Last Rodeo Story for Papafins plus fishing story also Last Rodeo Story for Papafins plus fishing story also
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    Last Rodeo Story for Papafins plus fishing story also
from bigL62 #13853  
8/22/2011 9:43:30 PM


 The early summer of 1980, I won the Kansas State High School Championship in Bareback riding. I got to go to Nationals in Yakima WA. I had graduated from High School and would be off to college in the fall at Fort Hays State Univ, Hays, KS on a rodeo scholarship. But before college, I would get to compete at Nationals. I caught a ride up there with a calf roper and his dad. Long trip, pretty country until we got to Washington state. It was right after Mt St. Helens eruption and I remember lots of volcanic ash everywhere.

While there, they would have a dance every night and I met a couple of girls from Louisiana.
I'll call them Pam C and Bridgette. Pam was tall, slender, dark hair and Blue eyes. I was in love immediately. Pam was younger than me by 2 or 3 years but I didn't care. Bridgette was shorter, light Brown hair and very attractive also. I was fascinated by listening to them talk to each other. It was like a whole other language. I could understand them when they talked to me, but I would get about half of what they said when they talked to each other. I had never been around "Cajuns" before. I developed a pretty good "crush" on Pam and saw her at the dances during the week. She liked me also from what I could tell. When the week was over, I had gotten her address and promised to write.

In college, I wrote Pam a few times and she wrote back. But, as most of you know, when you get to college, there are lots of distractions and I finally stopped writing Pam C from Louisiana.

Fast forward to Jan. 1985. I had graduated from college in December of 1985 after 4 1/2 long years. I had a BS degree in Mathematics and Philosophy (Differential Equations made me go the extra 1/2 year because I flunked it the first time). I never attended any of the career days that fall. I had a different plan.

I had filled my permit in pro rodeo (PRCA) the previous summer (you had to win $1000 to receive your card to enter any rodeo). I was ready to hit the pro circuit running. I had hooked up with guy from Kansas that had been rodeoing professionally for a few years and he was going to show me the ropes. We'll call him Brad M. The first big rodeo was Odessa TX. We entered, drove down there on snow and ice, and competed. Didn't win anything but I had made a good ride on a sorry horse. Next was the National Western in Denver CO. Denver was a very big rodeo with a lot of money to be won. I didn't get any of the money but that is rodeo (just like fishing unless you are KVD). I also entered Shreveport, LA right after Denver and then Ft. Worth TX. My buddy who was showing me the ropes forgot to enter Shreveport so I would be on my own to get there and back.

I caught a ride from Denver to Louisiana with some bull riders from Louisiana. I'll call them David W and Chuckie I. On the long trip during the night (we drove straight thru) we got to talkin and Pam C's name came up from my high school days. They knew Pam and said she would be at the Shreveport rodeo. I was looking forward to seeing her. They also said she had a boyfriend and he was big. We drove into Natchitoches LA somewhat near Shreveport and stayed with some of David and Chuckie's friends. Natchitoches is the home to Northwestern LA State college.

I had a bad horse at Shreveport and after the bareback riding I kind of walked around looking for Pam C. I found her and she was with a guy. She didn't have much to say in front of him so I worked on catching a ride to Ft. Worth TX or home. I had 4 days until I was up at Ft. Worth. I ended up catching a ride with Wild Wes Ward who was originally from Oklahoma. He lived in Plano, TX now and put me up during the week.

Fast forward to winter, 1986. My rookie year on the rodeo trail had not gone very well. I was broke most of the time. I would rodeo a while, run out of money and go home and work to save some more and then get back out on the road. I had got hurt in the fall (shoulder surgery from a big bad horse at the Oklahoma State Fair Rodeo in OKC). I was living in Austin TX with my sister (a school teacher). I couldn't work back home in KS (not much a one armed cowboy can do). So, I moved down with my sister to do some substitute teaching at her high school and recover. There was a college rodeo in San Marcos (just south of Austin) and I went down there to go to a judging school with the hope of judging some college rodeos for extra money while I recovered.

