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SUBJECT: More Chicago Politics by Obama and friends

Submitted by RJR from MISSOURI on

Obama campaign sues Ohio over early voting law for military

if you know you can't win on your record, just get the rules changed.....


  1. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Ya gotta love this!
    "if you know you can't win on your record, just get the rules changed."

    "a new state law allowing men and women in uniform to vote up until the Monday right before an election, while the cutoff on early voting for the rest of the public is three days earlier."

    Yup, if you know you can't win, just get the rules changed. Why should one group get special voting rights?

  2. RJR from MISSOURI says because
    they are protecting your liberal, teat sucking, ass whole, dumb butt.

  3. Arby from TEXAS says Well PJ....Because THAT group IS special...back in 2000 ....
    "When Democrats tried to block some military ballots in Florida during the contentious recount of 2000, it was a political and public relations disaster -- until then-Vice Presidential nominee Joe Lieberman intervened."....

    "Vice President Gore and I would never authorize and (would) not tolerate a strategy that was aimed at disqualifying military ballots," Lieberman told "Fox News Sunday" shortly before Gore conceded the election to Republican George W. Bush.

  4. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says And yet, ARBY...
    what we're talking about here is RESTRICTING the votes from other voters unnecessarily, and that's what the Democrats are suing about!

    So again, RJ is pressing for special rights. I thought Republicans opposed granting groups special rights.

  5. Ereich ( from MAINE says I like it, a win win for Republicans
    pass a law that makes it easier for the military to vote; a good thing by any measure. The democrats sue, republicans do an aggressive ad campaign pointing out how the democrats want to make it harder for our military, who bust their butts and put their lives on the line in service to the USA, to vote.

  6. Arby from TEXAS says PJ...Apparently the voting rules for non-military voters have been on the books for quite some time. The new voting law doesn't restrict them from voting any differently than in past elections.
    Non military voters aren't under any handicap that would "restrict" them from voting as they have in the past.

    The military voters on the other hand, can be deployed in a forward area, engaged in an operation and could possibly need or use the three day window created by the new law to insure their vote is counted.

    "The National Guard Association and other military groups are saying it's "offensive" for Democrats to suggest in the lawsuit it's arbitrary for service members to get special consideration."

    "Men and women in uniform typically get more time than other voters to send in absentee ballots since they may be serving in an overseas or domestic location that is not close to their home polling station."

  7. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says And then, Ereich, INTELLIGENT Republicans find out
    that the suit is simply to extend the same rights to non-military, NOT to strip the right from military voters.

    Never mind, the fantasy part of that is right there in the subject line.

    ARBY, why not extend the deadline for ALL voters?

  8. Ereich ( from MAINE says It is all about the narrative
    The fact that the military have longer to vote has absolutely no adverse impact on anyone else.

  9. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says The suit is NOT to shorten the time the military have to vote
    It's to give ALL citizens the same extension of pre-voting.

    "if you know you can't win on your record, just get the rules changed."

  10. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says The suit is NOT to shorten the time the military have to vote
    It's to give ALL citizens the same extension of pre-voting.

    "if you know you can't win on your record, just get the rules changed."

  11. RJR from MISSOURI says lmao
    thanks PJ. Now why would military folks need a longer time to vote than an ordinary lib? Duh. Change the rules? Hell, no one has ever changed rules before.

  12. Ereich ( from MAINE says The fact that the military have longer to vote has absolutely no adverse impact on anyone else.
    Acorn could use the extra few days to pad the rolls; is that what you are saying. It is not always easy to get the dead to vote. Its a logistics thing.

  13. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Why shouldn't ALL voters get those extra 3 days?
    You want people to not vote?

  14. Harumph #11038 from OHIO says I am sure there is a reason why PJ
    That they don't allow non-military voting to be stretched those extra 3 days.

    There are timelines that would be affected by this. Counts, recounts, it could throw the entire election process into a tailspin.

    In that regard I understand why you DIMs would support that in a swing state.

    The fact that they are going the extra mile for military voters should not be taken lightly. And it should not be used as an opportunity from your likes to muddy the election process.

  15. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says But we're talking about PRE-voting
    So extra time to vote BEFORE the polls open, so these votes would be in and potentially counted IN ADVANCE.

    I assume it's like out here, where pre-voting is all done on machines at kiosks in certain locations (city halls, shopping malls, etc.).

    So it actually REDUCES the burden and chaos on election day. It should HELP all the timelines to get mor advance voting completed. And since this is happening in YOUR state, Harumph, I would hope you might be actually able to cast some light on the decision to make one group's votes more valuable and more important than everyone else's votes.

  16. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says You Retardlicans have this one ass-backwards!
    "So, how is the law about to change? Under the previous statute, Ohioans were allowed to vote early, all the way up to election day. Under the new law that the Obama campaign is seeking to block, almost all Ohioans will not be able to vote early starting three days before the election doing away with weekend voting, which was the easiest for those with a full time job, or multiple jobs."

    So working Americans are being EXCLUDED from voting by the change in the law. It's not extending new rights to active military, it's taking rights AWAY from working Ohio civilians. That just ain't right, and it's incredibly hypocritical for Republicans to present it the other way.

  17. Harumph #11038 from OHIO says PJ, I further responded on this matter in your new post
    And I agree with you.


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