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SUBJECT: 18' Transport or Flatscat w/115 Yamaha

Submitted by Rodney ( from TEXAS on

Just curious if anyone is running these rigs. If so what is the top end speed and does the hull beat you to death in a moderate chop. I will be using it to fish East and West Galveston Bay and would like to run without hugging the shorelines on a windy day. I was told the Transport 18 would do high 30's and get up in 18". Any help is appreciated.

  1. Donald Obenhaus ( from TEXAS says 18 flats cat 115 yamaha
    I run a 21 ft flats cat with a 150 evinrude ocean pro. top speed is 40 mph and thats with my tilt/trim not working. You have to ues caution in rough water,(3to4 ft seas) but they will not beat you up! I love mine it handles differently than a convential boat in the turns, but you get used to that. I can get up in 12 inches easy and I have run in 4 no prob. My boat will float in 4 inches with two people fully riged for a tourney.

    Hope this helps Donny

  2. erich11 ( from LOUISIANA says Year 2000 - 18 Flatscat w/Yamaha F115
    In the summertime I fish the open bays as well as the duck ponds down here. Top end speed is mid to high 30's. But I have hit 40 mph in perfect conditions in shallow water. In the 5 years that I have had it, the boat has never beaten us to death. Like Donald said, it handles a lot different than a regular boat.

  3. Rodney ( from TEXAS says Thanks
    I forgot that I asked here as well. Thank you for the input.

  4. tom ( from TEXAS says TX. Coast. waste of time.
    don't do it.. its hype...

  5. Capt Stewy ( from TEXAS says Hype???
    I have a 21 and can tell ya there is no hype associated with these boats, everything is factual....

  6. jayD ( from LOUISIANA says Flatscat
    I have owned 3 flatscat since 1999 and I love all of them. I will say that the prop makes the difference. On my first one a 21 ft I had a 150 yahama. and I prop it with a 4 blade turbo. I had to take the prop to a shop and they doubled culp it. With just me in it I would top out a 51mph wit gps. I could cruse at 38mph at 4800 rpms. as far as the ride the boat is designed to take waves at a 45degree angle for the best ride. Beleive me I have gone with my friend in his bay boat and I couldn"t wait to get back in my Cat.If you are having problems with the handling of the boat get it on the water and try driving it every way posible you will figure out what the boat will do and then adjust to the boat.

  7. jojo ( from TEXAS says strange claims
    I have an 18.5 flatscat and even after fixing the cracked tunnel and replaceing the deck with lighter material it still takes about 7 or 8 inches to float. always has. i now have a 130 yamaha on it and tried many props. settled on a good one that jumps up quick and is in the correct rpm range. tops out about 38 mph by gps trimmed and jacked to the max. way short of as advertised. skeg starts tapping bottom at about 3.5 or 4 inches. for real. i have never seen one including mine that would float in 6 inches much less take off in it. they do come up fast and shallow but no way 6 inches. maybe 12 or 14 with a soft bottom. originally had an 85 on it and all was the same except i gained about 3 mph with the 130. lost a lot of gel coat bumping rocks in baffin bay while drifting. was not happy with that. love the design though and it is the driest of any boat i've had. and i've had quite a few.


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