Lowrance HDS 7 Temp Problem Lowrance HDS 7 Temp Problem
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    Lowrance HDS 7 Temp Problem
from itsez88  
10/29/2010 2:36:34 PM


 I continue to lose my temp reading on HDS 7. Following are steps Lowrance Tech Rep gave me that wouold permanently fix the problem. Not true.

Temp Fix

1. Menu Twice
2. Network Enter
3. Data Source Enter
4. Menu Enter
5. Reset Global Enter
6. Yes
7. Enter
8. OK
9. Menu Once
10. Reset Local Enter
11. Yes

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   which temp sensor are you using? from Todd Driscoll  10/29/2010 6:55:46 PM
 A transducer temp sensor or a network temp sensor (EP-35 or EP-80)? Then, we can walk thru the steps to add whichever one you have as overlay data. Digital depth, speed, time, etc. are all overlay data and can be found/edited under Menu, Menu, Page.

You indicate this isn't the first time you have lost temp. How often is this occurring? Obviously, you shouldn't lose temp, so you may have a bad sensor or network connection.

   Transducer That Came w/Unit from itsez88  10/30/2010 4:59:39 AM
 The transducer that came with the HDS 7. It worked fine the first month but now I lose reading (on temp only) every time I turn on the unit. The HDS 5 on the trolling motor works fine. All other overlay data on both units works fine on all pages.

   didn't forget, been out of town from Todd Driscoll  11/2/2010 9:37:44 PM
 Assuming your temp overlay is still there but just dashed lines, we need to delete it first. Go to Menu, Menu, Page, then Edit Data Overlay. Cursor over to the nonfunctional temp and delete. Then, readd the ducer temp sensor. Instead of Edit, select Add, then under the Sonar dropdown list select Water Temp. Let me know if you still have problems with this or with losing temp again.

   Lowrance HDS 7 from djdj11  11/12/2010 5:11:31 PM
 Guys I got the same problem no temp just replace my x28 with the HDS 7 no temp have the ep 80 temp sensor.

   EP 80 temp from Todd Driscoll  11/13/2010 6:10:27 PM
 If you have a temp up on the screen but not reading (dashed lines), delete first following instructions above. Then, with an EP 80 network temp, go to Menu, Menu, Network, Data Sources. Then select Sonar, Water temp, and make sure Water temp is on Global setting. Under Water temp, select your EP 80. A Global setting for your EP 80 will enable both of your units to read that network temp sensor whenever a temp is added as overlay.

Then, add this temp to screen - Menu, Menu, Page, Add, then Sonar, then select Water Temp.



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