Breakfast, but you can break slow, as long as you don't Breakfast, but you can break slow, as long as you don't
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    Breakfast, but you can break slow, as long as you don't
from Thad Rains  
1/23/2012 7:17:51 AM


 Mind doin' the dishes. LOL. This morning, we have home made pancakes, fresh black label/peppered bacon, venison sausge, eggs any way you like, 3 kinds of Kona coffee, Mountain Dew, Red Bull and Energy drinks if you prefer. We also milked the cow last night so we have fresh cream and milk (nonpasturized, of course). If you prefer, we have some red eye gravy and some home made sourdough bisquits, ham steaks, ribeye or sirloin steaks, oatmeal or ceram of wheat and a WHOLE mess of work that needs to get done. We have about 40 oak trees that have died and we are cutting up, only about 1/2 through with that, but we do have two Stihl chainsaws, 14" and 24" with newly sharpened blades. There is another oil/salt water spill that we need someone to supervise clean up on and about 6 miles of roads that need the mesquite limbs pruned back from the road. Now, some of these can be done by loppers, some will take a bow saw or a sharp ax. We also have chemical to paint them with, once you break the bark back. Whomever finishes breakfast last, much do the dishes and put any left overs up. Thanks and watch out for a couple of new calves that should have been born last night and also, watch the 3 heifers in the home pasture (80 acres) because they are due at any time. I will prepare a big lunch and supper, too. Remember, go armed at all times because of the varmints we have running around. We have about 20 pairs of leather work gloves (not all new, but some used) to protect your hands. Supposed to be a good day today, around 62, so should be a good work day, with 10-15 MPH winds.

Take care.


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   Here is the lunch menu, too from Thad Rains  1/23/2012 7:30:36 AM
 For lunch, we have all you can eat chicken fried steak (home grown, that graded prime. We also have a bunch of sweet home canned green beans, about 8 lbs of smashed taters and some of the sweetest home grown carrots you have ever seen. Iced tea, coffee, cokes of assorted varieties, including sugar free and regular. We have sweet tea and regular tea and for dessert we are having some of those home made apricot fried pies. STILL a bunch of work to do. The oaks and mesquite that have been cut up now can be transported to the house and stacked in the wood bins, still a lot of road to cut the limbs back from, 2 flast tires on the ATV, the garage needs to be cleaned out and if it is not too windy today (not supposed to be) we have about 200 paper feed sacks that need burned. Supper menu next.

   Crud, I thought I had updated my profile for reds, oh well. SUPPER menu from Thad Rains  1/23/2012 7:42:08 AM
  And yes, we call it SUPPER, a grand old fashioned meeting of the minds at the table to discuss what happened that day. We didn't get finished on all of the roads, but y'all made a pretty good dent in it. Tonight (supper, not dinner) we have an old fashioned home made stew (made with round steak we raised ourselves, same with taters and carrots, bought the onions, though). We also have homemade stone ground corn bread that we ground just last week. It is a little coarser grind, but we think it tastes better. Again, all the Kona coffee, sweet tea, regular tea ou can drink. We will trot out the dog for the dessert tonight. We made a plum/compote and cream cheese dish about 4 years ago and it won all the awards at all the shows, it is THAT good. Blue ribbon style. Only a small piece for each of you. We also have a wild plum cobbler (raised on the ranch), blackberry cobbler (store bought), peach cobbler, apple cobbler (home canned, of course) and to top it all off, we have Blue Bell Ice Cream. Now, if you have never heard of the little dairy in Brenham, TX, you are in for a treat. Here is a link to show you what/who Blue Bell Ice Cream is. Somee voted it one of the best in teh country, and I agree. Have a good one and thanks for the help.Hmm, lets try that one again.

p>Edited 1/23/2012 7:43:04 AM

Edited 1/23/2012 7:43:58 AM

   Thanks for the shout out. from fatzso #19093  1/23/2012 9:32:45 AM
 It's the only thing I can tell you about me-I'm in my 17 year with them and we are the best little creamery you will ever want or need. I loves me some Blue Bell.

   I'll come work for ya any day Thad from Hillbilly  1/23/2012 12:06:13 PM
 if you're gonna feed me like that!

   Thad from 5keepers  1/23/2012 12:22:02 PM
 Where do I sign on?
Can I hunt on my off day?
Ya'll do off days?

   Yep, that is pretty much from Thad Rains  1/23/2012 1:30:59 PM
 The kinds of meals we eat at the ranch. We do not put on the whole hog for just the 2 of us, but we cook the same things. Generally not steak for breakfast, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Our hired hands get a day off, but the owners of the ranch do not get any days off. It has been 14 years since my sister had a vacation, so I am trying to get her to go to Vegas this year and maybe, if funds are available, HI for a week. She would LOVE both of those. We run the ranch by ourselves and sometimes hire day labor to help do a lot of the things that I mentioned. We are just a small outfit and it doesn't take much for us to get by.

Of course, ranch work can be a 24/7 kind of deal, if you are expecting a lot of heifers to have calves, we take turns watching and helping through the night, if need be. Watching out for rustlers, poachers is a 24/7 deal, too. Only so many people are supposed to be able to get on our ranch, so when there is an odd wad vehicle, we have to investigate. You can hunt hogs 24/7, too. We always go armed, just in case we see some. The times we forget to take a gun, is normally the time we see them, though. LOL.

Fatzo, Blue Bell is one of the bst kept secrets in the state of Texas. What do y'all have, like 7 kinds of vanilla? I LOVE the Southern Blackberry Cobbler and the Nutty Chocolate. Wasn't too fond of the cantalope, though, it did taste like frozen cantalope, though. LOL.

   Close from fatzso #19093  1/23/2012 7:25:19 PM
 Each region has a unique flavor and your area has cantalope. Mine out here is Peach Cobbler. Both of the flavors you mention were good sellers. I just bartered for two bags (Target Bags) of old lures (cranks-jigs-soft baits)for 4 half gallons.

When two people trade some one has to have something of value. I have ice cream-what you got..Hahaha

   Thad I'm In from Papafins  1/24/2012 10:37:57 PM
 Got my own gloves and can work from can to can't!

I can make all three meals.



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