Z9 nitro w/250 merc vs puma w/250 is there Z9 nitro w/250 merc vs puma w/250 is there
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    Z9 nitro w/250 merc vs puma w/250 is there
from sde13  
7/25/2010 7:57:33 AM


 Is there still a big difference between these two boats? The rough water ride? storage layout? How are the newer Nitro holding up? I am not very informed about NItro, they used to be junk and everyone made fun at how they fell apart, ride was terrible, slow and kind of thrown together, have they improved alot? I know the cat is go to go, but with 10000 difference it makes you take a look at them.

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   I would go with the Nitro for $10K from STRETCH1 #11051  7/25/2010 4:32:30 PM
A few of my buddys in our fishing club run the newer Nitro Z9s and they seem to be very good boats.

Don't get me wrong I love the Cats and I think they are probably a better boat but if your deciding factor is the cost then I would say the Nitro should fit the bill just fine...

   You would be a lot richer in the NItro. If you have the money, get the Cat from humminbird #11206  7/25/2010 6:15:30 PM
SDE13 said it best. Ten grand is ten grand. If you married, the wife will love you more. When the economy improves, then consider the up grade. However, the Nitro has come a long ways. It is a fine boat.


   Consider the resale... from Gary Hollander  7/25/2010 7:40:07 PM
I've run Bass Cats since the 1989 model year, and most recently had a Cougar FTD/250 Pro XS. After I sold it, I decided to downsize to a 19' with a 200hp Mercury. I also knew that I would be making a RETAIL purchase on my replacement rig, regardless of brand (that's another story).

I shopped hard, did plenty or research, and almost pulled the string on a Nitro Z-7 with 200hp Pro XS Merc. I also examined a Z-8 with 225 and 250 Pro XS, but decided to stay with my goal of a 19-footer and 200hp Merc. That was in the $30-32K range depending on Smart Craft gauges vs standard, etc, etc.

In the final analysis, I couldn't do it. I could not buy a Nitro, just to save dollars. I may not be a fan of some of the BCB personnel, or they a fan of me, but the boats are bullet-proof, run great, perform in the heavy seas at Lake of the Ozarks where I live, and have great resale.

In early March 2010, I found a dealer that had a new, left-over stock boat that was well-optioned and had acceptable colors and a 200hp Optimax ; I made an offer and we came to terms quickly, and I have never regretted the move.

Edited 7/25/2010 7:41:05 PM

   These two boats are not apples to apples period from JohnM  7/25/2010 8:12:01 PM
Outside the fact they are both bass boats that will take you fishing they are a different breed. From the trailer up the Cat uses better quality materials, is put together using far superior methods, using superior (read more costly) materials. That is not to say the Nitro wouldn't last you 10 years or more. When you figure the average Cat owner has their boat seven years before trading or selling, I won't get into resale value because the Nitro cost less it should resale for less. The difference is going to be the Cat is normally going to resale quicker, and it'll have a warranty for the life of the hull. That alone should answer your questions on the differences in construction. Unlike Nitro it's still being built by the family that started the line.

If you decide to go with a Nitro I'd buy it from a reputable dealer. Our BPS has a service center on the other side of town. When I looked at Nitro the digital gages on my Cat were not even available. That may not seem like much but the wiring harness to run those gages are expensive. Southco locks vs Perko locks. glassed in boxes vs plastic drop ins, easily accessible Mayfair cartridge pumps vs Rule pumps that require taking something out to replace (not a big deal until one goes out on the water), plastic battery trays vs aluminum battery boxes bolted into the solid fiberglass boat. The Nitro does have 24 ounce carpet so it'll look good seven years down the road, right? I could go on and on but I don't want it to seem like I'm slamming the Nitro because I am not. They have their market and fill it well, they have made big strides!

It's just not fair to compare these two brands and expect the Nitro to measure up or the Bass Cat to be able to compete on pricing. Two copper coins worth from someone who has spent time in both brands.

