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SUBJECT: Ithaca Model 37 Wont Eject

Submitted by Crankin1 ( from SOUTH CAROLINA on

I recently aquired an Ithaca Model 37 and took it dove hunting on opening day. The first shot I fired would not eject the spent shell. It will eject shells that have not been fired but will not eject spent shells. I have to remove the barrell and then pump the shell out. Any Ideas? Much Thanx

  1. Phantom from VIRGINIA says Yes....
    I'm guessing you are using the cheap dove loads with the silver bases (not sure if it's aluminim or tin)...these expand in the chamber and get stuck. That is most likely your problem.


  2. 5keepers from ALABAMA says Ejector
    Take to good gun smith. You need new shell ejector.

  3. Crankin1 ( from SOUTH CAROLINA says Thanx!
    Phantom, I did buy Winchester shells with the silver base. It has been a long time since I have hunted and was not sure what shells to buy. I will try another type of shell this afternoon to see if it works better. 5keepers, thanx for your input as well. The gun will eject non-spent shells without any problems but the spent shell sticks everytime. Could that still be something in the ejector? In the mean time I am going to try and find a gunsmith but do to lack of funds, if I have to take it in my hunting will be over with this year (I guess if I don't have enough money to play I shouldnt be playing anyway, huh). Thanx again for ya'lls help!

  4. 5keepers from ALABAMA says Yes
    I have had 2 of the 37's over the years. I got rid of one of them because it was doing the same thing as yours. This was years ago and my gun smith was not very good ( I didn't know that at the time). I believe a good gun smith can get you going again. Let us know if other type shells make difference. They didn't in mine but those real cheap shells can be a problem some times. I shot the same cheap Winchester shells last week on 2 dove hunts in an over and under with no problem. They give more problems in automatics. Good Luck and let us hear back. thanks


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