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    Caught on Lake Erie - - - - B U S T E D !
from MTL #15329  
5/11/2010 10:30:33 AM


 Copied and pasted from another site

Re(2): Odnr Bust
Posted on May 10, 2010 at 09:00:39 PM by Longball

Six fishermen plead guilty for excessive fishing of smallmouth bass:

The Plain Dealer May 07, 2010,

CLINTON, Ohio -- Six southern fishermen had a banner week of smallmouth bass fishing on Lake Erie last week, and it could cost them their boats, bass and plenty of cash after being cited for overbagging 141 smallmouth bass.

The men, from Tennessee and Georgia, were under surveillance for a few days before Ohio wildlife officers arrested them last Friday.

"It was the largest case of overbagging Lake Erie bass I'd ever seen," said Gino Barna, head of Lake Erie law enforcement. "Few Ohio fishermen, especially the hardcore bass anglers, keep Lake Erie smallmouth bass. We observed these six men making two or three fishing trips a day, bringing back a daily limit of bass each time."

The daily limit when they were fishing was five per day.

Cited were: Freeland Leffew, 66, of Soddy Daisy, Tenn., and his son, Michael Leffew, 38, of Hixson, Tenn.; Samual Stephens, 58, of Soddy Daisy, Tenn.; Freddie Warren, 63, of Wildwood, Ga.; and Charles Burkhart, 67, and Samuel Carroll, 65, both of Ringgold, Ga.

Ohio's closed bass season on Lake Erie began Saturday. Bass caught through June 25 must be released.


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   Good from DaveS  5/11/2010 10:49:30 AM
I hope the fine is high and they lose their boats. Maybe some jail time.

   Great... from john247 #10474  5/11/2010 11:02:34 AM
Same mentality of some of the poachers on G'vl and from the same States. Bama has it's poachers as well....Hope they give them the maximum fine....

   How moronic.... from TheJigMeister  5/11/2010 1:19:56 PM
Ever eaten a bass? They aren't that good.

Hopefully, Bama will get with the program next year and bust a bunch of folks - whether they live here or another state I don't care.

   old news from bobj #17034  5/11/2010 2:07:42 PM
OT board ...... # 322323 Lake Erie Poachers..... by Tim #10364, GA, 5/9/2010 9:44:58 PM; 290 views

Edited 5/11/2010 2:11:53 PM

   Southern Ignorance.. from 10bender24 #15559  5/11/2010 3:14:22 PM
Worthless P.O.S,, but look where there from..Need we say more..

Hey Wackoman,, you related to one of those fella's..

   damn fool Southerners from MikeF  5/11/2010 3:33:40 PM
It's hard to believe they would bring their ignorance up there, I'm sure Ohio already has more than it's share of morons.

   Not all Southerners are alike from ZX-Bama #14918  5/11/2010 4:52:00 PM
I have not tournament fished in a good while. I catch lots of bass, but my current boat has never had one in the livewell.

Strictly catch and release here.

   10bender24 from Pointer 78  5/11/2010 5:29:50 PM
Not only are you ignorant but an illiterate POS as well. The word is "they're" moron.

Proud to be from Tennessee.

Edited 5/11/2010 5:31:10 PM

   LOL...Pointer... from ButchT  5/11/2010 5:31:54 PM
Go get 'em.....and have to concur.

   very expensive trip from eriedude #11072  5/11/2010 10:16:01 PM
local newspaper reports the state odw is taking the 3 bassboats used and making the guilty anglers pay 50 bucks per fish which is over 7k in restitution.

   Reminds me of from DaveS  5/11/2010 11:56:07 PM
a time a long time ago. It was a fall day during Bird season, I had my limit cleaned and in the freezer, left the farm and went into town to have coffee with some guys. Four guys walk into cafe--- loud and proud. One of them said---- Sure have lots of quail around here----------- you could have heard a pin drop,quail were scarce. Yea those four dudes from out of state had shot 72 quail and each got their limit on pheasants--- the pretty ones and the ugly ones. A couple guys went out to check all of the birds. The Gammey said he wished he could force them to clean and eat those 72 Meadowlarks, but he couldn't-- $10 a bird for shooting a songbird $720.00 and those 5 ugly pheasants ---- I can't remember what he charged them for shooting hens. We all got a good laugh out of it.

   Jigmeister from dbnaileng  5/12/2010 7:39:29 AM
Bass aren't that good? I do not know where you were raised but I know that if you know how to cook then they are delicious. Many people say that about striped bass but if you cut out the red meat (lateral line) then the fish are great! Just because you want to keep all your fish so that they can die in a tank, waiting to be weighed in does not mean that keeping a few to eat is wrong. I would rather see a few bass end-up on the table for a meal that end-up as turtle food and stink-bait around the docks. I think that this is ridiculous and I do not condone it at all.

   I don't care... from TheJigMeister  5/12/2010 4:22:30 PM
if someone wants to eat bass as long as they follow the rules. I just don't think they taste that good and it definitely could be the way they were prepared.

I see no point in getting personal dbnaileng but where did I say keeping a legal limit for the table was bad? I don't think I did. Those guys took LOADS of bass illegally. They know better they just don't care. Punish them.

I'll bet you have eaten more bass than I've killed accidentally and on purpose combined I've taken a few to a friend that loves them and I've had one die during a tourney. (That one was given to a guy on the dock to eat). There may be a few others that died later but it wasn't because I didn't do all I could to keep them alive.

And as the French soldiers said on Monty Python's, The Holy Grail... "Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!".

Peace out

   that from jt  5/15/2010 7:31:49 PM
was just sad that grown men would sneak & cheat like that. they've got deeper problems




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