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SUBJECT: got a question for you Senexa

Submitted by RJR from MISSOURI on

how did you find this forum? I have never seen you here, nor on any of the other pages? Just curious. Funny how you just showed up a few days ago.

  1. Senex ( from VIRGINIA says A friendly referral, RJR
    Do newcomers never come here in such a fashion?

  2. Wayne P. from VIRGINIA says Rjr
    There seems to be a strange cyber space connection for Virginia. One from Yorba Linda, California and another from Los Angles, California.

    That is a hell of a connection to get from a Va. location to a Va. web site.

  3. RJR from MISSOURI says my first thought was PJ
    I guess the IP narrows it down some.

  4. MikeF from FLORIDA says I still don't get it; why pretend to be someone else; unless you're embarassed as to who you are
    But I guess that why I'm not a liberal; things have to make sense or I don't do them.

  5. Ereich ( from MAINE says My name has changed over time
    finally I said WTF, I'll save some the effort. 3reich was next which would be ironic since there is probably no bigger supporter of Israel here.

    Considering that those who have been absent were so soundly and utterly defeated it is no surprise that they might return with a fresh face. The olde English is pretty lame.

  6. PJzaBruin ( from CALIFORNIA says Tex was soundly and utterly defeated? And some of you idiots will never learn.
    He and I have been gone for the same amount of time, and there is a connection there. I don't know if he's been lurking as I have. But I'm probably done doing much posting on this board. Your ego-laden boast of me having been soundly and utterly defeated only elicits derisive laughter from me.

    People on this board refusing to put faith behind their ideas and resorting to approaches that may have real-world consequences makes this place too dangerous a waste of my time.

    Conducting IP searches and posting personal information are acts of cowardice, and show a lack of confidence in your ideas and abilities. I won't play that game. I can accept that any poster on here may have legitimate reasons to NOT have their names, employers, and locations posted on a discussion board. But some of you idiots will never learn.

    I knew my pal Senex would give you fits. It's been fun to watch so far.

  7. Publius #10953 from MARYLAND says Yeah PJ, that got out of hand real quick...
    You and I have rarely agreed, but Tex's crap is one thing I'll stand tall with you against. His return = my absence.

    Oh, and Senex smelled a little too much like Pogo to me. Those kinds of characters take a little too much effort to realistically post on a forum like this.

  8. MikeF from FLORIDA says still lame
    Using multiple names is lame. But then so is blind support of the worst president in modern history.

  9. Senex ( from VIRGINIA says Thing is, Publius, that if you look back over the last couple of months, others joined in.
    It wasn't just him.

    Either they don't know right from wrong, or they don't care.

  10. MikeF from FLORIDA says not moving away from the lame column are we
    Still wonder why?

  11. GITTHENET from NORTH CAROLINA says One like Senex would only
    pretend to be something he's not for he apparently doesn't like the person he is...

    I use my handle only for kicks and giggles....

  12. Arby from TEXAS says Personal information should only be posted by that person and should be off limits to anyone else....
    PJ's comment...."People on this board.... resorting to approaches that may have real-world consequences makes this place too dangerous a waste of my time."....should be a point 'well taken' for folks on this board and not participate in the practice.

    In this regard it should give folks, that use Face Book and other sites, a warning about what they post and "Like". There are folks that mine these sites for information that could do harm to a person in several ways...loss of job and/or job opportunity... just to name a couple.

    I briefly got on Face Book some time back since it seemed like a novel way to communicate with my Grandkids since that is where they spend most of their time. I was amazed at the amount of personal information people were willing to put on line and the totally inane crap that people felt was important for other people to know.

    After I commented on a political article that one of my Granddaughters posted, I was amazed at the number of Cucarachas that came out of the woodwork commenting on my ancestry, marital status of my parents, my mental capacities and/or sexual preferences...with no opposing opinion to what I stated...Just crude nastiness that would have earned them a genuine arse whipping in a Mano e Mano situation... Not too unlike some of the the commentary of some folks that frequent this board...but at least here, we know who posts what and can choose to read it or not.

  13. MikeF from FLORIDA says I thought one of PJ's golden rules was if you leave you can't say why?

  14. mac (Doyle McEwen) ( from CALIFORNIA says I left once
    PJ was a prime contributor giving me reason to return..Anyone expecting to keep personal information private when posting on the internet under any handle has just as much chance of privacy as someone standing in front of the Whitehouse shouting the same things..Chances are it would or will be even less..


  15. Tex ( from TEXAS says Soundly and utterly defeated? Not hardly boys, just a guilty conscience.
    I wasn't going to comment but I'd like to set the record straight, not that I owe anyone an explanation.

    That night after I posted Pjís website information I felt bad about it. I realized how I would feel if someone did that to me so the next morning I wrote Pj and apologized for what I had done. In addition I wrote Brad and Gerry apologizing to the both of them.

    Pj accepted my apology and so far as Iím concerned the case is closed and that was between Pj and me. Gerry being the stand up guy he is responded by saying folks do occasionally get caught up in politics especially during an election year and if I had already apologized to Pj thatís the person it mattered to most, case closed again. Brad never did respond and personally I canít blame him.

    I decided I got caught up in here so Iím taking a break. I still may lurk from time to time but only on occasion. I donít like what I saw myself doing so a vacation from here is in order. Also keep in mind; I didnít go through any trouble finding out personal information. It didnít take more than 5 minutes and all I did was Google the names. Anyone can do that to anyone of us including myself.

    And thatís all I have to say about that. You boys have a nice weekend.



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