Let's see how bad the Repubs can mess this one up Let's see how bad the Repubs can mess this one up
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    Let's see how bad the Repubs can mess this one up
from Hutch #10968 #10968  
6/9/2012 11:40:24 PM


  Fast and Furious investigation has been going on over a year with NO charges and Holder and others certainly qualify for obstruction of justice and contemp of Congress charges........ but no charges of any kind yet. NOW THIS..... even the Dems realize the seriousness of this breach of security by the White House just to make Obama look good.. I mean ONLY ITEMS LEAKED THAT WOULD MAKE OBAMA LOOK GOOD..... HOW SMART DO YOU HAVE TO BE AND HOW FAR DO YOU HAVE TO LOOK?? Course we have John McCain making speeches about it and Graham saying how the ones involved are bad little boys......BUT WHY THE HELL DON'T they let the hammer fall and bring some charges against someone......cause EVERYONE knows someone did..... and the motive is clear...... So......what do they do? They let Holder assign two agents to investigate the leaks....... by golly that will show them , huh....??? Letting a man who should be in jail...... lead an investigation into a matter about who did or did not cover for Obama and seriously damagaed our national security ... is exactly what this man should ALREADY be in jail for. Are they nuts?? Come on Boehner....... get serious...... !! Hutch


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   Repubs from g2072  6/10/2012 12:04:06 AM
 It is time to just call a spade a spade. The republican leaders are gutless. Boehner needs to resign and go to the corner and have a good cry. The dems are corrupt and the repubs are too spineless to stand up to them. Meanwhile the American people are getting screwed over by both parties. There isn't a dozen people in the house and the senate who will put the country ahead of their political party. It's no wonder we are in the shape we are in.

   There sure is a SORRY bunch from DaveT  6/10/2012 9:37:29 AM
 of leaders in charge of our Government, on both sides.

   I'm so shocked from fatboy #9897  6/10/2012 1:14:55 PM
 And here I was, I was so full of hope and change.

   Maybe from Jeff Hahn  6/10/2012 1:23:54 PM
 Not to make excuses, but maybe they are waiting to time their investigation with the upcoming election.

Jeff Hahn

   I thought the same Jeff from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/10/2012 4:04:09 PM
 But I think Obama would use that as another rallying point for the libs..... and say that the Messiah was being framed by the rich people at Election time. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for charges not being filed in the Fast and Furious investigation and they act like they are afraid of Holder or something...... he is in OBVIOUS contempt of Congress....AT THE LEAST........ and yet...... NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT..... This leaking of classified material just to make Obama look good is a TRESONOUS ACT because it endangers the safety/well being of the people of the USA.... Which is a very clear and powerful part of our constitution. But none of it means anything if the Repubs are just gonna sit on their butts and TALK about it... Hutch

   Dave.... Obama has fairly well achieved his obvious from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/10/2012 6:09:27 PM
 tact to make Republicans as evil as Democrats... That was a calculated move.... believe me..... To demonize conservatives..... WE walk a fine line..... there is absolutely NO HOPE if left to the liberal socialist agenda.... and now that they (the lib/socialists) have managed to convince folks that all politicians are equally bad.......and people CARE only about what they see or hear in a blog or from some liberal media talking head... then we have to believe that the only answer is still thru a conservative based party that has responded to the wishes of it's constituents a few times.... and we KNOW the base of the conservative party is still based on people who love God, Family and country........ But I will say one thing that I believe with all my heart..... THEY NEED TO GET JOHN MCCAIN out of the spotlight as well as Lindsay Graham..... as there are many other true conservatives that people trust and believe more than those two clowns..... Hutch Notice how Herman and Sarah are sounding better all the time again ?? ......... secret is... THEY NEVER CHANGED their story and still believe in the things that matter..... I think when the true figures are made available........ and they may already be and I just haven't seen them yet.... THE TEA PARTY ... pulled people to the polls in droves in the recall election in Wisconsin..... In other words...... WE JUST NEED TO GET BACK TO OUR ROOTS AND take the politics out of this travesty that went on with Fast and Furious and now the White House Security Leaks....... and SLAM THE HAMMER DOWN...... but not demean the whole party..... Hutch

   Hard to explain..... from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/10/2012 6:38:33 PM
 Will try again, lol. The tactic of Obama and his liberal base has NOT been to try to prove that the Democratic Party is BETTER than the Republican Party....it has been an effort to try to sell people that the Republican party is just as BAD as the Democratic Party.. You know how you were told all your life not to "lower yourself to someone else's level?" That has been Obama's goal since day one.....to convince people that Republican's are just phonies and no better than the liberal/socialist Democrats....... see? And the idea is to attack every level of Conservative values...... and call them phony... all the way from Religion, to Equal Rights, to abortion to....... You name it...... he has attacked them all.... Hutch

   Not much of a better bunch at the Supremem Court either------ from GonFishn  6/10/2012 7:12:25 PM
 Ya gotta recent juducual appointee whose only cliam to fame was that she clerked for some judge years ago and then was a politico for the Dems, KAGAN, just prior to her appointment, Sotomayer our so-called first mexican justice, her claim to fame, while interning at a prestigious law firm she immediately sued for discriminatory actions and words due to an utterance by one of the senior partners when he asked her how she felt being put ahead of so many male white's to secure her coveted place in the law school she ultimately graduated from? she took that to mean he was picking on her becuase of her mexican background, forget about the fact that he was stating a fact. Ditto with several other progresssive appointees who feel the Constitution is an "evolving" document meant to be interpretted based on the "norms of the times" rather than the moral justifications of its writers.



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