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SUBJECT: They're only hiding it because there is something to hide.

Submitted by PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA on

"WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney's wife is reinforcing her husband's refusal to make public several years of tax returns, telling ABC News "we've given all you people need to know" about the family's finances."

  1. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says PJ, has Romney supplied the normaly required
    tax reports..Does he have something to hide, who knows..President Obama had kept a lot of his records from public view, so he may have things to hide as well..Most people do, even us ordinary people, have things/records we would rather not have in the open for whatever reason..President Obama wants Romney's private life and records to be open to the public, but yet wants his to remain closed..Don't you find this to be a double standard..How about both of them release all their records and papers..Would that be fair..I would think so..


  2. Wayne P. from VIRGINIA says Hiding stuff and why
    Maybe when Obama releases all the "hidden" documents he has, Mitt may release more of his.

    He is "only hiding it because there is something to hide"

  3. MikeF from FLORIDA says good luck with obama releasing anything
    Romney should do exactly whatever the other candidates have done; even though he knows it will be used against him because obama has created class warfare where it's considered bad to become successful.

    The people that are going to vote for Romney respect success the people who will vote for obama will be the ones who know they couldn't have made it on their own.

    As for obama; starting next year Carter will not be the worst ex-president.

  4. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says I agree, Mr. Rmoney should release
    as many tax returns as the POTUS has.

    That was easy.

  5. RJR from MISSOURI says You got 2 choices
    While Obama admittedly was smoking dope, doing cocaine, getting into Harvard and Columbia somehow(know one knows how), Romney was running very successfull businesses, organized a very good Olympics, and raised a very good family. Felon? Speaking of felons, Obama basically admitted he was one in his book. Giving away pot and coke is a felony.... I am sure NBC will cover it in depth tonight. How anyone could think Obama could lead the USA is an idiot and blind to any truth, especially while Michelle says "all this for a damn flag", or his minister saying "G@d dam America".

    There are two choices in November. Do you want Obama for another 4 years? Anyone that does is a friggin idiot.

  6. dshadoin from LOUISIANA says Go ahead release everything.
    Start with Fast and Furious.

    Then the original birth certificate.

    Then the documents enrolling him in every school he attended.

    His college trans.

    Work records from ACORN.

    Oh, you were talking about ROMNEY, weren'tcha Peaches.

    You ain't nothin' but another pseudo-intellectual hypocrite liberal dumbass. You ain't worth the powder it takes to blow you up or the piss it takes to put you out.

  7. dshadoin from LOUISIANA says There is a reason why Romney's tax returns don't need to be released
    Because it's none of your damn business.

    The documents that Obama refuses to release on the other hand, are jejune to proving his legal claim to being a citizen of the United States and thereby a legal candidate for President.

  8. dshadoin from LOUISIANA says There is a reason why Romney's tax returns don't need to be released
    Because it's none of your damn business.

    The documents that Obama refuses to release on the other hand, are jejune to proving his legal claim to being a citizen of the United States and thereby a legal candidate for President.

  9. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Every recent candidate has released at least 5 years of tax returns
    And Obama released his birth certificate, which no prior candidate had EVER done.

    That the Orly Taitzes of the world don't accept the normally released Hawaiian birth certificate is NOT Obama's fault.

    Go ahead, come up with MORE hypocritical justifications.

  10. Ereich ( from MAINE says He is the first to release a fake
    BC and that was after he was elected.

  11. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says And Bush arranged for the Twin Towers to be attacked, and authorized the destruction of building 6.
    There's about the same amount of truth in both statements, Ereich.

  12. Uncle Remus ( from MISSISSIPPI says Birf Certifcate
    Sumtime ole Remus wunder. Why do Barak birf certifcate say baby daddy be AFRICAN an on mine certifcate it say NEGRO?

    Maybe cause I 22 year older him? Maybe difrence how Hawai do thang and Missippi do thang?

    Help dis ole country negro thank dis ting Mr PJ, huh?


  13. dshadoin from LOUISIANA says Peaches knows it's a fake
    but he's a good little liberal wanker and will do whatever he's told to do.

    Obama is a fake candidate. He's not an American citizen. He's claimed to be at least four different nationalities. His grandmother on his father's side claimed to have been at his birth in Kenya. Where are all his classmates from throughout the years? Where are all his contributions to the Law Review? Where are his trans and records from any of the schools he attended?

    Being a natural born citizen is a requirement for being President of the United States. By Obama's own admission, he was never a naturally born citizen. All of those records then become vital to determine his basic qualification for the office.

    Providing tax returns has never been a requirement for being President. I don't care whether any candidate discloses their tax returns. I don't really care for Romney but I prefer him as an unknown candidate to Obama who I truly do not trust and do not wish to have as president for another term. Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States and that includes Carter and Fillmore.

  14. Publius #10953 from ALABAMA says Come January...
    maybe he can pull out the Executive Privilege card, huh? What on earth could the release of more tax returns accomplish other than political ammo? He released a dozen years returns to the McCain campaign, so there obviously there is nothing to hide from legitimate inspection.

    Obama isn't releasing the truth about anything. Do you care about that?

  15. Ereich ( from MAINE says The media has been successful in making any question
    about Obama's past a conspiracy theory.I didn't say that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii just that what Obama released was a fake and not a particularly good one. He needs the birther question as a distraction to provide cover for more important ones.

  16. Mudfish from FLORIDA says I agree with everything Dan said.
    Obongo is a mystery, and the liberal media refuses to expose him.

  17. Publius #10953 from ALABAMA says BWAHAHA....They're only hiding it because there is something to hide.

  18. reh3 ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Well...
    The IRS has seen Romney's records...

    and they don't seem to have a problem with them.

    I don't know anyone who's seen Obama's records.

    Kinda makes you wonder...who has what to hide

  19. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Yawn... same old place, same old bull from the same old wingnuts



    Hey REH3 -- do you know anyone who has seen Romney's tax returns?

    And Dshat -- Bill O'Reilly disagrees with you. He states as a certainty that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. "A 'Factor' investigation also showed Mr. Obama was born in a Honolulu hospital and we stand by our reporting.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/oreilly/tran/bill-oreilly-separating-fact-myth-regarding-president-obama#ixzz21CxPn1Mi

  20. Ereich ( from MAINE says O Reilly is a PINHEAD
    Just saying

  21. dshadoin from LOUISIANA says Quoting OReilly to support your position?


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