lowrance 520c-antenna "GPS NOT RESPONDING" lowrance 520c-antenna "GPS NOT RESPONDING"
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    lowrance 520c-antenna "GPS NOT RESPONDING"
from majikstik73  
1/5/2011 11:42:57 PM


 I am switching my LMS 332c out with a 520c in the bow of the boat, but when I made the swap, I am getting a message that says GPS Module not responding. Here is what I have, the GPS antenna has a red connector on it then it is connected to a extension that had a red connector then a blue end on it to hook to the 332. Now since i am going to a 520c, I purchased a short cable to reverse it back from the blue connector back to a red connector for the 520c. Any help would be appreciated.


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   I assume it worked with the 332? from Todd Driscoll  1/6/2011 10:05:16 AM
  If so, hook your 332 back up to the power cable and plug antenna in. This will tell us whether the problem is in the antenna or your network wiring/cables. If it doesn't work with the 332, then the next likely culprit is your NMEA 2000 power fuse. You might have touched a couple wires together swapping out units. Report back after you check these things and we will take it from there. Bottom line, this problem could be due to any component involved (either NMEA power, network cable or tee, antenna, or head unit).

Edited 1/6/2011 10:06:01 AM

   LMS 332 to 520c from majikstik73  1/6/2011 1:18:15 PM

The 332 does work just fine when I hooked it back up. This is a weird one that I cant figure out.

   I'd guess it's because your LGC2000 isn't updated from Catfan #10754  1/6/2011 2:15:14 PM
 It needs to be updated to the current software version to work with a 520.

DO NOT update your 332 before you do the 2000.

   It is an LGC-3000 antenna, right? from Todd Driscoll  1/6/2011 6:02:52 PM
  You say the antenna has a red connector, which means it should be an LGC-3000. If so, no adapter cables are needed, as it is directly compatible with the 520. There is a very slight chance the GPS portion of the 520 is out, but this is rare. Best I can tell from your description, you are using two network adapters when none are needed.

The antenna must be properly networked to the unit (network cables with 120-ohm terminators at ends). If this 520 will always be stand-alone (not networked with other units on the boat), the most simple way to properly network your antenna to the unit is with a self-terminating cable - part 127-48 at link below, plugs from antenna straight to back of unit.


plan on networking this unit to another unit, or another NMEA device later on down the road, then you need two network tees, one extension cable to go from unit to tee, and two 120-ohm terminators. If you don't have these components, your best buy is the NMEA starter kit (124-69) at link above. You will get a power node you don't need, because I can only assume your NMEA 2000 leg of the unit power cable is hooked up, or the antenna would not function with the 332. But, this starter kit is cheaper than actually buying the individual components you need.

Trying to explain this verbally does get confusing. Take a look at the diagram at the bottom of page 13 of link below for a properly networked antenna.


   LGC-3000 for 520 from majikstik73  1/6/2011 8:53:21 PM
 Yep..I have the LGC-300 antenna. Let me back up to my original set up. This may help out. Boat was originally purchased with a 510 in the bow and a 520Cin the console. I immediately took out the 510 and put the 332 in the bow and linked the two t/g. No big deal up to this point.. I recently purchased a HDS8, so I wanted to put the newer 520 in the bow where the 332 was and just thav the HDS8 in my console. So when I took the 332 out and wanted to swap it, the 520 had a red connector. I then purchased the 127-07 NMEA2000 adaptor cable. I figured this would be very simple, but then I got a GPS MODULE NOT RESPONDING Message, but when I disconnect the 520 and re rig the 332, it works fine. That just threw a wrench in the whole thing. Maybe this will help you narrow the problem down.


   Other information.. from majikstik73  1/6/2011 8:55:39 PM
 When I ran the network cable to the bow for the 332, I converted the red adapter to a blue adapter so it would work..

   network configuration from Todd Driscoll  1/7/2011 10:21:45 AM
 Given your original equipment (510 and 520) I am assuming you have a red/black (no blue connections) network backbone from front to back. Is this correct? Right now, do you have your HDS 8, 520, and LGC 3000 NMEA networked together? If so, take a look and see if your HDS 8 is recognizing the 3000 and/or the 520 (Menu, Menu, Network, Device list).

I understand what you were doing to adapt the 332 (blue network unit) to the red network. But I get confused from this point on. As I understood it from your original post, you were using your red to blue adapter AND a blue to red adapter together to get the 520 hooked up to the red network. With a red network backbone, the 520 needs no adapter cables, just a red extension cable from unit to tee.

With two units and an antenna networked, it should look very similar to page 14 of that document at link above. Up front at the unit, you should have two tees (one for antenna, one for unit), a 120-ohm terminator at one end of tee, a network extention cable from tee to unit, antenna plugged directly into other tee, then network extention cable from one tee back to console area.

   Two things from Mark from NY #12052  1/8/2011 2:06:44 PM
 You said you have a red network and bought the red network cable for the 520C so there is only two things you have changed, the network cable and the unit itself. It could be a bad network cable, try swapping it out with the console unit and see if it works there. If the network cable turns out ok then try a hard reset on the 520C. It doesn't sound like you have any waypoints on the 520 yet but if you do back them up, the reset will delete them.

Reset= Shut unit off, press Z-in, Z-out and power key. Hold keys until usa map appears. Give it time to aquiure satellites as it will take longer after a reset.

