Problems with 250 HP Yamaha SHO Problems with 250 HP Yamaha SHO
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    Problems with 250 HP Yamaha SHO
from castmaster  
10/2/2011 9:34:30 PM


 Has anyone had any problems with the new Yamaha 250 hp SHO. If so, what were the problems. My friend has blown two heads. Mine is fine but now I'm cautious..

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   Running Hot from john247 #21500  10/2/2011 11:13:16 PM
 I know of a couple in this area that have had problems with them running hot. I don't really know why other than they have been in the shop several times.

   I have read of some problems with the SHO getting from DaveT  10/3/2011 6:28:03 AM
  gas in the oil. But have only read about this. Don't know if true or not.

   Have a buddy in NC . . . from 31Airborne  10/3/2011 8:20:36 AM
 . . . whose new SHO blew up after only 66 hours. No indicators or warnings. Just went.

   you have to or had to have monitored oil level during break in . from lba #16629 #16629  10/3/2011 8:37:27 AM
 Alot of the problem is/has been people buy these motors and because they are 4-stroke take for granted the oil is fine. Well it has been found that during the break-in process the oil level rises and if you went by the manual you didnt break it in hard enuf and it just continued to allow gas to get into oil and the damage is resulting from increased crankcase pressure from too much oil in crankcase and the fuel in oil thins out the oil. down the road the failure occures cuz the damage was already started thats the consesus

   Check twice, run it once from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  10/3/2011 10:26:25 AM
I have a new Suzuki 4-banger and check the oil before I go out and again after I get home. The Suzuki dealer assured me that Suzukis are less likely to "make" oil than Yamaha, but I'm not taking any chances.

   to be frank from MikeF  10/3/2011 10:31:43 AM
 I do not think this engine is suited for this type of use. It's not designed to be just cranked and hammered WFO. But from the number of blown engines of all kinds you would wonder if anything is.

   If the breakin process is "making oil" from Spookchucker #10778 #10778  10/3/2011 11:21:57 AM
 Then the cylinder wall finish is way poor, and roundness not there. That would just be poor workmanship for such an expensive motor.

   IMHO its nt that at all from lba #16629 #16629  10/3/2011 11:26:51 AM
 imho its nt a poor cyl wall but an extremely hard cyl wall. it will take longer to break-in and seat but will last along time

   Problems from 201evolution  10/3/2011 2:14:50 PM
  There are a lot more problems then many people think. Go over to BBC under the Yamaha forums and read all the problems with the oil making and squealing noise.

For those of you that have a SHO you should do the survey and compare the findings of everyone.

   lba, you don't get any harder than chrome walls from Spookchucker #10778 #10778  10/3/2011 4:38:17 PM
 And Mercury never had a break in problem with chrome.
If the cylinder wall is finished correctly, and the right rings are used, break in is fast.

The longer the breakin period, the poorer the machine work. It has very little to do with wall hardness.
These motors cost like race motors, but with far less precision on machine work. And a good race motor is broken in in minutes.

   it remains to be seen but ! from lba #16629 #16629  10/3/2011 4:53:24 PM
 When it is all said and done and true cause if there is a true cause above operator error during break-in and the fact that people arnt monitoring the oil levels during break-in . Its going to turn out that its a software/strategy issue that will have to be worked out in the real world not on a test lake . but also keep in mind that all the other 4-stoke outboards have had "making oil " issues and they have steel sleves



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