The rodeo had colleges there from Louisiana and Texas and guess who I saw from Northwest Louisiana State? Pam C was attending college there and on the women's rodeo team. We ended up at a bar together and I gave her a ride back to her room (her mom and dad had driven her there). We caught up on some old times. I still had a big "crush" on her.

The summer of 1986, I moved back home to Kansas and while at a rodeo in Coffeyville, KS, I met a girl from Oklahoma. We got married in June of 1987 and are still married today. I quite rodeoing in 1989 and bought a bass boat and started fishing. I loved rodeoing and won several rodeos around the country. I have one saddle, and around 20 buckles I had won during my rodeo days. But, I wanted to fish tournaments also and 1989 was a good year to quite the rodeo circuit.

Fast forward to 1997. I was fishing the Oklahoma BASS Federation tournaments and qualified for the Central Division Championship on the Red River out of Alexandria LA. Oklahoma would field a 12 man team for the event. Weights were totaled as a team but the top guy from each state went on to Nationals. When I lived in Texas, I had met a Bareback rider from Louisiana that now lived in Moore, OK. I'll call him Shawn F. Shawn rode really good and had made the NFR (National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas) in the Bareback riding. Like me, he had fallen for an Okie girl. I got his phone number from another cowboy and called him for contacts in LA for fishing. He said he had a cousin that was married to a Daniel Boone type (liked to hunt and fish) and he gave me their number down by Alexandria LA.

I called and got the wife. I was trying to explain that I knew Shawn from my rodeo days and now I fished tournaments, and I was looking for some info on the Red River and Shawn had given me this number. She asked my name and I said Lonnie M. She said "I know a Lonnie M". At that point, my mind started racing back to all the girls I had "come to know" during my rodeo days (there are groupies just like other sports, rock bands, etc). I couldn't think of any LA girls so I said "what's your name"?. She said Pam C. Talk about a small world. First, I didn't think I would ever hear from Pam C again. Second, I wish I would have known Shawn F and her were cousins because I would have had Shawn put in a good word for me when I was single. I called back and got her husband and it turns out it was the same guy she was with at the Shreveport LA rodeo. They had 3 kids and he owned half the county so she did good for herself. He gave me some general info and he said to call when I got down there.

I traveled down to Alexandria LA to the fishing tournament with a friend. I had qualified as a boater (1-6 boaters and 7-12 non boaters in Fed. tournaments). But, because I didn't have a 150 HP at the time, I had to go non boater. My friend was a boater and we pre-fished together the 1st day of practice. That evening, Pam C and her husband invited us to go out to eat. My friend and I were sitting in the hotel lobby and Pam C walked in. She looked just like I remembered here and we had a fine time out eating. Her husband was a great guy so I'm happy for her.

I drew Steve Hatch from Mississippi the first day. He only caught 5 lbs with me. The next 2 days he caught 12 & 13 lbs and won the whole thing. We had a strong team from Oklahoma that year including current FLW pro Ray Scheide, (lives in AR now), Tim Carroll (former FLW pro), Robert Cartlidge (The Bass Federation). I pre fished with Ray one of the days. Talk about a good time. The Oklahoma team did awful that year but that is a whole other story.

I will remember that tournament till the day I die not because of the fishing, but because of the events leading up and Pam C.


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   Outdoor Women from Papafins  8/22/2011 11:13:38 PM
When you told me you knew Sister and Howard and how Howard loved to fish, Sisters is about as good as any man at hunting deer.

She hunts by herself dresses em and drags em out.

She works a lot of rodeo's out west and always carries her binoculars for spotting elk and sheep.

The women does love to gamble, if there is a casino within 75 miles of where she is working she gets up early and goes and spends a half of day there.

Great gal.

   Papa .....when I was younger from Hutch #10968  8/22/2011 11:44:09 PM
I always wanted to hook up with one of those young and flexible trick or roman riders....... Never happened (sigh) Hutch

   Hutch from Papafins  8/23/2011 1:58:05 PM
I knew a gal like that, she worked rodeos until she was in her fifties and still had that flat tummy, and was a heck of a performer.

We'd be in the alley before she went on and I would always tell her she looked pretty damn good for an old broad.
She allways knew I was kidding.

   Great story bigL62 from DaveT  8/23/2011 6:47:32 PM
thanks for taking the time to write.



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