   Reset 520 from majikstik73  1/8/2011 9:35:49 PM

Took your advise, GPS Module still not responding. Nothing. I even hooked everything back up the way it was originally set up. Still got the same message. When I was looking on the HDS 8, I looked to see if it was recoginizing the 3000, and I didn't see anything that said 3000.... it was all HDS 8 information. I am ready to throw the 332, 520, and the HDS 8 all in the street and run it over.

   NMEA 2000 on HDS 8 from majikstik73  1/8/2011 11:03:03 PM
 How do I get the HDS 8 to recodinize the NMEA2000? I took Todd's advice and looked and it was not there.

   majikstik73 - One Question from C.   1/8/2011 11:52:12 PM
 Does your NMEA 2000 network have a power node connected to 12V?

If not, this may be your problem - you may have lost NMEA2000 power when you switched things around.

With some of the older units, NMEA2000 power was obtained through connection to the unit. The HDS series does not do that. Instead a separate power node must be installed to power the network and connected devices such as the LGC antennas.

Just a shot in the dark, but worth checking.


   Not sure from majikstik73  1/9/2011 12:47:25 PM
 It came rigged from the factory. I hooked the 520 back up to its original location and everything works fine, but when I hook up the HDS8 it still doesn't recoginize it...
I will let the dealer figure this crap out. I am tire of screwing with it!!

Thanks to all for your comments and trying to help me..


   Ok Here's the Deal! from C.  1/9/2011 2:21:23 PM
  If I understand what you started with, you had a LMS-520c at the console. The 520c is one of the models that provides NMEA 2000 power to the network. When you replaced that with the HDS unit you LOST NMEA 2000 power because the HDS units DO NOT provide power to the NMEA 2000 network. In order to restore the NMEA 2000 power that is rquired you will likely have to obtain a NMEA power node and install it to 12 volts per the instructions.

Note that the 520c will only provide NMEA 2000 power when BOTH pairs of power wires (one set for the unit and one set for the NMEA 2000 network) IN THE POWER CABLE are wired to 12 volts. When you moved the 520c to the front, it no longer had those two pairs of power wires available/connected.

If what I've surmised is correct, the NMEA power node will solve your problem and provide power to your LGC-3000.

In reality a pretty easy fix --- much cheaper than paying a dealer, but that's certainly your call!

If you do take it to the dealer, I'll bet a cold one that what he finds is exactly what I said above!


Edited 1/9/2011 2:22:59 PM

   C. I thought same thing at first from Todd Driscoll  1/9/2011 3:19:58 PM
 regarding NMEA power and HDS (no power node here), but when he said he hooked up the 332 at bow again and everything worked, that told me he indeed did have NMEA power.

   Todd from C.   1/9/2011 3:46:16 PM
 "he said he hooked up the 332 at bow again and everything worked"

I didn't see where he said that! He did say that when he put the 520c back into its original location, that everything worked as before. The only way I can think of for that to be the case is for the 520c to have been providing NMEA 2000 power.

If that is the case then the 332c could not have been providing NMEA 2000 power --- the Lowrance instructions are quite specific about not trying to power the NMEA 2000 network in more than one location. Plus if the bow location (332c) was providing NMEA 2000 power, that location would have continued to do so after the 520c was installed there.

My bet is that the issue is an NMEA power one and if he takes it to the dealer as he says, that is what they will find!

When I replaced my older model Lowrance equipment with the HDS stuff, I had to purchase the power node kit to make it operate on the external GPS antenna (the built-in HDS antenna stll worked as advertised}.


   NMEA Power from majikstik73  1/9/2011 4:51:31 PM
 I concur with C's and Todds idea. Now I lost all power to the front of the boat with all the switching around on units. I guess I blew a fuse...I will keep you two posted on the outcome from the dealer. Screaming kids, nagging wife, etc. is leaving me deficient of time to troubleshoot your thoughts and ideas, plus no one around here carries LEI parts. I will let the dealer resolve it.
Thanks for your help guy's!!

Hopefully if the snow stays back enough, I will get the boat to the dealer 1st thing in the morning. We are supposed to be getting 4-5'' tonight in Southern TN.


   C - no doubt must have power node with HDS from Todd Driscoll  1/10/2011 9:15:13 AM
 and you are right on the mark with your comments. That's why I asked him to plug 332 back in up front - to test if it was lack of NMEA power, the 520, or a network cable/tee causing the problem. Of course, I did assume he did not replace the HDS in back with the 520 when he got the 332 to work again.

I always dread troubleshooting this issue on the net, because it could literally be any component in the chain. And, the vast majority of users don't know how or where the NMEA is powered.

Just FYI on providing NMEA power in more than one location. Yes, it should never be done. But, you would be surprised to know just how many rigs do have NMEA powered at both units.

   Todd -- from C.   1/10/2011 12:50:54 PM
 I didn't comment on that thread earlier because I saw that you were working it. After a while though I finally realized that he had simply put both old units back in place, which led me to the conclusion that I posted.
No, I wouldn't be surprised about redundant NMEA 2000 power connections!

What's more, it is not just unknowledgeable users that fail to follow the instructions. The service shops at dealers do that sort of thing too.

Two examples:

1. The MotorGuide manual says to install a jumper between the negative of the TM battery bank and the cranking battery negative. I've yet to see a dealer that has done that.

2, The various Lowrance manuals all say that you must install a fuse in the power wiring otherwise the warranty may be voided. Dealer installs typically do not include the fuse -- guess they believe that the fuses/breakers for the boat wiring are sufficient even though those are typically much larger than what Lowrance specifies.

I do hope his dealer is able to resolve his issue without unreasonably costing him!




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