Vallejo California .... 30 miles from Frisco Vallejo California .... 30 miles from Frisco
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    Vallejo California .... 30 miles from Frisco
from Hutch #10968 #10968  
7/23/2012 7:52:40 PM


 The article is way too long...... so I thought I would post the crux of the article here as it shows why California cities are going bankrupt..... I am doing this so even Bradley can understand that GREED AND CORRUPTION by unionized workers can have but one result...... and he wants this for our country and Obama is trying hard to fulfill his wishes... This is from the Huffington post...... word for word..... so he cannot complain about slanted conservative coverage..... READ IT BRADLEY......and you have more cities in California ready to go belly up for the SAME reason......

"City councils continued approving raises and benefits for workers, ignoring warnings from citizen oversight commissions. Police and fire officials could retire at 50 with 90% of their final year's salary. After one year of service, public employees could get health care coverage for life, and so could their families. Starting in 2005, the city began spending $3 million to $4 million a year more than it was taking in, draining its reserve fund."


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   It ain't just California from DaveT  7/23/2012 8:35:04 PM
 same thing right here in Huntington, WV. The state civil service sets the police and fire retirements as far as age requirements and other details. And the cities have to pay for them. Also the current Mayor of Huntington, is a retired Huntington policeman. I think the police can retire at 50 with 20 years service. With GOOD health-care.

   work 30 and retire for 30 from MikeF  7/23/2012 11:00:40 PM
 If you do the math the numbers don't work.

   Retirement is a good thing! from Brad  7/23/2012 11:21:18 PM
 Most of the ballyhoo is because the media chose to highlight the abusers and blur the difference between them and the rank and file--sort of like the difference between salary and hourly where the hourly generally gets a bad deal compared--

Firemen die early due to multiple toxic exposures/ police bear the risk of being injured or killed on a regular basis...

i think we need to reduce the outrageous retirement packages for the executives before we revise the contracts for those who actualy do the work-- There is a difference you know..

   I've heard the saying from Skipper  7/23/2012 11:27:56 PM
 "You can't fix stupid" many times. In Brad's case, I don't think you can put a bandaid on it let alone cure it.

   What is the difference Brad? from JohnM  7/23/2012 11:50:20 PM
 Please explain how the exec makes the company go without the rank and file worker and especially how the rank and file worker even has a job without the exec wading through the reams of government bull crap out there today keeping the doors open. In the governments case they saw fit to award me a pension of about 14K a year with full VA benefits for ME not my family after 20 years military service. I drive two hours for ANY specialized health care and wait about two months for routine appointments.

I was PROMISED free healthcare for me and my family if I served 20.

How is it that you stand by and not say a word about this and shout to the roof about some pencil pusher at the DMV getting the 50K a year with full health care at 55 that was promised them? Dudes like you take the cake. Or should I say all gave some and some gave all?

Sounds like you came home, forgot what you served for and took much more than you gave my man....just saying.

   John, new TRICARE fees for retirees just announced... from RobShaw  7/24/2012 7:07:46 AM
 That's gonna cost me a few bags of Senkos!

   everyone uses firemen and police as the example from MikeF  7/24/2012 8:44:01 AM
 But the people sitting on their butts at every government job get the same benefits.

   sort of like the difference between salary and hourly where the hourly generally gets a bad deal compared-- from GITTHENET  7/24/2012 12:16:04 PM
 When you read and study Bradiot's writings, they become very revealing.

So tell us, Bradiot, just why do you believe you should be paid more than a salaried individual......

If that ain't an entitled mentality....



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