Humminbird Wide 3D Vision and Vista Humminbird Wide 3D Vision and Vista
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    Humminbird Wide 3D Vision and Vista
from Fish Hawk (  
6/6/2000 1:14:00 PM


 Thinking of buying one of these units. Does anyone have any pros or cons on these units. Would like to know something about how they perform.

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   Wide ones.. from Dial Tone (  6/6/2000 1:39:00 PM
 I have a Wide Paramount which Ive been trying to make work on my boat for almost one year..New transducer and sent unit back. Works ok for a few minutes then goes into never never land...Last week end we were in 40 ft of water and Hbird shallow alarm goes off reading 2 ft..My $.02 worth. Good Luck
   wide paramount from fishin'bob (  6/6/2000 2:59:00 PM
 I've had a wide paramount on my boat since 98 and have not had any problems. It's used for shallow water fishing (bass) and deep water fishing (salmon and lake trout). The unit has always performed well. The temp and speed readout is a nice feature.
   dont do it from JB  6/6/2000 6:17:00 PM
 i had a 3d vision and i hated it. it wouldnt mark a fish or even pick up a weed line. for the amount of money it cost i expected more out of it. i found the 3d mode useless and in 2d it couldnt pick up anything. i wont ever buy another humminbird unit after owning this one. i tried the changing the transducer and also moving its location and it was no better. i replaced it with a garmin 240 the garmin blows it away in every way.
   Not recommended by many from Big Joe (  6/6/2000 8:39:00 PM
 Fish Hawk,

When I went to purchase my boat a few months ago, I specifically asked to be rigged with Hummers both at the console and bow based on specs,sales info I read about them, and seeing them at the boat show. They looked like god's gift to fish finding.

However, I had (5) dealers and multiple people out at the marina say don't do it. I believe if you do your research, you will find many more people are dissastified than satisfied. I have also been told, have read articles and posts from this board, that when you venture into getting service for these units, it's worse yet.

I had (1) dealer actually tell me flat out that if I wanted HBirds, he wouldn't sell them to me because he refused to have a unhappy customer right from the get go.

I ended up rigging my boat with Lowrances, X75 on bow and X85 at console, with a handheld Globalmap 100 GPS on a RAM mount. I'm sure Lowrance has skeletons in the closet as well, but if you weigh out how many people have them versus how many problems, it was my opinion they were the better way to go.

Just FYI....Good luck

   H'brd 3D Vision from Jimbo  6/7/2000 2:18:00 AM
 Hey Fish Hawk,"Hello",I have had the 3D Vision since 1994 and I use it to find channels, creek beds, shallow water boat cuts, etc. The multi transducer head will show fish and bottom and distinguish location as left side, right side, or directly below. It uses a 53 degree cone angle multi transducer head to extapilate (sp?) a 3D view,,,the speed reads in tenths and begins reading at about 1.5 MPH,,,I get a surface temp on water or air temp on the trailer. I do some fresh water trolling also and this unit will show bait fish underwater trees, grass beds, etc. I have not had any problems reading bottom at speeds up to 43MPH. I have read bottom as shallow as 1 foot. I do use two different types of sounders on each boat and only have the one 3D unit, but I use it mostly to find the deeper sides of shallow water and steer left or right by it's guidance even though I have used it in 200+ foot of water for bottom contours, drops, and structure. The canon ball off the rigger can be viewed and fish depth is also posted when in the correct icon mode. The down side for me is the low alarm volume and not being "settable". I have gone to raw data to find thermoclines in fresh water lakes. As with all sounders, fit your personal wants and needs. Hope this helps? Enjoy! With respect, Jimbo

   finders from bigjohn (  6/11/2000 5:34:00 PM
 before you by any electronics find out how good a companys customer service is...get the number and find out how many times they tell you they really want to help you...hummingbird is the pits...bigjohn



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