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SUBJECT: Hydrocat vs. ProKat, vs. WC

Submitted by Chad J ( from TEXAS on

Hello all,

I've been researching many different Cat manufacturers so I can make a educated purchase. I like the WC but i'm stepping down from a larger boat and the 8.6 beam makes the boat feel small. The WC 33 is to New to find used.

I really like the Prokat 2860 because its wider but I'm still wanting to research them a little more.

Then I found a used Hydrocat. 30ft with a wide beam and twin yanmar diesels! I'm really interested in them but know nothing about them. It also appears that the company has gone out of business . Any, suggestions???

  1. Bil ( from VIRGINIA says Hydrocat/diesel
    Someone had a 30 Hydrocat with diesels(Volvo, I think) at my marina a few years ago, and put it up for sale. My impression from the dock hands, who were very good, was that they hated it because everytime you put it in gear it moved 5 or 6 feet, and was very difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. I think it was way too fast at idle for live bait fishing as well.

  2. Chad Jordan ( from VIRGINIA says Thanks Bill
    Thanks for the feedback. I'm not getting a lot of responses on this subject but I'm hopeful more will come before I purchase my next boat!

  3. Terry ( from VIRGINIA says Hydrocat
    I own a HYDROCAT 300c. Great boat, stable, handles well in big water. I would recomend four strokes or diesels if you can find them.The idle can be adjusted.

  4. eric ( from TEXAS says yanmar
    a good friend of mine is a captain and operates a 28 ft bertram with twin yanmar"s and has been extremely happy with them. very dependable and inexspensive to work on.

  5. Chas ( from VIRGINIA says ProKat
    I downsized from a 26 ft World Cat to a 20 ft Pro Kat. There were several very serious assembly failures with the Pro Kat to the point I am dumping the boat. Maybe on the larger end things are better but I would stay away from Pro Kat. I never had a single serious problem with the World Cat and when I had a question I got an immediate response from the manufacturer.

  6. Ed ( from GEORGIA says ProKat 20
    Chas, What were the problems with the proKat? Ed

  7. Mark ( from MARYLAND says ProKat 20
    I recently purchased a ProKat 20 - I am very interested in the assembly failures. Can you go into more detail please?

  8. Cat owner ( from CALIFORNIA says ProKat
    I have had a ProCat now for several years and the failures where from the manufacturer. Everything from forgetting to lock down the tabs on the engine supports which caused the aligment to go out, forgetting to gel coat areas where they cut into the stringers thus caused sagging in the engines. 10K worth of repairs and when presented with this they tell you to go kick sand. This is my first time dealing with ProKat and I am not impressed. There is huge failure with the 1.7 diesels to the point the #3 pistion breaks up and the engine is destroyed. There is a whole list of things that is wrong with this and ProCat has turned a blind eye to all of it. I would steer very clear of ProKat if I were you.

  9. Rick Pickering ( from ALABAMA says ProKat and failures
    I've...er, I'd just about decided to go for a ProKat 2860WA with diesels, until reading the last post. How much history went into the #3 piston and diesel failure statement? Were you talking about the Isuzu, or the Cummins, or both?

  10. Wes ( from WASHINGTON says hydrocat
    Does anybody know where the hydrocat was built and why they went under?

  11. Leif ( from FLORIDA says hydrocat
    Hydrocats were built near Tampa, Florida and went out of business maybe 2 years ago. I have had mine (30cc) since 1998 and recently repowered (300hpdi's), rewired, and installed new electronics on the boat. She runs great in really bad weather (loves 6-10ft swells) and has made about 100 or so Miami-Bahamas crossings in pretty much every kind of sea that stretch of ocean can dish out. I may be moving out of the country in a couple of months, feel free to contact me if you're interested in the boat - lhvide@gmail.com

  12. Michelle ( from FLORIDA says 30 ' Hydrocat
    We are currently working on a 1998 30' Hydrocat Center Console with twin Volvo KAD32P engine's, 170hp and the drive is a 290DPE. The boat is in the islands and has had some issues. Therefore, I need to get some information that I am having trouble finding. Can anyone tell me what the Prop size and Gear ratio would be on this boat? Thanks, Michelle garywoodsmarine@bellsouth.net

  13. Zoe ( from FLORIDA says ProKat
    Hi everyone my name is Zoe and my husband and I purchased a 20CC Prokat two years ago and we love it. The ride is great and very comfortable. But I do have to say we had many problems with air pockets on the Haul. But our biggest problem was the dealer we bought the boat from their name is Unique Marine in the Florida Keys. They are the worst you can imagine. I contacted ProKat and they I am afraid are even worse. Its really sad to say because it is a wonderful boat.

  14. Chris Griffith ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Hydrocat
    Hydrocat is currently in business and manufacturing boats out of Texas. Much time and effort is focused on the construction of the boat ensuring the highest quality possible. The new owners are researching several additional options with unique options. If there are any questions please contact me.

  15. Coral ( from FLORIDA says ProKat 20cc
    I bought my prokat 20cc from Unique Marine in the Florida Keys 18 months ago. The boat had numerous issues, most of which were caused by poor work done by Unique Marine. My motor has now blown a cyclinder and I wanted to buy a new small cat but there are none available, so I guess I am going to repower. However, before I do that, I wondered if anyone else had encountered the hull problem I have and if so, what did they do to fix it. The boat has a lean to port while on plane. Originally we thought it was water entering the port pontoon as the 5200 used to seal the two pieces of hull together was nonexistent. Now that we have fixed that and dried the boat out, it still leans to port although not as bad.

  16. Steve Meyer ( from TEXAS says Prokat vs Hydrocat
    Seems a lot of people are confused. I own a 22' Prokat and have owned it for 6 years and had it 100+ miles offshore Matagorda TX. Any Prokat manufactured 2006-2009 has a blaring defect. All boats manufactured before are just fine. Picked up mine out of Islamorada from the previous owner who purchased it from Unique Marine. Boat was over propped when I purchased it and called Unique who were adamant that the props were correct. Spoke to both Yamaha and Powertech who put me onto the correct props. All cats have the problem of sucking water in through the bilge pump outlets at speed as the outlets are below the water line. Easy fix to route the bilge pump hose in an inverted u above the water line and this acts as a water trap. The main trouble with Prokats from 2006 is that a bean counter took over the manufacture and thinned out the material in the hulls causing them to fail prematurely down the center line. All my fishing buddies love coming out with me as the boat rides and fishes way bigger than it is.


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