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SUBJECT: The Romneys have taken more in deductions on their dressage horse than the American median family income

Submitted by PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA on

But he's gonna help us all, don'tcha know!

  1. Bender, MS Gulf Coast from MISSISSIPPI says Well PJ
    He did not steal it and the government did not give it too him. He earned the money and the priveledge and DID PAY TAXES ON IT.

  2. Harumph #11038 from OHIO says Mitt Romney Donates Entire Inheritance to BYU College Scholarship Funds
    When Mitt Romney’s father passed away in 1995, he left an inheritance to Mitt totaling $1 million. Romney turned around and donated that inheritance money to Brigham Young University for the George W. Romney School of Public Management. This is an institute of public management that helps young people learn about government and about serving in public service.

    The money goes to economically disadvantaged students wishing to purse a higher education in the field of public management and government.

    But Romney’s charitable giving’s did not begin nor stop with his giving away of his entire inheritance he received in 1995.

    Donating 2002 Olympic Salary

    Running an Olympics comes with a hefty salary, $275,000 per year to be exact and for Romney that would have been a total of $825,000. However, when Romney was asked to rescue the Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah when it was bleeding hundreds-of-millions of dollars due to fraud, abuse and mismanagement, instead of taking the salary for himself, he donate his entire salary + severance payments to charitable organizations as well as donating $1 MILLION of his own money to the Olympics.

    Refusing Salary as Governor of Massachusetts

    When Romney was asked by state leaders and prominent member in the state of Mass. to run for governor because their state had a $3 BILLION deficit while having the highest unemployment rate in the country; Romney not only said he would take on the task, but when he did win the election he refused to take the $135,000 annual salary his entire term as governor.

    Continued Charitable Giving

    The Romney’s give millions annually to charities either through their church, their charitable organization or organizations directly. The Romney’s tax returns that were release this past January 2012 show that the Romney’s donated over $4 million alone to charity via their church and other organizations in 2011 and another $3 million in 2010. Other reports also go on to note that the Romney’s give about 16% of their income to charity annually.


    Yeah Girly-J, Romney is animal that can't be trusted!

  3. dshadoin from LOUISIANA says Romney has PERSONALLY paid more in taxes than 55% of Americans will pay. In their LIFETIMES.
    Mitt Romney is a producer of incomes, not a leech on society. He has personally paid more in income taxes than 55% of ALL Americans will pay. In their entire lifetimes.

    Compare that to the typical liberal voter. They are so against the man who pays their way. Ironic, isn't it?

  4. Publius #10953 from MARYLAND says Vilifying success only works on libs PJ...
    The rest of us tip our hats.

  5. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says Yet PJ the idiot
    trust Biden who donates what? ZEROS! Obviously, Biden is just like PJ, Bradiot and all the OWS protesters... nothing but takers...

  6. Arby from TEXAS says How come the Liberals never vilify Kennedy or Kerry for their wealth?...at least Romney...
    worked for, and earned, his wealth; Kennedy inherited his and Kerry married his.

  7. MikeF from FLORIDA says well he could not do any worse than obama
    The bar has been set so low it's probably just laying on the ground. I guess other than having to undo all of the mistakes coming after obama will make it almost impossible to do a worse job.

    obama has set a new record for failure.

  8. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says Damned if the liberals aren't
    almost sayin "well, thats different.."The only thing different is the political leanings of the individuals..Obviously what is bad for Republicans is not bad for Democrats..



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