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SUBJECT: best .22 on a very tight budget

Submitted by Guest ( from MASSACHUSETTS on

I was given a good rimfire scope and would like to get a .22 for squirrel hunting. It would be nice to have that additional range. There are a lot of shots I have to pass up because I have a shotgun.

Problem is my budget is very tight. I am hoping to spend less than $200 and hopefully in the $150 range (I am not averse to getting a used gun).


  1. Dr. Phyl from COLORADO says I have several 22s and
    it really depends what you want to do with it. The Ruger 10/22 (semi-auto)can be found used (around Co.) for $120 (in great shape)and up. There's an endless amount of aftermarket stuff for them. They shoot as good as any and if you just want to burn a brick of shells up , they'll sure do that. I have a Mod. 69 Winchester bolt action that works great, and a Mod 241 Remington (semi-auto) that's a hoot to go through shells with. Marlin has some semi-autos that can be bought for well under $100 used and if you stay with the "Micro groove" barrel you'll be fairly assured of accuracy. Whatever you get, if the bore is in good shape, you will probably have a good shooter. I'd stay with the 10/22 just because of the availability of parts to modify it.

  2. Guest ( from MASSACHUSETTS says thanks, some more info from me
    I will be using the gun primarily for squirrel hunting.

    Unfortunately, some of the states I hunt in do not allow semi autos.

    Also, can anyone explain how/why the semi auto .22s seem to be cheaper than bolt, pump, or lever actions?

  3. Dr. Phyl from COLORADO says I think you'll find
    that most semi-autos are alloy receivers whereas the bolt/levers are machined steel. That's just a general statement but it's what behind most of the price difference. Speed in production. If a bolt is what your looking for one of the older Winchesters like a 69 would be cheap and good quality if it's been taken care of. You might even want to look at something like a Remington pump action. Don't know if that would suit but the BDLs are still decent.

  4. The Last Boy Scout from KANSAS says Also, the same old story about volume sales
    can be added to the alloy receiver explanation. They just sell a lot more semi-autos.

    Gosh, if you've got $150-200 to spend you've got a wide range of choices-especially if you are willing to buy used.

    Seein's how you may come across a wide variety of prices if you buy used, I'll give you my first choices, which will be over your budget if bought new:

    Marlin 39, in its various incarnations. The states you hunt in surely won't mind this old cowboy-style rifle. I like the longer versions (39-A) and the ones before the pushbutton safety. Unfortunately, so do most others. A new one of these will run around $350 now, but you might get lucky on the used market. All I have ever shot were fabulously accurate right out of the box. A great squirrel and rabbit gun.

    Winchester 94-22. About the same as the Marlin but not as popular.

    Of the new guns, I'd echo Dr. Phyl's choice of the Ruger 10-22 as the top pick. It is accurate, reliable and has a plethora of accessories available for it. Its plusses might even make you reconsider where you hunt. I like the stainless version best. I'm sure the plastic stock mated with the stainless is the most practical route, but there have been some awesome wood stocks mated with the stainless guns right out of the factory. You just ain't lived until you burnt a quick 30 rounds out of a Ram-Line or Butler Creek magazine in one of these babies.

    Marlin's model 60 would be my second choice.

    If you want a new lever action, I've heard nothing but good things about the Henry. They make pumps too.

    The Rossi replicas of the Winchester 22 pumps were good guns and should be fairly available used.


  5. ParDner ( from CALIFORNIA says These replys are very good. Would add only one thing.

    Consider a 22 mag. Ammunition is more expensive. But the option gives you a margin of more power for a little heavier game, without blowing the crap out of the squirrels/rabbits.

  6. davisb3 ( from MICHIGAN says 22 Rifles
    Both Marlin and Savage make 22 & 22mag bolt action rifles in that price range that shoot extremely well.While they don't have the trigger of an expensive rifle they do shoot well.While I'm not a 10-22 fan they are not a bad choice in that price range. What I don't understand is guys who buy them then invest another $350 or more in aftermarket parts to make them a real shooter and still have an ugly gun.The best gun investment is a high quality 22 as you can shoot it cheap 12 months a year and everyone in the family can enjoy the gun.

  7. StratosXL from INDIANA says Some overlooked?
    All statements above appear to be true but I like the older guns, some bolt actions seem to have same hole accuracy to 50yds, I like the Remington model 34, its tube fed, but long barrel very accurate, also the Marlin Glenfield mod.20 it is clip fed, clip is a little sloppy but if treated right same hole at 50yds also. $150 for a good mod.34 , and Mod.20 about $90-$100 well below the budget, If you prefer the 22mag as Pardner suggested its available in the mod.20 also $125. One last gun to put you at the top of your budget Ruger 77/22 available in all weather, stainless or Walnut, blued This gun is pricey but Very Sharp and accurate. Good Luck!

  8. daniel flitton ( from Australia says also looking for a .22 pump
    hey, i am new to all this, just got my licence here in australia and am looking at buying a .22 for rabit and fox hunting. just wondering where the best places are to look to get a second hand .22 and not get ripped off. also the prices stated above they are U.S. prices yes? thanks for your help. daniel

  9. Adam ( from Canada says Great .22 rifle
    My top pick would be a Remington Nylon 66. They don't make them anymore but over a million were made so they are pretty easy to find. I'm on the hunt for one because all I hear is good things about the gun.

  10. bill Williams ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Older 22 Pistol
    I am trying to find information on a an older model 22 pistol that was manufactured by H & R, Inc, Gardner, Mass. Is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? It is an 8 shot revolver that takes 22 LR's.

  11. Eric ( from INDIANA says Recomendation on 22 rifle
    I own a Savage model 93 22mag. It is the most accurate firearm I have owned. I have no prolem making shots at 75 to 100 yards with open sites. I am not sure of the exact price used but I would immagine you could find it for under $200.

  12. SquirrelHunter ( from INDIANA says The best in inexpensive rifles
    I don't know how hold this question is, as no date is available, but, why not consider an old Stevens .22 single shot bolt action? They can be found at most pawn shops and even Cabela's for under a hundred dollars. I own 2, and they shoot amazingly straight.

  13. Shotgunlover ( from ARKANSAS says Good 22 rifle
    Try a remington model 12. They were manufactured up to the 50's I believe. They are a great pump-action 22. You can mix 22 shorts, longs, and long rifles in the tube magazine. The last patent date on my dad's is 1928. I have not shot it (the part that throws the shells out of the gun is worn smooth) but really want to. At about $250 for a used one in presentable condition it is a little over your price range but worth it. I should probably mention it is a takedown gun. The ruger 10 22 is also a good choice. I can hit a target the size of a squirrel's head at about 40 yards off a rest easily with a scope


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