Motor Guide Brute 756 12/24 volts, 56 lbs., 42 Motor Guide Brute 756 12/24 volts, 56 lbs., 42
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    Motor Guide Brute 756 12/24 volts, 56 lbs., 42
from John (  
12/18/2007 3:55:00 PM


 Motor Guide Brute 756 12/24 volts, 56 lbs., 42" shaft w/Gator Mount, foot controlled- 1999 Model trolling motor....Is this a solid motor or a pice of Junk? Anyone have any history with these? Not looking for something I have to repair every outing on the water. Have heard some war stories on certain Motor Guides. This motor I am looking at has roughly 25 hours on it and has not had any use in 6 years but works 100%.

Looking to put this one on a 14ft Jon boat....I have been Minn Kota my whole life (for my bigger boat 19ft skeeter) but seem to be able to get a decent buy on this 1999 model Motor Guide described above for my small pond boat. Want to save some money and really do not want to shell out $400 plus for a Minn Kota for a boat that will be lightly used in 2008. Can basically get the MG for roughly half the cost of a similiar Minn Kota.

Looking for some general feedback

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   Motor Guide from Tony (  12/18/2007 11:51:00 PM
 Hey John, I've had that same Trolling motor on my Ranger for ten years and it is still running strong. I have never had a problem at all with this trolling motor. Good Luck! Tony

   MotorGuide... from JonMac (  12/19/2007 6:29:00 AM
 Hi John,

I've had a 775 Beast 24/36 on my boat since '94 and it's been good to me. Have only needed to replace the steering rack and pinion gear. Guys that I know who have the 756 have been happy with it.

Happy Holidays & Tight Lines!! John

   The only good trollng mtor from Stretch (  12/19/2007 8:53:00 AM
 Now I have had great luck with Motorguides throughout the years and I would definately buy another one.

In my opinion the only good trolling motor is one under warranty. You can never tell the history of the motor. It could be great or they could have had major problems with it. Just because it is working great today does not mean it will work great tomorrow.

How do they determine that the trolling motor has 25 hours on it? I never heard of anything like that! If you fish for 8 hours a day that would mean they fished for 3 days with that motor! Something sounds squirley...



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