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SUBJECT: flatscat boat

Submitted by gary herridge ( from TEXAS on

I own a flatscat 17' with a 90 honda. The boat preforms like a dog, now let me say I like both boat and motor but they just don't seem to be a match. I can go 37 mph by (gps) if I really tweek on it. but crusing speed is really bad. First the motors rated rpm is 6000 and I can get this the boats rated speed with a 90 hp is 43. but 4800 to 5000 rpm I get 26 to 27 mph by gps and use about 1 gal of fuel per 4 miles. Now I know most will say it's not proped out right, the boat maker sent all the props that he had 5 all together, none preformed upto spec's Them honda got envolved and tried there props nothing there then they (honda) had power tec make me a prop for a mear 460$ and thats the one I'm now using to get 37 mph it is terrible out of the hole and slips in rough water with the motor up. Anyone have any ideas besides junk the hole thing and start over??

  1. JettyJumper ( from TEXAS says cats
    are you triming and jackin the motor correctly? do you have a hydrolic jackplate? are you using a caviation plate. how hevy of a load are you pushin and how many blades are you runnin (3 or 4)???.................JJ

  2. JettyJumper ( from TEXAS says cats
    are you triming and jackin the motor correctly? do you have a hydrolic jackplate? are you using a caviation plate. how hevy of a load are you pushin and how many blades are you runnin (3 or 4)???.................JJ

  3. Catn' Around ( from VIRGINIA says flats cat
    I've herd that they were having problems proping out the hondas. I have the 18' w/ a 115 yamaha and get around 37 with my 4 blade and 40 with my 3 blade. The posted top speeds on these boats are way off and I haven't found anyone with one that gets near there #'s which is ok because I like the cruising speed of mine 30mph @ 4000rpm. But rest asure that they do run as shallow as they say. One thing that I have found out with mine is that it pop's up the best with the motor about half way up and I normally run it at half way or higher with only about 2" of trim. If you can get mid 30's as your top speed and have a good hole shot I would be happy. The noise that you are hearing isn't actual cavitation it's just that these boats run with thier motors so high that even the slightest wave movement makes it sounds like its cavitating. Watch your rpm's and I bet they don't move even while it's making that sound. Also I noticed that there is a major difference in the sound of the motor when I use difference props, and I think this is due to the harmonics of the actual prop. You have to remember that even with your jack plate all of the way down your motor is higher than 99% of boats with there jackplate all the way up. What mounting hole do you have motor mounted on, I have mine at it's highest position. I also junked the built in cav plates for a boatright compression plate which greatley improved my turning, hole shot,and also cut down on that caving sound but took off about 2mph from my top end.

  4. Bryan ( from TEXAS says flats cat
    I have a 21' flats cat for about a year now & havent used much, I have the same thing happen with the prop making a cavitation noise but you're right it isnt, It gets irritating in rough water though. I really like the layout of the boat, & how easy it is to load, but a little disappointed in the ride, It doesnt seem to be as smooth as I thought, great on sideways waves,but direct ones are kinda rough, altough the 2 times I had it at the coast the wind was 20-30. The shallow ability is great I ran in 4" showing a little mud kick up. The hole shot in shallow water is great but strange, seems to take a slow pause before firing out of the hole. I run the suzuki df 140 4 stroke w/ a power tech from flats cat & I am extremely impressed, that engine is fierce, almost sounds like its going to explode. I was just wondering how the ride was for others on this boat compared to like a explorer tunnel v?

  5. scotstev ( from FLORIDA says Flats Cat 17
    I have a 17 with a guide tower and livewell...running a 90 hp Yamaha...it is a unique shallow running boat but it does not and never will run like a traditional 17 footer due to its design...very flat bottom...tunnel compresses water to shoot it into prop which actually slows the boat down...the boats purpose is to go shallow ...mine is 7 yrs old now and i cannot take more than 3 fisherman or it has pure grief planing....


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