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SUBJECT: Protective Wading Boots

Submitted by Bill W. ( from TEXAS on 11/20/2000 1:49:00 PM

I see where Bass Pro Shops are selling a reef wading boot for $99.00. Are these boots the ones that are made by Predator that we all heard about for so long. Oshmann's supposedly started carrying them a number of month ago. Has anyone out there seen or used either brand? Or are they one and the same?

  1. 11/20/2000 2:07:00 PM kris ( says wading boots
    I bought a pair of Hodgeman wading boots a few months ago. They look similar to the wading boots Bass Pro is advertising, and they were about half the price. They are comfortable and light. Makes wading alot easier. Tight lines, Kris

  2. 11/20/2000 2:35:00 PM Russ C ( says Hodgman Armortex Kevlar Wading Boot
    The Hodgman web site lists a new boot for 2001 called the "Armortex Kevlar Wading Shoe". It looks similar to their standard synthetic leather wading boot but has "Armortex® mesh upper with leather reinforcements & a super tough abrasion resistant Kevlar® toe cap."

    They also list a "Flats Stalker Neoprene Shoe" that is shorter but similar to the Predator Reef Boots. It has "extra thick non-marking ripple outsole sole wraps around uppers for additional protection. A hard polymer mid-sole and extended side, rear and toe foxing protects against sharp rocks, coral and shells."

  3. 11/20/2000 2:49:00 PM Tecate Virgin says Disappointing...not stingray proof.
    After all the discussion about stingray boots coming out from Hodgeman these are disappointing. No protection for the ankle, calf etc where numerous hits are taken. Worthless!

  4. 11/20/2000 3:04:00 PM Russ C ( says Re: Protective Wading Boots
    Bill W.

    Sorry about my post that did nothing to answer your question. I have a pair of the Predator Reef Boots that I was given for Christmas last year. (Actually I got a box with a picture of the boots - they were promised for delivery by Christmas but did not arrive until late April.) The boots are very comfortable & offer great ray protection for the foot except the Achilles area. There is NO protection for area above the foot.

    IMO the Walk-N-Wades are the best product available for stingray protection - they cover the entire foot & calf. The only place that I have seen them for sale is at Cut Rate Tackle in Houston.

    Tight Lines!

  5. 11/20/2000 3:21:00 PM Phins says 2nd vote for Walk-n-Wades
    They aren't the prettiest thing to wear, not all that comfortable either, but there isn't going to be a barb poking through these. I'll take all the drawbacks for a little peace of mind. I would'nt wear anything else.

  6. 11/20/2000 7:04:00 PM Salty Dog says That's not it Tecate Virgin...
    I just looked on Hodgman's site and they do not have their new stingray boot pictured. The Kevlar one is absolutely nothing like the prototype I saw. The prototype boot looked a lot like the Predator boot but had buckles up the side instead of a zipper. They said it will be garaunteed to be stingray proof and the latest I heard is that it's official name is going to be the "Stingaree Boot". Don't rush to judgment yet. They are supposed to be comming along with expectations of release very soon. Their goal was to have them available for the spring and they still have time to meet their goal.

  7. 11/20/2000 9:05:00 PM BlowUP ( says Wading boots, that protect.........
    I was given a pair of Chippewna(spelling)rattlesnake boots that I wear for protection, they are great and protect well...covers up to your knee. Only drawback is that if you have a big calf muscle they might not fit, as my friend can't get them on because of this...I know they worked for me as I accidently step on a stingray that hit me but didn;'t penetrated this boot, also know of a "Nut" that hunts for stings,just to step on them to test his apparently they work,,,I just rinse them out real good, turn them over and let them dry and wear them again...Good luck

  8. 11/20/2000 10:52:00 PM Junior Baiter ( says Boots
    I have not seen the BPS line of footwear so do not know about comparisons. Was given a pair of the predator boots, they were not sized correctly and hurt my feet bad. They did however give me a feeling that i could walk on anything without being pricked. Big bulky boots, size them correctly. I'm back to sandals.

  9. 11/21/2000 8:05:00 AM ntrubee ( says blowup, chippewas ?
    which model of chippewas do you use? I too saw the Hodgman site and was hoping that new kevlar was not their 'ray' boot.

  10. 11/21/2000 10:12:00 PM BlowUP ( says Boots
    Not sure but I'm going to buy some for my son real soon, I know that they have them over in Eagle lake at Johnny's sports...I'll put it on the board when I get them...


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