can you use a car gps for fishing? can you use a car gps for fishing?
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    can you use a car gps for fishing?
from bjlc #10606  
11/18/2010 3:33:16 PM


 I don't want to sound goofy.. I am cheap.. extremely cheap.. can you use a car gps in your boat.. for way points or what ever.. thanks..

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   You can fish a crankbait with a cane pole from Skipper  11/19/2010 11:14:57 PM
 but it's not going to work worth a darn.

GPS has several advantages on the water, but you can't use them if your unit isn't set up to accommodate those features.

First: On the water a GPS can help keep you from driving into trouble. The topo maps most of them display on the screen are handy. While your depth finder or flasher will tell you how deep the water is under the boat, you can see on the GPS screen with a topo map where your boat is and how deep the water is in front of it. By the time your depth finder tells you that you just drove up on a rock pile hump, its too late. On the GPS you would see it on the map in front of the boat image, hopefully stopping before you got to it.

Second: Not all automotive GPS units store waypoints, most of them do not track you on the screen. On a lake like Okeechobee it's not only important to know where the waypoint is, and where the ramp is, it's important to know where the kicker trails are through the grass to get there. You are driving a boat not flying an airplane. Laying down a track on the GPS makes it easy to track to the waypoint or drive back to the ramp. Don't know how your automotive unit works or what it's capabilities are. Most automotive units are designed for you to enter a street address and the unit to drive you on the road to that address. They aren't designed for you creating your own addresses and highways across land or water.

Third: A GPS in a boat will get wet. Automotive GPS's aren't friends with water, moisture, dew, fog, rain, etc.

   if you want to, from Randy B  11/20/2010 5:39:28 PM
 give it a try. If you just want to save some waypoints and return easily, it will work. Put it in a plastic bag if you want to protect it.

Heck, you might learn something.

   Lowrance XOG from EdF  11/22/2010 12:22:39 PM
 Several years ago, Lowrance made the XOG crossover GPS. It had the standard features to us in your car, but it would also use Lowrance and Navionics cards for use in a boat. It was waterproof. I got mine in 2008. I use it in my car daily and have used it on my pontoon boat with my Navionics map. The battery is supposed to last for hours, but I have to keep mine plugged it to a power source. I believe Lowrance no longer makes any automotive GPS units, but you might be able to find one of these. I suspect if it needs repair, I will not be able to get it fixed or replaced. Ed

   GPS in car from cadlkin  12/8/2010 7:16:28 PM
Lowrance discontinued their IWay car GPS units. That being said; I purchased an extra wire harness ($49.00), an extra ram mount ball, and would pull my LMS332c off my boat and use it in my car. Draw backs... does not give you turn by turn directions. Up-side. You can create your own routes by purchasing MapCreate 7 and use it on your computer to establish your own route. By establishing your own routing, you ended up going the direction you want to go, and not the way the idiot auto gps takes you. I literally have been stuck on a dead end and had to back my boat into someone's yard to turn around to get out of it while using my Garmin Nuvi gps. Reason I don't use the LMS332c is that it bugged my wife when I looked away from the road to see where my track was taking me. Good luck



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