HDS 7 with water in it, lowrance still not fixed thier problem HDS 7 with water in it, lowrance still not fixed thier problem
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    HDS 7 with water in it, lowrance still not fixed thier problem
from gary #10549  
1/24/2010 12:34:33 PM


 My brother just called me and said that he was having trouble with his HDS7 that he just bought new in may. Said he came home from work yesterday and went out to the boat and his unit was on and it had lines running up and down it. took and off his ram mount and he said you could see what inside the screen. I had a lcx -15 that was less than two years old did the very same thing and I lost my a@# on it because lowrance wouldnt fix it. then dummy me goes and buys a 5 and 7 from them.

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   Not trying to be a smart azz from stp357  1/24/2010 2:09:53 PM
 But why would you leave your electronics attached and plugged in? My boat has a nice cozy garage but my electronics come in the house with me, considering the garage is subjected to the fluctuations of temperature and humidity. Leaving them in that situation for an extended time to me is asking for trouble.

   Another Issue from BrownTrout #10874  1/24/2010 2:30:18 PM
 Why would anyone leave the power on while the boat is sitting and not being used? As a minimum, the GPS antennae will draw down the battery.

   solved all my Lowrance problems from MikeF  1/24/2010 2:54:52 PM
 I quit buying their products.

   Leaky seals... from Toonafish  1/24/2010 4:35:53 PM
 The faulty seals issue was not rectified until the units made after mid June of 09. So he got one with the bad seals. Has he called Lowrance?

   Sounds like par for the course from fishintechnician #13154  1/24/2010 6:56:55 PM
 My x-96 only lasted 1.5yrs

   brown trout/stp357 from gary #10549  1/24/2010 7:49:48 PM
 Nobody said anything about "leaving the power on". the water got in his unit when he fished in the rain, you both make it sound as if you go fishing and it starts raining that you should take you electronics off your boat. lowrance has a very big problem with their units leaking, he is going to call lowrance tomorrow.

   Warranty from SMS #11748  1/24/2010 11:52:43 PM
 Toonafish is correct. The new seals were install in all units delivered as of June 09. It will be covered under the two year warranty.

   Hostility from RMELSON  1/25/2010 9:36:40 AM
 Gary, I have run nothing but Lowrance on my boat from the time i started bass fishing 30 years ago. I have had all kinds of units. I have never had a single problem with one. Once you relaize "every" mfg makes a defective unit every now then, the better off "you" will be. All you have to do is call Lowrance and i'm sure they will fix your problem. Instead you come on this website and start blasting them. Why didn't you contact them first.

   Has Lowrance sent out a notice to customers who bought these units?.... from Jmac #10965  1/25/2010 1:04:00 PM
 It seems to me that if you are a reputable company and you want to retain your customer base, then you should at least send out a notice to customers who have registered their units and give them the option of returning them to have the correct seals put in. This issue comes up about every other week on this board and I would think that Lowrance could prevent alot bad publicity by sending out some type of notice or recall or whatever you want to call it.

   That is the issue. from STRETCH1 #11051  1/25/2010 2:21:39 PM
 I got my HDS5 and HDS7 early on in the year with absolutely no problems with either. The problem was sporatic and widespread at the same time. Announcing a total recall could have been a big waster of money for them when they did not have to fix every unit. Now with that being said they should have a stock of units ready to go out in a moments notice for a no hassle return.

Also, has anyone looks at the HDS unit memory card door? You can see the circuit board in there. With a cheesy magnetic latch how can this be waterproof?

   A circuit board can be waterproofed ... from NormIE #12635  1/25/2010 4:00:14 PM
 There are spray treatments that totally waterproof circuit boards against shorting out when immersed in water.
It's likely that the units have been so treated, especially since the reported water fogging up some unit's screens did not short out the unit at the same time.

   I doubt it was done. from STRETCH1 #11051  1/25/2010 4:27:46 PM
 I can see the board. To conformally cost the board you can see the coating and it does not look like there is anything on it.

   lets face it from 1bigsnakehead  1/25/2010 7:19:21 PM
 lowrance will never own up to their faulty products. if you buy from them, then dont cry when it is broken and they arent answering their phones.

   Lowrance doesn't have that many complaints from MikeF  1/26/2010 8:29:22 AM
 But that's because they won't answer the phone.

   Cust Service from STRETCH1 #11051  1/26/2010 9:22:33 AM
 Have you tried Lowrance Customer service lately? They have been very prompt to answer the phone and very generous with supporting the customers.

   no I haven't from MikeF  1/26/2010 9:58:41 AM
 To be honest I have not called them in the last 18 months. But that's only because I gave up on their product so I no longer need their support. So I agree with you, I do not have a problem with their new customer service system and policies for that I am grateful.

   Everyone has the right to voice their opinions from fishintechnician #13154  1/27/2010 10:48:13 AM
 Look everyone has the right to voice their opinions. If I buy a bad product I can say right off the bat its bad. I don't need anyones approval to do so.

   i called from 1bigsnakehead  1/29/2010 12:22:07 AM
 they still wont take care of their faulty product.

   seal your unit from JimF #11886  2/3/2010 1:18:37 PM
 The thing I did on my eagle fish finder was to seal the opening around the unit with sealcone from homedepot. I used the clear stuff.
I have a side imager from hummingbird and they said there are waterproof. ARE they really waterproof or are they saying that...LOL ?
If I see any fogging in that unit this year I will do the ame as my eagle fishfinder. seal the openings.




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