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    a very big cottonmouth
from Beartrap  
9/15/2010 3:27:37 PM



my neighbor killed this snake on his farm about 30 miles from albany this past weekend....he had let a young guy who works with him go fishing at his pond and had ridden down with his wife to see if he was catching anything....while he was talking to him,his wife noticed the tail of the snake protruding out from under the grass at edge of pond.....my neighbor said he thought it was a small alligator and picked up a small landscaping shovel out of back of his truck......he used it to move the grass aside and the snake reared up and coiled....he said without thinking,he swung the shovel like a baseball bat and fortunately the edge of the shovel hit the snake just right and almost severed it's head..... lot of snake pictures you see,you wonder if the photo has been altered...this one has not...I saw the pictures when they were still on his camera..


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   another picture from Beartrap   9/15/2010 3:33:23 PM

my neighbor is 6ft 2in and this snake is easily over 6 ft... I've seen a lot of cottonmouths over the years but none anywhere close to as big as this one is....


   Dats from 5keepers  9/15/2010 3:41:11 PM
 a big cottonmouth. They are mean. Twice in my life I have had one come after me. First time I had a shotgun so it was no contest. The second time we destroyed 2 rods trying to keep it out of boat. Finally I moved boat with trolling motor while my partner beat on it with his rod. Once we got out of that area it left us alone. It was a shallow grass area and I will always think there was some young ones there somewhere.
Good one BT!

   That is a big one. from Wackoman  9/15/2010 4:01:39 PM
Tell him to see if there are any body puts in her ;)

Good job Beartrap's neighbor! Nice photos too.

   Damn from Papafins  9/15/2010 4:05:20 PM
 Thats one big assed snake, I hate snakes, and that big no shouldered son of gun could put you in a world of hurt.

That may a record, if they keep snake records.

   Cottonmouths vs rattlesnakes. from kickbass  9/15/2010 4:22:25 PM
 I have dealt with a LOT of rattlesnakes here in AZ. We use to hunt them at night and I would mount them on a nice piece of wood and put some poly-urathane over them and sell them or give them away.

In my travels down south I had heard that the cottonmouth was a chasers. I found this out. I have great respect for the southern people that have to deal with this snake. Rattlers are nothing. I had a 5 footer by the tail one night in some heavy weeds and was able to drag him out until i could shoot him. I would NEVER grab a cottonmouth by the tail, they have my total respect and fear.

That is one big son of a gun. must really be over 5 feet it not close to 6, but hey, it is better dead. WoW!

   cottonmouth from olefool  9/15/2010 6:17:48 PM
  Back in the old days you could carry a gun in the boat and we have killed many 4 to 5 foot cotton mouths. I have seen some very large cotton mouths but this is a monster.

   Sure Glad we don't from DaveT  9/15/2010 8:33:38 PM
  Have those dang things here in West by God Virginia. We do have copperheads, and now and then small rattler. Thats one BIG AS- snake.

   Whoa! from Dammit  9/15/2010 8:49:40 PM
 That'll make ya want to carry a 4-10 in the boat with ya.

I saw one several years ago at Smith Lake on a log at Goat Island that might have gone 5', but the snake in that picture looks way bigger. Fat too. Musta been a lot of frogs around that little pond there for him to eat.

   I would need a longer shovel from 1SG  9/16/2010 10:34:06 AM
 DAMN Nations I am scared looking at this on the computer screen!!!!!!!!!!!

That fella does not need a gun around the house just a shovel to kill a thief,,,,,and then burry the SOB.



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