this class of radar.

The 1622 replaces the very popular Model 1621MK2, and incorporates a new, more powerful 2.2kW Transmitter and an increase to 13 range scales from 1/8 to 16 n.m.

Other improvements in the 1622 include a silver bright high-definition LCD display, which enhances the display so that you can view it clearly even in direct sunlight and a reverse video feature for effective use at night. The automatic "GST" function has been improved to provide fully automatic control of Time, Sea and Gain.

The new unit also features an optimized 24RPM hybrid antenna for improved sidelobe reduction and optimized software for easier operation. In addition to these technological advancements, the 1622 can display waypoints when it is connected to a GPS or DGPS navigator such as the GP1650 or GP1850D series. The waypoint is indicated by a lollipop mark for easy identification and location.

Other standard features of the 1622 include an EBL (Electronic Bearing Line), EVRM (Electronic Variable Range Marker), Echo Trail and Guard Zone Alarm. Automatic control of tuning, sensitivity (Gain) and anti-clutter allows optimum performance with ease of operation.

Three different operation modes can be chosen from -- Normal, Off-Center and Watch. In the Watch mode, the antenna is stopped and the transmission is off while the screen displays nav data only. The radar "wakes up" at specified time intervals (five, 10 or 20 minutes) and operates for 10 scans. If targets enter or leave the Guard Zone, an audible alarm sounds and the radar resumes normal operation, canceling the Watch mode.

For more information on the new Furuno 1622 Radar, the GP1650/G1850D GPS/DGPS/Chartplotters or any product in Furuno's full line of marine electronics, contact: Furuno U.S.A., 4400 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Dept. P, Camas, WA 98607. Phone: (360) 834-9300. Fax: (360) 834-9400. Website: http://www.Furuno.com

------------------------- postmaster@furuno.com Furuno, Inc.

If you want to unsubscribe to this list, go to http://www.Furuno.com/contact/maillist.html

   Furuno 1622 from Three Rivers Marine Electronics  1/30/2000 10:52:00 AM
 We have sold both the 1621 and the 1622. The 1622 is well worth the extra money. The biggest improvement is the LCD Display. It has alot better contrast and is much easier to see especially in bright sunlight. The 1621 did not have real good contrast and could be hard to see in the sun! The 1621 is no longer made and isn't available from Furuno anymore although some dealers may still have one in their inventory! Go for the 1622, you won't regret it!
   radars from Three Rivers (  2/1/2000 8:12:00 PM
 I have been following discussions on the Furuno 1622 and the Raytheon SL72 and was wondering if you had any opinions on which is the better unit. I would use it for offshore use, mostly stormwatching as I don't think I can see birds with these units. Any advice would really be appreciated.


   correction on name from Dan (  2/1/2000 11:04:00 PM
 sorry, I entered three rivers in the name box when I meant to make it the message box, to get your attention. My apologies, I certainly am not affiliated with three rivers in any way.



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