   In comparison..... from Tomcat #11840  7/25/2010 9:27:54 PM
It's just like anything else when you pay for the upgrade, whether it's boats, houses, or vehicles. You're out the extra dollars from the beginning, and will not recoup any of it until resale, and then not all of it, because you bought at retail. So if either of two items will fit your needs comfortably, it might make sense to purchase the least expensive of the two, and save the extra money in todays dollars instead of future dollars, which will be worth less. Yes, the BassCat is one fine rig, but the Nitro has come a long way, and at 10k difference up front, the Z9 is a fine rig to consider. Good luck on your decision. Just my .02 cents.

   You missed my point... from Gary Hollander  7/25/2010 9:50:26 PM
 To JohnM and TomCat,

I bought a new Bass Cat Classic DC with 200hp Optimax for the same money as BPS wanted for a Z-7 with 200hp Optimax with comparable options. I shopped around and checked dealer inventories until I found what I wanted and made a deal. The BCB Owner's board lists and updates dealer non-current inventories and a regular basis and good deals can be found. Also, promotional team boats can be bought with low hours and well-optioned for big savings. I sold many of my promo boats for at least 10-12K below retail, and they had plenty of warranty.

If you want a Bass Cat, then don't settle for less--that is my point. Do a little research and shop around, and you can find a good deal within your budget.

   I'd say from Jeff Hahn  7/26/2010 12:15:26 AM
I'd say, there is no comparison. Not only is the Cat better made, with higher grade materials, but Cat's a small, family owner company where customer service is #1. Nitro and Tracker have earned bad reputations for the quality of their rigs and their customer service. Maybe they've come a long way, but they are not even close to BassCat. You get what you pay for and will resell what you pay for now.

Jeff Hahn

   Thanks for the feedback, after 10yrs being out of tournaments I from sde13  7/26/2010 8:01:12 AM
have lost touch with the boat companies. Basscat was my first choice, but the Nitro has a good look and they seemed to have improved quite a bit. Gary Hollander didnt you used to be a Basscat representative?? So, from what I gather a Puma with a 250 is way above the Nitro and the difference in cost will comeback in resale. The other question is the Cougar vs the Puma, Is there that much of a difference between these two boats? Can you explain some of the differences positive and negatice between the two? Thanks for your time it does help quite a bit to narrow down the choices.

   Cougar FTD vs Puma, etc from Gary Hollander  7/26/2010 8:33:18 AM
  The Puma and Cougar FTD have different interior layouts that will tie to individual preferences(i.e. storage compartment locations, gas tank locations, net receptacle). Basically same in terms of hull, warranties, ride, performance and cost.

Also, new Puma FTD has the best of both and probably a little more. May cost a few dollars more, but what a nice rig.

There is a new Eyra that is a drop-dead awesome rig, and although it's a 20 footer, they are rigging them with 200's and getting low to mid 70's performance, especially with the new SHO 200hp by Yamaha. It can be powered by a 250 as well. THIS IS THE ONE I WOULD RECOMMEND THAT YOU CHECK OUT!!!

I would also recommend that you go to the www.basscat.com and check out all of the models, floor layouts, standard and optional equipment, and then find a dealer in your neighborhood to fine tune your requirements and answer questions. If none are close, there are quality dealers like Sherm's Marine and Greene's that service nation-wide, or contact the BCB Factory for a dealer reference.

Also, try to get a ride in the model(s) you are thinking about. There are plenty of promo-guys around the country to give demo rides in addition to dealer staff.

Like I said, do your research and buy what you want, especially if you plan to keep the boat. It is an investment, and you will benefit and enjoy yourself in the premier rigs on the water today.

Good luck and let me know if I can answer any questions...

Gary Hollander

p.s. I was never a rep, but was a promotional team member beginning in 1996 model year, and answered 1000's of queries and emails over the years on the web and tried my best to represent BCB as well as I could whatever the setting. I have always been honest and straight with my feedback and recommendations--positive and negative.

Edited 7/26/2010 8:42:48 AM

   Thank You to all! from BCB  7/26/2010 9:58:01 AM
We really appreciate the quality of this thread and that it never turned ugly. You guys have shown a spark of class in what has often been a denigrating situation.

