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SUBJECT: Mourdock up 10 over Lugar...

Submitted by HB #10313 from South Africa on

It looks like the establishment is gonna be short one dinosaur in November, and it's about damn time.

Even McCain can't pull Dick on his coattails - and the innuendo there is just too damn easy as Bro used to say.

It would seem the Tea Party and Mark Twain have something in common - "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Bwa!

  1. RJR from MISSOURI says I like what Moudock said
    he would only serve 2 terms if elected. We definitely need new blood to get rid of the established.

  2. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Yeah, RJ, and I have some Brooklyn Bridge shares I can let you have at a great price!

    Hell, if you'll swallow that line from Mourdock, you'll swallow anything.

    Better watch out! That knowledge may attract a gaggle of your Republican brethren...

  3. hvacstar from NORTH CAROLINA says HB. I read Michelle Malkin's blog that highlighted this race about a week ago.
    Some of the GOP elite in DC are running interference for Lugar.

    We will get their minds right in the 2014 election cycle.

    What is the Primary date there in Ohio? We go to the polls here this Tuesday. The Marriage Amendment is generating a lot of buzz here. The queers and lesbians and democrats (is that redundent?) are freaking out with lies and distortion. I'll let you know how it goes.

    How funny is it that the Zive turkey "teacher" finds this post to be one to insert his lemming opinion on?

    I'll check back with you on Wednesday.

  4. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Nice reach-around, Hvagisil
    that's exactly the kind of thing I was trying to warn RJ about!

    Marriage amendment, hvagisil? But the law in NC already outlaws gay marriage. Now you'll also outlaw domestic partnerships. Why?

  5. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says queers and lesbians and democrats
    but its still ok to marry your sister, if not your in trouble.

    Now that's what a boi from nc calls family values.

    NC don't turn into the sespool of filth that CA is.... BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

  7. HB #10313 from Canada says Hvac...
    We vote Tuesday, too. Dana Milbank went to bat for Lugar today, and if that doesn't tell you that it's time for Lugar to go, nothing will. Hell, Dick even implored Dems to cross over and vote for him - he can't win within the party mainstream, but he goes out of party... What did the party faithful say here before about conservatives doing that? I sure hope some of them show a little indignation for Dick's indiscretions, but I won't be holding my breath. It just goes to show it's about party and power, period.

    Tuesday can't come fast enough.

  8. Bucket from OKLAHOMA says Ya know.....

    I haven't followed your little pissing match in Indiana pitting the evil RINO against the knight in shining tea party armor but...........I'm certain that Lugar must be amongst the most horrible human beings ever. Hell, I bet he even voted for George McGovern for President.

    PS....I'm sending Cole Hamels a donation to tide him over during his 5 game suspension for plunking Douchebag Harper the other night.

  9. HB #10313 from GEORGIA says I was beginning to think I lost my touch....
    but then, Bucket comes thru in the clutch. I may not have a say for President, but Lugar needs to go to the old folks home and let someone who ACTUALLY LIVES IN THE FREAKIN' STATE represent us. If you want him, by all means, have him move the OK then.

    Lugar is past his prime and a bit too liberal anymore - I'm sure the RNC has a spot waiting for him.. you can have him. Goodbye and good riddance.


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