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    Towing with 4 Cylinder
from Salty Craw (  
9/28/1999 10:07:00 PM


 I am buying a new Tide Craft bass boat next spring and plan on towing it with a 1995 Ford Ranger with yes-a 4 Cylinder in it. The boat is a 16', with a 115 Merc on it. Am I going to be able to pull this boat with my current truck or am I going to have to farther in debt and break down and buy a new truck? The Truck is a 5 Speed. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Craw

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   Yes it will but, from Rusty Nuts (  9/29/1999 8:44:00 AM
 Take it easy. With the 5-speed you will have a very dificult time pulling boat up steep sramps. You will smell the clutch burning when you do this. You could get a heavy duty clutch installed if one is available. Watch your speed too. It would be best if you had a V-6 or larger with a automatic. But, I've been where you are before. I used to pull a 17ft Aquasport with a 83 Toyota. Did great on perfect ramps. I would have to load 2 or 3 of my friends in the back to prevent wheel spin. But had no trouble. Steep ramps were out of the question.
   be safe from John (  9/29/1999 1:03:00 PM
 My step dad used a 4cyl 5spd to tow for about a year before he replaced the truck. Always bring at least 1 person with you, as you may need him to stand on the bumper. Also, don't use steep ramps. It will not work, and you will then need someone with a bigger truck to pull your boat out.
   4 cylinder from bassman (  9/29/1999 2:09:00 PM
 Not only will you have trouble on steep ramps but on any hill you will lose speed. You will also cut the life of your truck in half. Stopping will be another fun issue.
   4 cyl from Kevin (  9/29/1999 2:35:00 PM
 I occasionally pull a 18 ft Bumble Bee w/a 1992 4cyl 5spd stick toyota PU - It's not the greatest and I don't travel to distant lakes with it.

Advice on ramps - yes. it's difficult to get it going (my fishing partner burned out the clutch on it) but if you engage the gears and SLOWLY start to pull I've found it to be fine (albeit always nervewracking)

However, having said that I am currently in the market for a full-sized V8 PU - I believe you will tire of it quickly and find yourself wanting a bigger truck

PS - When I was a younger chap my wife and I moved to and back from New York City (from Dallas, TX) pulling one of those dual axle u-hauls filled to the brim (~5000 lbs) 1500 miles both ways with this, you'd be surprised what they can do

   Towing w/ 4 cylinder from Eric (  9/29/1999 6:54:00 PM
 I use my 4 cylinder '93Toyota Previa (rated 3,500)for towing my Jayco Cardinal pop-up trailer (3,300 lbs. fully loaded)and my 21 ft. Carolina Skiff w/ 90 hp Yamaha and have had no problems. I've towed the Jayco for at least 20,000 miles so far with some trips being 2,500 miles roundtrip. The boat I've been towing for two years and do try to stay on decent ramps. The van now has 78,000 miles and have had no trouble except normal maintenance. I did install a transmission cooler when I started towing and recently installed air bags on the back shocks since the boat trailer had more tongue weight and would lower the back end of the van quite a bit.
   Eric from Rusty Nuts (  9/29/1999 9:11:00 PM
 There is a difference in your van and Salty's Ranger. Probably 30-50hp difference. The 4 cylinder Ford in only 100hp. Same goes for torque.
   Towing w/a 4 banger from 4-cyl Dakota (  9/29/1999 10:17:00 PM
 Just be carefull. My Dakota has a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder and it is rated at 3,000 lbs but I pull a fully rigged 21 ft Sprint Fish/ski on a regular basis which weighs from 3,500 to 4,000 lbs. My truck has a 3.55 axle ratio. You could probably change your axle ratio, if you do you will loose top end speed but have a lot more bottom end pulling power. I have no trouble even up the steeper ramps. If you have the right equipment like a class III receiver hitch and trailer brakes I am sure you will do fine.
   Yes,you can BUT from BradP (  9/30/1999 11:17:00 AM
 Answer your question:Yes! I tow a 21' bay boat(knock-of of kenner21) sometimes but never deal with it on ramps, always get my buddy's to put it in/out. Get awesome towing mpg thopugh, how's 14-16mpg sound to YOU!

Although easily said and done putting in is easy, done it before with my ranger 4cyl. However becuase of my bro's previous experience with his ranger 3yrs ago, i restrict my ramp pulling 4cyl power to a 16' jon boat.

Can reach 65mph towing(rpm's ok) but on hills/freeways lose power when climbing. ADVISE-Brakes will not survive under these abnormal braking conditions!! I have replaced mine to performance friction expensive pads!! My truck is '94 Ranger 4cyl.

If I wasn't a college student with bills to pay and loans that will need paying off soon, I would invest in a cheap F-150 with 302V8 or maybe a decked out F-250 crewcab 4x4 with V-10 and big monster tires!

   '95 Ranger... from alex (  10/3/1999 11:29:00 AM

I'm a fellow '95 Ranger 4-banger owner, as is my brother.

My first advise would be to check your owner's manual. My '95 ranger super-cab has a towing capacity of around 1200- 1500 lbs. My brother's standard ranger says "not recommended for towing" in the manual. My super-cab's also got a lower gear-ratio than his.

I've been tugging around a Tracker Pro 16V, (16' aluminum, 40HP) for about a year now, 3 or 4 times a month. With 43000 miles on the truck, I see brakes being replaced at my next service stop, and probably a new clutch within the next 10,000 miles or so.

On the highway, I can get up to about 75mph in 4th gear, lose lots of speed going up-hill. Stopping isn't really a problem but puts a lot of strain on those brakes! So far, I've only been stuck on the ramp once. And that's on a day when the 'full sized' trucks were slipping around and getting pulled out also.

Do I do it? Yes. After all, you gotta fish and sometimes you deal with what you have. Would I suggest to someone else doing it? Probably not. Is a new, bigger truck in my future? Probably so.





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