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SUBJECT: Who makes custom lead molds?

Submitted by fishEH ( from ILLINOIS on

I'm looking for a place that will make a custom lead mold for me. I can but the blank Do-It mold but need someone to machine it out to my specs. Anybody know a reliable place? Thanks.

  1. Jeff Hahn from OHIO says Custom Molds
    FishEH: Do you know how much money you are talking about to have a blank DO-It mold custom machined? LOTS of money...$350-$1000, depending on many factors. I have had some custom molds mades from industrial silicone. While a silicone mold won't last as long as an aluminum mold, they say it is good for at least 1000 pours. Give these guys a call, they do a great job.

    In-Shore Tackle Company 241 Sing Sing Road Horseheads, NY 14845 (607) 739-4303

    Jeff Hahn

  2. BassNNymph from KENTUCKY says Try calling this place!

    Cheapiest Alum mold and he will customize them for you!

  3. fishEH ( from ILLINOIS says industrial silicone?
    Can you pour hot lead into silicone? If you can, 1000 pours would be fine. I've got a great idea for a weight and its hard to develop a prototype.

  4. Mule Skinner ( from VIRGINIA says Molds
    ACE Molds, Tampa FL, call Noel Noggle 813-948-1461. Zorn molds. You can try making your own, there is instructions at crankenstein.net University/college mechanical engineering schools often have cnc machining courses, a student might make your mold as a class project at a low cost. There are several high temperature silicones that are used for casting lead, Dow Corning Silastic RTV 3120,& Castaldo Quik-Sil.

  5. Jeff Hahn from OHIO says Cost of Silicone mold
    fishEH: The molds from In-Shore tackle cost $25.00 each. Yes, you can pour hot lead into silicone. It is not the same kind of silicone that we use on our boats to seal a water leak!

    Jeff Hahn

  6. Bass Stalker Jigs from VIRGINIA says Here's a couple.....
    As Jeff said, they aren't cheap!

    Cast Industries 580 North Street Springfield, IL 62704 217-522-8292

    Tight Line Anglers Products 4062 Fulton Road ~ Lorain, Oh 44055 Phone 440-277-1511 ~ Fax 440-277-9152 Email cvanover@tightlineanglersprod.com

    Good luck!


    Bass Stalker Jigs - Discover the fish catching ability of these uniquely designed jigs. Available in both Finesse and Flippin' models. Visa and Mastercard payments accepted. Don't just seek 'em..... STALK 'em!

  7. Triton Mike from GEORGIA says Better yet not to mention cheaper
    Make your own molds. The molds I make cost less than $5.00 and are worth hundreds of pours maybe more. Takes a little time but worth it in cost savings. Go to this link www.geocities.com/Spotcountry and click on articles and select the "Making a Spinnerbait Mold" granted this article is about making spinnerbaits but the same idea applies to jig heads, darter heads, plastics etc etc. Any questions email me bucca1@aol.com

    Triton Mike

  8. Blowfish ( from NEW JERSEY says buck tails
    I need a bucktail mold for 1oz and up

  9. John West ( from OKLAHOMA says Keel weights
    I have been looking for a 4oz or larger Keel weight aluminum mold. I am having (No) luck. I fish on the Gulf and have being the weights down here, but now I can't find any ? could you please let me know where I might buy a mold or the weights ? thank you John West

  10. Go4bas ( from MISSOURI says Aluminum molds
    I can help.


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