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SUBJECT: An interesting observation....

Submitted by HB #10313 from INDIANA on

just think how much better the ticket would look if it were reversed - election would be all-but-guaranteed.

I'm still happy that Ryan is on the ticket, but when I think of what could have been...

  1. RJR from MISSOURI says here is my fairy tale wish
    this comobo for eight years, then a Ryan/? for 8 years. 16 years of good sleep.

  2. Senex ( from VIRGINIA says Be careful in what thou wishest
    Lest you be cursed with said wish being fulfillled, and our nation being so accursed.

  3. RJR from MISSOURI says go eat some Brad Dung

  4. Senex ( from VIRGINIA says RJR, I thank thee for the hospitality of inviting me to join in thy repast.
    Thy menu, tho, consists of materials not favoured by my constitution, so I must respectfully decline the invitation.

  5. RJR from MISSOURI says nothing will be fixed
    until spending is brought under control. Liberals can tax all of us 100% and it won't balance the budget. While Obama keeps spending and running the credit card debt up with no results, republicans offer sensible solutions that liberals hate because it halts the credit card debt and pays it down. You are a moron.

  6. hvacstar from NORTH CAROLINA says What's up AycheBee?
    I hope all is well for you friend. I am ok myself.

    Not sure about your observation. R-Money (rotfalmao) is older than Ryan. He has been running for POTUS longer. Governors have a much better track record of sucess than Congress members. Mitt's choice surprised me. But I am not disappointed. I think that in the long run, this may have been the best option.

    You know that nobody is more cynical than me.

    We got Mitt. We can't argue with his decision to choose Ryan. Hell, my worst nightmare was that McCain would have been excumed. BUICK! EARL!

    TooDamnFunny! PJ &Brad have morphed into "Rusty/Senex". Which one failed English Lit? Probably both. We know that PretzeloJic failed Math. Those that can't do, teach.

    You gotta give those morons credit. They stick together like feces in sewer pipes. Well, perhaps not credit. Just consistency.

    CoachK resides on the Basketball Summit of Greatness.

    Gold Standard

    Catch ya next time HB.

    Take care buddy.


  7. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says Ryan's pipe dream.

    Why your bullchit won't work in your lifetime, and why Obama Democrats will rule for the next 16 years.

  8. MikeF from FLORIDA says obama has failed; his greatest accomplishment is the magnitude of his failure
    Do they have a Nobel failure prize or does he just get a participation trophy again?

  9. Ereich ( from MAINE says We do not have 4 years
    never mind 16

  10. Senex ( from VIRGINIA says When one of every sixteen jobs is lost, the President's greatest accomplishment
    Was forestalling The second Great Depression.

    We should all be thankful he initiated decisive action to stop the hemorrhaging that our economy was going through from late 2007 through the first few months of his presidency.

    Job losses of that magnitude happened only twice in the past century. Like the previous instances, it was left to a Democratick President to resolve the situation after the collapse took place during a Republickan administration.

  11. Ereich ( from MAINE says In both cases the democrat president
    Added a decade to a recession. (We will see about our current situation) Can't let a crisis go to waste.

  12. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says When the most dramatic change
    in the unemployment rate is due to persons no longer seeking employment, it really isn't something a sitting President should brag about..


  13. Senex ( from VIRGINIA says That does have a ring of truth to it, Mister McEwen
    But the most dramatic change was halting the explosive growth of the unemployment rate in 2009, which nullifies whatever point you thought you were endeavoring to make.

    Meanwhile, Ereich continues to traffic in myths and lies. How and why do the denizens of this sandbox suffer his bombast?

  14. Ereich ( from MAINE says Deja Vu
    all over again

  15. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says I see tards are to stooooopid
    to comprehend what really happened under the bush administration or just to cowardly to admit it.

  16. RJR from MISSOURI says the Bush administration was doing fine until 2006
    what happened then? Come on, this is not a trick question, just answer. You liberals will never see an obvious fact because your leaders won't tell you. It just amazes me that a liberal can't see what happened and what happened there after.

  17. Ereich ( from MAINE says Carter planted a time bomb
    Clinton added more explosives to it. While Bush recognized the threat he failed to see the urgency and certainly could not get any fix by Pelosi and Reid. Dodd and Frank should be in jail.

    If you are a lib you are either stupid or evil. Which one are you, MJ?

  18. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says oh rjr
    Doing fine? I guess that is why they were thrown out on their asses in one of the biggest sweeps in history.

    Running 2 wars off the books might have made his numbers for the budget look better but we know the truth.

    Unfunded medicare entitlements, and how all our wounded vets that now will require full government rides for the rest of their lives? Did they ever find those weapons of mass distraction? Rhetorical question of course.

    Almost doubled the size of government.

    Yeah he was doing just fine.

  19. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says 3reich
    That is one of the better excuses I have seen on this board. I give you a 95 for creativity. Must be some good chit your smoking today.

  20. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says MJ, I really do not remember
    anyone ever bragging about how well President Bush stayed within the limits of the Federal Budget at the time, but at least there was a budget..As far as running two wars off the books, that was never accomplished..If everyone knows it is happening it certainly isn't off the books..It had to be accounted for at one time or another..


  21. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says Yeah, and it didn't take long
    for the historical sweep to come full circle with another historical sweep, huh MJ? Four years to be exact.

    Will be even less time this year... bwaaaa

  22. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says you
    took back the house, and you may lose that this time around.

    Lost the presidency and have no chance to return to that or to take the majority in the senate. Not only that you were bitch slapped by a liberal black man with no experience.

    Yeah getanut, your impressive.

  23. TimT ( from MASSACHUSETTS says And
    who did you vote for? The liberal black man with no experience. Or did you just vote "present".

  24. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says Now that is something to really brag about
    Electing anyone completely inexperienced and expecting that person to accomplish much of anything, be they a liberal or a conservative, black or white..


  25. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says YOU'RE obviously just as ignorant as you were the last time
    we had an exchange. It's you're not your, idiot!

    And you're the one who should be proud of voting for a BLACK man with no experience, idiot!

  26. Major Johnson#15608 ( from TENNESSEE says are you still mad about
    about 2008 nut? Just wait cuz the 2nd time is really going to hurt.

  27. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says Did MJ idiot say something?
    Nope, as usual nothing of substance.


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