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SUBJECT: Cat for shallow water fishing

Submitted by Jay ( from VIRGINIA on

I am starting to look at Cats in the 19' - 22' range to use for inshore shallow water fishing. Does anyone any experience using a bow mount trolling motor on a cat? I have looked at the Twin Vee 19' Bay Cat which has a lot of room and has a draft of 8" to 10". This boat is a single engine setup. Do the smaller cats perform ok with the single engine? What kind of reputation does Twin Vee have?

  1. Zachary ( from TEXAS says cat
    Go here

    I don't own one yet...but know a few who do. This is the Cat you need. I can't address the trolling motor Q though...but I'm sure if you call Tran,he will.

  2. Gerry, SFHP from VIRGINIA says You might want to check out TwinVee as well.
    Those boats listed above look pretty nice. I think that TwinVee also makes a shallow draft cat.

  3. Jay/NC ( from NORTH CAROLINA says shallow cats
    Most of your cats are going to draft at least 10"-12" making them unfriendly in truly shallow water. Some manufacturers build cats with flat bottomed hulls, but then what do you have? You've got a mulit hulled flat bottom skiff that delivers the same ride you were looking to avoid in the first place. Cats inherently draft more water than compairable monohulls...they have to. Actually some fishermen from other countries like Austrailia (who really know how cats perform) say that American cats don't draw ENOUGH water. Trust me, you don't want a cat that draws 4-6" of would negate buying a cat in the first place. You need the sponsoons in the water not on top of the water when running. You also need the sponsoons built deep enough that the water isn't slapping the area between the hulls...this would pound just like a flat bottom boat.

    Can you buy a shallow draft cat? Sure...people sell them. Are they going to give you that same soft ride cats are supposedly known for? They certainly are not. Cats give you a soft ride because of their hull design. That hull design makes them draw alot of water. You can design a hull to do most anything, but at a cost. Design a cat to draft isn't going to ride like a 26' Glacier Bay.

  4. trout_slime ( from VIRGINIA says just get a...
    ..Shallowsport. it aint a cat but its just as shalow and a heck of nice soft smoothe ride...

  5. Donald Obenhaus ( from TEXAS says cat ride
    for starters, Jay/NC should try owning one before talking trash. I own a 21 ft flats cat with a 150 evinrude. I love this boat,it takes a little getting used to but the performance is great. For thoes who don't know a flats cat is a flat bottom cat boat. fully loaded I draft 4-6inches I have a 6-10 inch hole shot depending on bottom composition. these boats ride like a cat, they walk over quartering waves and they are soft on the head on waves. You are going to have to learn how to drive the boat to make it perform t its highest potential. My advice, ride one then drive one, the shallow water potential alone will excite you!

  6. Jay/NC ( from VIRGINIA says sorry Donald
    I didn't feel I was talking trash. Simply meant to give a few fundamentals of cat design. Maybe I should have stated at the beginning of my post that yes...I do own a cat, it's a joy to ride, it does suffer (as most cats do in my opion) from inherent design flaws. Jay

  7. Bryan ( from TEXAS says flats cat
    HI Donald, maybe you could tell me a few things about my 21 flats cat I haven't used it much & is definately different. I like it alot, the fish ability is great & shallow as toothpick. I seem to have trouble on rough water directly. I have the motor on the jackplate two holes down & with the jackplate all the way down it's still very shallow. I was wondering about trim & speed in rough water head on? The one thing that helped was slowing down & trimming the engine down also, sounds weird but it helped but could feel the dragging. It has taken some time to get used to, but it has been a windy year.

  8. erich11 ( from VIRGINIA says Bryan
    The Flats Cat is a unique boat and takes some getting used to. For one, I never drive the boat directly into the waves if I can help it. It will pound the crap out of you just like a flat boat. I always take the waves at an angle and the boat does what it is designed to do.

    When I first got the boat, the engine was not mounted all the way up on the jack plate. I was concerned about the engine being to high. However, when the engine was put at the top, the performance changed for the better. If I get stuck in really rough water, I bring the jack plate about half way down, bring in the trim, slow down, and take the waves at an angle as much as I can. Hope this helps...

  9. Cpt Ron ( from MARYLAND says power cat vs. mono hull for charter business
    I'm looking to start an offshore charter business. I'm having a dilema trying to decide on cat vs. mono. I want to live on the vessel. So far the largest cat I've seen is the 34' glacier bay. I like cats due to the smooth ride. Does anyone have info on this type of venture?

  10. Outnumbered ( from NORTH CAROLINA says power cat
    they make power cats hundreds of feet They are several in the 40-45' range prowler lagoon Fountaine Pajot all with a 18-21' beam

  11. fastfish ( from FLORIDA says High Performance Fishing Catamaran
    For a High Performance Fishing Catamaran with a Superior Rough Water Ride check out

  12. terry ( from FLORIDA says twin-vee 20
    I have a 20 foot twin vee with twin 4-stroke 50 hp Suzuki"s I can't get on plane with one motor like they claim it will, can you tell me why?

  13. Splitshot ( from TEXAS says twin-vee 20 w/twin 50hp 4strokes
    Dont feel bad... mine wont either. I think you'd need one of the twin 70hp 2strokes and partial fuel for it to plane.

  14. Captn Jon ( from MARYLAND says Twin vee bay cat
    I have a 19' Bay Cat with a 101 lb. Thrust Minn Kota Bow mounted trolling motor. Works great, lifts up and down real easy and have a side scan fish finder mounted on it. The Bay Cat can be poled in 10" of water and the trolling motor will work in 18" of water. Hope this helps. JR

  15. Edward Ricciardelli ( from NORTH CAROLINA says shallow cats
    I live on the ICW and am looking for a boat to give me a smooth ride on the ICW on a Saturday when there is alot of chop and also to get me over to the flats in 10-12" water. Would also like to go out the inlet 3-5 miles on a good day to fish. Do I need 2 different boats?


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