May this forum can become again what it was meant to be and was. It has sure improved of late.



   THANKS, That helps alot from sde13  7/26/2010 9:59:06 AM
 Eyra, Puma or Cougar,

I have it down to those choices, I need to get a ride in them to be sure but that sure helps. I am leaning towards the Puma, but I should try that new Eyra out before I buy. I need a ride in a Puma or Eyra with someone that is near the Lower Potomac. Thanks to all who replied, you have help me decide.

   sde13 - the reason to select the BassCat is right above your last post from StevieP  7/26/2010 10:19:11 AM
The people from BassCat are here. They listen to us, and care what people think. I have never (not once!) seen anyone from upper management at Nitro contribute to a thread here at the BFHP.

The $10K difference up front will quickly disappear at resale time. You'll get more back on the Basscat, and sell it faster, than the Nitro. And in the meantime, you'll have had the use of a better boat & trailer, with (likely) fewer problems during your time of ownership.

   Look at that!! BCB coming on here to Help ! Next I need from sde13  7/26/2010 10:27:57 AM
 Thanks, after being involved with BC since my first P2 in 1996 this company never fails to impress. Ok MR. BCB I need a test ride in the Lower Potomac area Puma or Eyra prefer 250xs on them if possible. If you have a local tornament sponser that is riding in one drop me an email sde13@localnet.com so I can hook up and take a test ride, Thanks for your attention. At 51 I might not have that spring in my step, but I think I can still get in and out of a bass boat.

   Don't stop at the boat from Dr. Phyl  7/26/2010 11:25:42 AM
take a look at the trailer too. The BC trailer is unparalleled for fit/finish and built to last. I did not realize this until a while back but in comparing the BC trailer to other "Big" name boats the BC is way above the sleds they put other boats on. May not help catch fish but it will get you home and back.

   resale value from bassin@therock #13801  7/26/2010 4:50:05 PM
I think before you can say a item has a better resale value you have to consider the orignal purchase price.
If two guys buy new boats the same day ane one buys a BC for $40,000 and the other buys a Nitro for $30,000 and five years down the both decide to sell. The BC sells for $30,000 and the Nitro sells for $20,000. It would seem that the BC had a better resale value but the bottom line is it cost both guys 10,000 to own a boat for 5 years. Also the the guy with the Nitro had $10,000 to use elsewhere or invest for five years.

   too logical.... from Mad Max #13082  7/26/2010 6:26:26 PM
That is too logical there basin@therock. Most people point to resale to justify spending the extra 10 grand to themselves.

Edited 7/26/2010 6:27:11 PM

   Or you get to use a better boat and retain the cost MadMax? from sde13  7/27/2010 7:19:43 AM
So I guess it is logical, unless you are saying Nitro and Basscat are of the same quaility? I really dont think you have much of a troll, but almost a good try.

   same quality from bassin@therock #13801  7/27/2010 9:43:34 AM
Never said they were of the same quality. A man should buy what he can afford and point is they all come out the same in the end. Never knew anyone that could catch more fish because they had a more expensive boat. And if all you are worried about is resale value there in only one brand to buy. Just look at the used boats online and you will see .

   do what's best for you from MikeF  7/27/2010 9:50:26 AM
There's no one perfect answer. It depends on what you can afford versus what you need versus what you want. You've got to take all of this information into account and decide what works best for you.

I'm not knocking Nitro but it's two entirely different business models, one is a business unit of a faceless corporation and the other is a family owned business.

   I agree bassin@the rock... from Mad Max #13082  7/27/2010 9:51:14 AM
  Basscat is clearly a better quality boat. I hope 10K better quality as a matter of fact. But if the Nitro maintains a resale value down the road of 10K less than the Cat, it has the same resale value where I went to school.

   Call Brian... from Backseat Driver #12199  7/28/2010 2:19:56 PM
at Mare and ask him if he has anyone that can take you for a ride. I know one of his guys got a new Basscat this year, but I'm not sure which model.



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