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SUBJECT: why do the liberals believe there is a UTOPIA out there?

Submitted by RJR from MISSOURI on

there ain't one. You work for what you get and take the licks and keep on ticking. That's what this great country was founded on. If some get sidetracked, that is life and is the real purpose of entitlements, to help them get back on track. But 47% of the USA on entitlements? Come on, that isn't right.

  1. Ereich ( from MAINE says It has always been a false promise
    designed for control and power

  2. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says We could have if it you
    frigging repulitards would quit draining the bank.

    "This red-blue split may be partly explained by the difference between urban and rural states. Red states are more likely to be rural, and rural states were more likely to receive more federal spending than they paid in taxes in 2010. Among predominantly rural states, 81 percent received more federal spending than they paid in taxes. In contrast, 44 percent of urban states received more federal spending than they paid in taxes. Rural states, on average, received $1.40 in federal spending for every tax dollar paid; urban states, on average, received $1.10. (Rural states are defined as states whose urban population rate is below the national average of 79 percent.)"

    So if you tards would keep your hands off my wallet, get off your asses and get a job things will be looking good real soon.

    But as I suspect you will instead bitch on this board day and night about some else who is working. You continue to complain about a teacher, a fireman, or a cop is making to much money. But get off your lazy asses and do it your self? No frggin way. You take your moo-moo wearing wife and toofless kiddies down to chic fillet for your anniversary dinner thinking you changed the world. You should have filled out an application while you were there.

  3. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Why do conservatives believe something so idiotic
    as "liberals believe there is a UTOPIA out there."

    It has to be one of the most moronic ideas that is subscribed to by more than 1% of Americans.

  4. Tex ( from TEXAS says It's really quite simple


    If you are like me, you often wonder why liberals think the way they do. How can they possibly believe what they believe without either being stupid or evil? Since in any human population, we all fit into well defined and proven areas of a bell shaped curve (see 'The Bell Curve' by Herrnstein & Murray), the notion that all liberals are either stupid or evil just isn't possible. Herrnstein & Murray document that most of us fall within 1 standard deviation from the mean, and that would include a majority of us normal, law abiding, regular Joes and Janes out there. The more removed from the norm, like criminals, thugs, retarded folks, dummies, CBS reporters, etc., the fewer there are of them. There's just too many liberals out there (way too many, if you ask me), and that would blow the bell curve all to smithereens. And saying that with liberals the bell curve is not bell shaped is like saying that the earth is flat. The bell curve is a fact. Live with it, or join the Flat Earth Society, I hear the meetings are real interesting, in a doofus sort of way. So there has to be another explanation as to why liberals think as they do. From this point, after ruling out stupidity and evil, we are left with two possibilities: 1) that their way of thinking is right. Yes, we have to consider the possibility that conservatives are the ones who are messing up our country, beggaring our future as conservative ideas allow the feds to spend our kids' and grand kids' money on government programs, etc. Lots of historical evidence, economic data and pure common sense as well as anecdotal evidence would rule this out. That leaves the other explanation: 2) that these liberal folks are not stupid, evil, or even right: they think their philosophy will make our country into a paradise on earth, or more accurately a Utopia if we would just let their elected liberal politicians get it done. In other words, they are good hearted but misguided. Now, I am not talking about all liberals, mind you. Obviously there are stupid liberals (Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi), evil liberals (Ted Kennedy) and even right liberals (Harry Truman, kind of). And of course you could say the same thing about conservatives, namely that we have stupid conservatives (Olympia Snowe), evil conservatives (Jack Abramov) and wrong conservatives (Olympia Snowe gets a two-fer here). I recently read a comment on one of Silverfiddle's posts (Western Hero, "Deficit-of-Knowledge") where some liberal bleeding heart wrote "Social Security should at least be means tested," and ''the idea that we help the elderly from early death, starvation, and end of life poverty, is a good one." Of course, reading drivel like this sent me into a rant about how wrong this pinko is to mandate that we all let the government take our money and give it to those less fortunate, and I lectured him on his view that he suggested we alter the moral of the story of 'The Grasshopper and the Ant' fable. I usually try and not get goaded into useless arguments such as this one, since I will never change any liberal's way of thinking, but this poor sap was just spewing the liberal line so thickly, I coudn't help myself. Liberals think like this because they believe that we can all live without pain, suffering and violence if we just try. In their Utopian world, trying to make sure that nobody lives in poverty is an admirable goal, since nobody likes to see anyone suffer. Accordingly, they truly believe if they elect liberal politicians that tell them that if elected they will fight to achieve Utopia, then they have done their part to better us all. That's a great way to go through life, thinking that if we all could just sit down with each other and sing 'Kumbaya,' nobody will ever suffer again. Children think this way. Children have been read fairy tales by their moms and dads at bedtime, and dream of the happy ending for all of us. Most importantly here, children are never asked exactly who pays for these happy endings, because we as parents don't want to spoil the youthful innocent moment. Then, alas, these children finally grow up and find that the human condition is such that this Nirvana, Utopia, or Never-Never Land is just not possible on this Earth. Such children become conservatives. I truly believe that liberals are just children at heart, have never grown up, and don't care to think about who ends up paying all the bills to achieve Utopia, but these immature liberals unfortunately have the ability to vote. Not much of a happy ending, huh?

    Tex :-)

  5. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says I've never seen anything that was "really quite simple" take a full page to explain
    but I once again see bullchit here that does.

    Thanks for the complete waste of bandwidth, Tex. Fits with every other post you make in that regard.

  6. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says a blog
    give a break. Just like a tard quoting other tards thinking their smart. Not like we have all day to read your trash either, try breaking up so its user friendly you idiot. Did you ever attend school past 6th grade Jethro? Rhetorical question of course.

  7. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says MJ, for someone
    making a post replete with errors, you should not question the education level of anyone else..Your lack of knowledge in the use of our language is a shame..And no MJ, I am not talking about typos..Even school teachers make those..


  8. Tex ( from TEXAS says Hahaha!
    Oh crap, this is funny!

    Tex :-)

  9. Tex ( from TEXAS says No worries Mac
    Minor is nothing more or less an amusement to me. As long as hes here it reminds us on how liberals think. Actually when you think about it hes the reason Conservatives never defect to the other side.

    Tex :-)

  10. MikeF from FLORIDA says I was going with "they're stupid"
    But any reason we list won't change their minds or the truth that they're wrong.

  11. Major Johnson#14608 ( from TENNESSEE says how about
    you're stupid!

  12. MikeF from FLORIDA says thanks but no
    I'm sure I'm not because if I was I would be a liberal. DUH


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