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SUBJECT: Here's a stat I would like to see

Submitted by Ereich ( from MAINE on

People who voted for Obama who won't do so again vs people who voted for someone other than Obama and will vote for Obama this time. I will guess 10-1.

  1. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says LOL, Ereich
    So do you want to put money on the landslide you're predicting?

  2. Ereich ( from MAINE says Don't know the answer, only a guess.
    easy poll question though. Did you vote for Obama in 2008? If so will you do so again? If not will you this time?

    My prediction is and has been is that Obama will not be the democrat nominee. If he is though it will be a landslide.....even for Romney. What a waste of opportunity.

  3. MikeF from FLORIDA says it's going to be close
    The number of people taking from the government is at least as big as the number of people paying for the government.

    The vast majority of the takers are going to support the socialists because they expect to continue to live on the dole. When you add the number of people working in the public sector and the majority of the union folks into that equation they are just over half. The question is are they over half in the 5 states where this election will be decided. Right now even with it's faults the fact we still have an electoral college is our best hope.

    The republican party needs to do a better job of explaining exactly how they are going to solve our problems. Lying works for the libs but it will not work on the conservatives and independents.

  4. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says MikeF, lying has worked just fine for the Cons in the past
    no reason to believe it won't work for them again.

    But you do raise an important issue -- that the Republican Party needs to explain what they intend to do. Running as being "not Obama" only gets so many votes. Without positive statements of what they stand for and what they are going to do, they don't stand a chance.

    It's the same thing I said about the Democrats in the last two elections. You have to make the people know what you stand FOR, because standing against things only gets you so far.

    And I think that most Democrats will vote for Obama. Who are the socialists running?

  5. Ereich ( from MAINE says Who are the socialists running?
    We have a choice between two socialists. One endorsed for the second time by Communist Party USA. Obama was a card carrying dues paying socialist in Chicago.


    Romney isn't socialist enough for CPUSA or the new party.

  6. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says Who are the socialists running?
    Obviously you've fallen for the biggest lie of all from Obama....

  7. MikeF from FLORIDA says "not someone" shouldn't work but it did
    obama ran on people hating President Bush and it worked. BTW saying you don't know who's a socialist might just fall under the lie category.

    The republicans need to understand they cannot sway the people on the bottom of our economic pyramid, all they want is more free stuff. They will vote for whoever they believe will give it to them with no idea of why it doesn't work long term. The same goes with public workers and union workers; they vote for who they think will protect their income and benefits; not understanding why they don't deserve more than private sectors workers and why they don't produce they just consume.

    That leaves the people working in the private sector and retirees. The retirees remember the old democratic party which is long long gone. A large portion of the retirees are 100% dependent on the government for their income. That has to be scary and would make them subject to wanting to believe whoever tells them the other side wants to "steal" their benefits. They hear and believe the republicans want to do it to the public sector and think "I'm sure they will do it to us".

    The biggest obstacle the republicans have to overcome is people that do not understand how our economy should work and why socialized anything won't. There are a whole bunch of people who really do not understand the hows and definitely not the whys.

    The second biggest obstacle we have to overcome is we're pretty much "not the worst" choice.

    Just like with obamacare; it's not a good idea period but our current system sucks too. Instead of the goal being to stop obamacare the goal should be to fix healthcare. That should be the goal with all of our problems; instead of stopping the libs from making things worse our goal should be to make things better.

    As a party we have to stop assuming that our supporters will just support us no matter what. We need to stop acting like the libs and start explaining in detail how we can make things better and why. The days of lame-assed slogans has come and gone for the vast majority of voters.

    We don't have to convince the ultra-right and we can't convince the ultra-left. We need to target everyone else and assume they are smart enough to understand. Tell them the hows and whys and we can win. Tell them our goal is to stop obama because he sucks more than we do and all of America will lose, big time.

    The hole is getting very deep and sooner or later it will be caving in; it's happening to Europe and it will happen to us.

  8. Ereich ( from MAINE says Romney raised a million dollars in the three hours
    following the SCOTUS ruling over 2 million on the day.

  9. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says You're wrong Mike... but you're also right
    Obama no more ran as being "not Bush" than Bush ran as being "not Clinton."

    Obama ran on fixing the healthcare system, ending the war in Iraq, investing in education, infrastructure, and green technology.

    Here, perhaps this will help you see that it wasn't just being "not Bush."


    BTW, please focus on this: "Tell them our goal is to stop obama because he sucks more than we do and all of America will lose, big time." If you can get Republicans to focus on that, why, they'll certainly have a chance... in 2016. Because focusing on being "not Obama" will allow Romney to be "not President."

  10. MikeF from FLORIDA says I would not expect you to "get it"
    That's a big DUH.

    So tell me again how good things are under obama. Out here in the real world it sure doesn't look that way.

  11. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says And now the second biggest lie
    PJ is living, in his little microcosm of liberal world surrounded by his liberal like thinkers of the liberal school system. Of course the world is perfect there, they have their tax payer funded jobs, their union protected and negotiated benefits, and in like thinking liberal social utopia, all is perfect.

    And rarely do they step outside of their comfort zone to experience the real world and thus they believe they can continue to tax / soak the rich to all their benefit.

    You'd think a math teacher could do the math, and maybe he can, but yet, as with all unionites, he don't GAS as he believe the system will delay the collapse till after he has his...

  12. RJR from MISSOURI says Pj
    you need to man up also and pay $15 for your red letters and keep this humor from going away. But I bet you don't you have $15 either.

  13. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says That IS a pretty big like, GITTHENET
    thanks for posting it. Yup, your entire post IS a lie.

    RJ, I chose to let my "color" letters lapse. Too bad if you don't like that.

  14. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says Why pay RJ
    He's a typical lib rides the coattails of his union the taxpayers and us that pay here.

    So what part is a lie PJ? The microcosm part, soaking the rich or the part where you're a math teacher incapable of doing the math of the debt this president has created?

    All appear to be an accurate perception based on your postings.

  15. RJR from MISSOURI says too bad you don't have $15
    enjoy your life.

  16. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says The entire post is a lie, GITTHENET
    I thought I was clear about that.

    RJ, go tell Ereich to pay. Or do you only harangue the non-conservatives?

  17. Ereich ( from MAINE says Obama did not run as not Bush
    he ran as not ANYONE. He was whatever you thought he was. If you had hope and wanted change he was your man no matter what the hope or the change you were looking for. He was Mr "vote present" and leave no record......and any record make sure it is buried deep and inaccessible.


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