Crown Victoria--Towing Capacity? Crown Victoria--Towing Capacity?
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    Crown Victoria--Towing Capacity?
from Kevin (  
11/16/1999 9:53:00 PM


 I have a 1999 Crown Vic (Company Car) and would like to pull a boat that weighs 2100lb dry weight with a 200hp and tandem axle trailer. The vic has a big v8, I think the same engine that is in the expedition, but not sure.

Pulled the boat around town the other day and the engine seems to do fine, but it bounces a lot and I have virtually zero clearance.

Is there anything that I can do to pull this off? I have a Suburban that I pull it with now, but would love to put the miles on the company car.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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   Towing from Joe (  11/17/1999 12:27:00 AM
 The once big power house Crown Vic has gone the way of literally every other car made in America today. The Crown Vic once had a towing capacity of 5000 lbs, no more. Its current towing capacity is a mear 2000 lbs, (you are borderline) Believe it or not there are NO MORE cars in US production that are rated to tow more than 3000 lbs. Even the 3000 lb rating is limited to the Cadillac Deville and Seville. Detroit has decided that if we want to tow over 3000 lbs...WE BUY THEIR TRUCKS!...Just thought I would pass it along, Joe.
   Yes, yes, yes, yes from Rusty Nuts (  11/17/1999 7:09:00 AM
 You can tow with your VIC. Sounds like you need air shocks or bags under the rear end. The engine and tranny can handle the weight. I tow 4800lbs with my 92 Grand Marquise with no problems. My car came with the auto level ride so aftermarket shocks are not need on mine. Always tow in reg drive not o/d. Your engine has 190hp and 270ftlbs of torque. PLENTY!
   Massachusetts Joe from Arv (  11/17/1999 7:37:00 AM
 Better check those tow ratings again. The latest trailer Boats Mag. towing issue does not list a single 2000 model car that is rated to tow more than 2000 pounds.
   crown v from Larry (  11/17/1999 8:07:00 AM
 Kevin as said above Trailer Boats 99 tow guide lists it as 2000lbs for the 4.6 v-8. You will be over the limit with the trailer weight and everything else added in. But hey it is your car. Saw a Pinto last month with the back hatch having a section cut out of it at the bottom and a hitch sticking through, wonder what he towed.
   Towed 482 Ranger with one from Doug (  11/17/1999 1:35:00 PM
 My dad had a Crown Vic company car and towed a 482 Ranger with with a single axle trailer. It had the 4.6 and did a great job at towing. He would always order his with the "performance" package. This included 16" Tires, dual exhaust, and a few more hp. The big item it included was the self leveling suspension. I think that made the package work as well as it did. Just start the car and let it idle for a minute and it would level itself out.


   Ratings from Dunk (  11/17/1999 6:00:00 PM
 I wouldn't worry about what powertrain is in the vehicle. I think the tow rating on CV's caved in when they went from the older square styled cars to the new rounder looking ones. Whatever year that was?? I think the rating went down because they eliminated the full frame in the vehicle to a unibody without a frame. I'd be looking at the up underneath bumper to see if you can even bolt up a decent hitch. Dunk
   crown vic from frank (  11/18/1999 12:18:00 AM
 Tow it! I just got rid of a '95 town car with same engine and transmission. Lincoln had dual exhaust. I installed a transmission cooler and towed a boat probably 3000-3500 pounds. Auto had 131000 miles when I got rid of it. I did not have the tow package. I am convinced the cooler saved the tranny. I also changed filter and transmission fluid every 20k. Good luck

   To from Joe (  11/18/1999 2:31:00 AM
 On page 67 of the Dec. 1999 Edition of Trailer Boats, it indeed list the Cadillac Seville and DeVille at 3000 lbs tow rate, (atleast in my copy of the magazine it does). The last I knew the Seville/DeVille were Cars, Joe.



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