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SUBJECT: Economics

Submitted by fatzso from NORTH CAROLINA on

This is one of the best explanations of this country's economic condition I ever received.

Lesson # 1:
* U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
* Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
* New debt: $1,650,000,000,000
* National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
* Recent budget cuts: $38,500,000,000

Let's now remove 8 zeros, and pretend it's a household budget:
* Annual family income: $21,700
* Money the family spent: $38,200
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
* Family decides to cut Budget by: $385
Got It ?

OK now:

Lesson # 2:
Here's another way to look at the Debt Ceiling: You come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood and your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings.
What do you think you should do?

A. Raise the ceilings?
B. Pump out the crap?

Your choice is coming Nov. 2012

  1. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Lesson # 2
    C Don't pull out your credit card, and since you don't have the cash, do nothing. All the crap will subside in a week or so anyway.

    THIS is the Republican response!

    Sad part is, we still have the Republican stench to deal with...

  2. Harumph #11038 from OHIO says Just like a liberal
    Talking out of their arse and trying to speak for someone else.

  3. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Just like a conservative
    Harumph adds nothing to the discussion but cheap name-calling.

  4. Publius #10953 from MARYLAND says Interesting...
    B is actually representative of the Republican response. Decrease the crap. A is the Democrat response, increase the volume to allow for more crap. C is some hair brained thing a wackjob liberal would say to get people to believe we need more crap.

  5. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says cheap name-calling.
    And like you added anything either? Typical, a public system math teacher who can't add...

  6. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says when did the republicans begin to decrease the crap?
    was it before or after the Medicare Part D vote or between the unneeded wars in Iraq and Afganistan?

  7. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Or, Rusticus, when President George W. Bush presided over a doubling of the national debt
    mostly during a time of prosperity!

  8. RJR from MISSOURI says huh? PJ?
    are you talking about after 2006 when the democrats took control of the house and senate?

  9. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says PJ, did you think I was saying
    the republicans were a bunch of weak kneed(except when they're on them) Kochsuckers that haven't had a thought to help America when they had control of congress and the presidency? No matter what the year or century was?

  10. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says January 2001 - January 2009, RJ
    And yes, Rusticus -- something like that!

  11. Harumph #11038 from OHIO says Looks like Brad is really enjoying his alter ego
    How telling

  12. RJR from MISSOURI says let's look at the numbers
    2001 - Debt was $5.9 Trillion 2006 - Debt was $8.7 Trillion 2008 - Debt was $10.7 Trillion 2011 - Debt was $15.1 Trillion 2012 - As of right now, 15.9 Trillion

    Even a 5th grader can figure this one out.

  13. Tex ( from TEXAS says Hmmmmm, can anyone think of one time paul has added anything of substance?
    I surely can't, well except for when he throws his hissy fits when he doesn't get his way.

    Tex ~just the facts~

  14. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says You left out 2009, RJ, although it's obvious that what I said was true
    George W Bush presided over a doubling of the national debt. He signed every budget, tax, and spending bill from January 2001 through January 2009 that doubled our national debt.

  15. RJR from MISSOURI says you actually are
    as mentally challenged as Brad, Paul.

  16. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says now that is a rebuttal worthy of the
    best Missourian in history. Full of facts, no inuendo, and absolutely brilliant in its ferocity.

    You go girl.

  17. Tex ( from TEXAS says That's my girl.....
    She just can't stop!

    Tex :-)

  18. RJR from MISSOURI says thanks Rusty/Brad and Tex
    you made my day...... just stating the facts! LMAO!

  19. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says You want FACTS and SUBSTANCE?
    The economy that Obama inherited was shedding 700-800,000 jobs per month. The job losses started in early 2008, trailing the reduction in GDP that began in the second half of 2007 (unemployment IS a "lagging indicator" of economic health). The economic stimulus was passed in April 2009, and the job losses were immediately cut in half. Now we have 29 consecutive months of job growth in the private sector, while government employment in the last 18 months has been dramatically reduced (census workers, firemen, policemen, teachers, etc.).

    The growth has NOT been sufficient to make up for what we lost in The Great Recession, but before you blame all of that on Obama (as Republicans are wont to do), consider that the manufacturing that pulled us out of the Great Depression and the recession of the 1970s no longer exists in this country.

    With a much-reduced manufacturing base, new jobs are harder to come by. Yet our government hasn't reversed the policies that encouraged off-shoring manufacturing, and the Republican party has shown no interest in doing so.

  20. Ereich ( from MAINE says A couple of months with losses like that
    and Obama was given a blank check to fix it. He had two years of majorities in the House and Senate.

  21. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says HALF A YEAR of such losses, Ereich
    and he fixed the losses. Then Republicans realized that if his proposals kept being enacted, they would fail in their mission to make him a one-term President. Thus began the lock-step Republican votes against cloture in the Senate, ensuring that nothing meaningful would get passed to complete the repair job on our economy.

  22. RJR from MISSOURI says Obama quote in 2009
    on the Today Show. "if I can't fix this economy in 3 and a half years then I don't deserve a second term". Now STFU PJ.

  23. Ereich ( from MAINE says 700-800,000 jobs per month
    occurred in the 2 months between the election and Obama's inauguration.

  24. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says And the two months following his inauguration, Ereich
    you don't stop that kind of momentum in a matter of weeks.




    In November 2008, December 2008, January 2009, February 2009, March 2009, and April 2009, job losses exceeded 600,000 each month.

    And the next time some idiot tells you that the we should have fully recovered from the recession in 18 months, ask them how many jobs were lost in previous recessions compared to this one. (8.9 Million jobs lost in the Bush Recession is almost triple the Carter Recession -- the worst recession in the previous 40 years.)

  25. Tex ( from TEXAS says As usual, the liberals are full of only one thing when caught in lies


  26. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Hmmmmm, can anyone think of one time Tex has added anything of substance?
    I surely can't, well except for when he gets all defensive about his stalking obsession.

    PJ ~just the facts~

  27. Ereich ( from MAINE says you don't stop that kind of momentum in a matter of weeks
    How about in 200 weeks with 5 extra trillion to spend?


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