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SUBJECT: Boy the Obama Boyz are getting desperate

Submitted by Bender, MS Gulf Coast from MISSISSIPPI on

The negative adds are hitting really early. I know Mitt Can't sing but between Harry Reid and Obama somebody better be able to substantiate some things or it is going to get ugly for Barak Osama.

Did you guys hear the BS that Cold, Heartless, Bastage said in his statements today about jobs? Wow, talk about ridiculous.

He hasn't even named a VP and kicking making Obama's bunch desperate. In August?

  1. RJR from MISSOURI says Obama's bunch sure can't run on their record
    so it is Chicago Politics deluxe.

  2. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says I heard Harry Reid was
    A pedophile and rapist. Someone called my office and said so.....

  3. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says The Etch-A-Sketch Candidate -- which Romney do you believe?

  4. MikeF from FLORIDA says my dog would be a step up from obama
    obama is a dismal failure and you know it. man-up and admit it

    If the office had been vacant we would be better off today.

  5. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says The evolution man!
    Which Obama do you believe? The one who was for gay marriage as a state senator, the Obama who was against gay marriage as a senator and president or the one who evolved for gay marriage recently? Huh idiot?

    You're getting worse and MJ!

    The longest running record of above 8% unemployment, now thats success! Only in an idiot liberal mind! How's that math working for ya teach?

  6. MikeF from FLORIDA says maybe obama can do an Etch-A-Sketch commercial too
    he can be for and against gay marriage based on what he thinks his audience wants to hear

    Or better still he can do it as a sock puppet since someone else is obviously making his decisions. Do they make an empty suit sock puppet?

  7. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says The "empty suit sock puppet?"
    It's called a Mitt.

  8. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says The longest running record of above 8% unemployment, now that's success!
    And your loser candidate cannot pull ahead in the polls. What does that tell your DA?

  9. Ereich ( from MAINE says The "briiliant" minds
    in the lame street media believe that 11% more democrats then in 2008 will vote in 2012. It could be with all the access that Obama's people have had in the last 4 years they can get more dead and illegals to vote in 2012, but 11% more? Are the dead answering these polls?

  10. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says How many prosecutions have there been for
    voting in someone elses name, dead or alive?

    Has James O'Keefe been prosecuted for obtaining a ballot in Eric Holders name? That's a felony and since he was on probation for attempting to install wiretaps in Sen. Landreaus offices, he should be in club Fed as I type this.

    Remember his bulllshitt ACORN video? He lost out on that one too.

  11. RJR from MISSOURI says nice spin try Rusty/brad
    anyone with common sense knows that ACORN was/is a bunch of crap cheaters.

  12. Dan A from OHIO says Mike...
    my dogs were offended that you used Obama and dogs in the same sentence... Obamaaaahahahahaaaa... Dan

  13. Dan A from OHIO says Mr O'keefe...
    never took position of Mr Fast and Furious's ballot. He was offered it said he needed to go to his car and get his drivers license and was told by the poll worked he didn't need it. Never takin position of the ballot... Acorn was exposed for what they are, an anti-American group that backs Obamaaaaaahahahahaaa, like the Communist Party of America... The Dims must be proud... Dan

  14. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says I can surmise by your post
    the English language is not one of your fortes Dan.

    If you actually could read, and did so once in a while, you would have found out that he walked in, identified himself as Eric Holder, and was told that he did not need to produce a photo i.d. to obtain that ballot.

    That is the law in D.C., no more, no less.

    The law also reads that it is a felony to attempt, or to obtain a ballot in anothers name. Do you promote lawlessness? Should James O'keefe be in jail? It is documented on his own video that he asks for the ballot, it was not just offered to him when he walked in off the street.

    BTW; Have you ever taken "position" of an automobile? .

  15. Dan A from OHIO says Ok ...
    so I'm not perfect... But you're a perfect idiot dimocrap...

    Since you must be a product of the public school system I've provided a link to YouTube so you can watch it, reading it must leave you confused...

    Show me where he takes possession of the ballot? He ask "Do you have an Eric Holder?" That's identifying yourself as Mr Fast & Furious??? Sounds more like a question to me... Mr O'Keefe was the one who said he left is ID in the car and was going to go get when the poll worker told him he didn't need it. Best line of the clip was Mr O'keefe saying "I'll be back faster than you can say furious"... Dan


  16. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says with Mr. O'keefes use of the
    edit button I wouldn't beieve anything he shows on film.

    I'm still wondering what taking position of an article is.

    What type of education system are you a product of? Home schooled?

  17. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says I wouldn't " beieve " it either
    Did you attend the same school..


  18. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Kind of immature, Mac
    Do you have a point?

  19. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says finger slippage, lack of proof reading, no edit feature
    is a might different than taking position of an automobile.

    first mistake I made all year, usually I get to November before that happens.

  20. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says Somehow, I doubt that Rusticus
    That being your first mistake, that is..And for PJ, yes, it was rather immature, easily recognized as long as it is not you, right..


  21. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Just holding you to the same standard you want me held to, Mac.
    Isn't that fair and reasonable?

  22. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says It most certainly is


  23. Dan A from OHIO says The height of hypocrisy...
    ...lack of proof reading, no edit feature... Typical dimocrap... lol... Dan

  24. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says psst, what does
    having position of a ballot mean?

    did you take a lot of recesses during your home schooling days? Was your mom or dad the principal? Who played guidance counselor? Gym coach? HomeEc teacher?

  25. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says How does lack of proof reading sound..
    Of course that is a guess, only a guess and nothing but a guess..I might also guess he meant to use the word possession, that too, is just a guess..


  26. Dan A from OHIO says I...
    "beieve" Rusticus is a ignorant dimocrap... I "beieve" Obama is a total failure... I "beieve" we are doomed if Obama is re-elected... I "beieve"... I "beieve"... I "beieve"... I "beieve"... I "beieve"... I "beieve"...I "beieve"... I "beieve"... Wow that sounds like an Obamaaahahahaaaaa chant... I'm Dan and I take "possession" of this message... lol... Dan

  27. Rusticus from MASSACHUSETTS says I......
    am glad you are one of them.

    It took you three entire days to come up with that?

    You're doing just fine, just don't move to texas and get in any trouble that you might get executed for. OK?


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