Democrats answer to high gas prices Democrats answer to high gas prices
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    Democrats answer to high gas prices
from Chawbacon  
2/21/2012 3:49:21 PM


  Spend more Federal money ......

iser says president should raise payroll tax cut if gas prices jump

By Andrew Restuccia - 02/21/12 01:10 PM ET

A former adviser to President Obama outlined a plan this week to parry Republican attacks on the White House over rising gas prices.

Ron Klain, Vice President Biden’s former chief of staff and a former Obama adviser, floated the idea of an additional 1 percent payroll tax cut if gas prices go above $4 a gallon.

“[T]he White House should act boldly, and move immediately to cope with the problem before it becomes politically red hot,” Klain said Monday in his Bloomberg View column, referring to rising gas prices.

Under the proposal, which Klain called a “pocketbook protection” plan, consumers could receive as much as $50 per month. The plan would cost about $5 billion a month, which Klain called a “relatively modest” price tag.

The plan would allow Obama to capitalize on the momentum from his victory in extending the payroll tax cut last week. Klain said the president could argue that the $40 per month that the average American will receive under the payroll tax cut isn't enough, given rising gas prices.

"[F]or an average couple living in suburbia, driving about 1,500 miles per person each month, in two cars that get average gas mileage, a 50-cents-a-gallon increase will cost them about 20 percent more than the payroll-tax cut saves them," Klain said. "In their case, what the president and Congress gives, the gas man takes away."

Obama said Tuesday that the payroll tax cut extension is a "big deal" for families who are struggling to fill their gas tanks.

"It means $40 extra in their paycheck, and that $40 helps to pay the rent, the groceries, the rising cost of gas — which is on a lot of people's minds right now," he said.

Klain said the plan's costs could be offset with a surcharge on increased oil company profits that stem from higher gas prices.

“[A] modest surcharge would help fund at least a partial pocketbook protection program to make sure the cost of the oil companies’ gain isn’t excessive pain for the rest of us,” he wrote.

The plan is preferable to GOP plans to cut the gas tax because “it doesn’t weaken any incentives for fuel conservation or efficiency,” Klain added, echoing a long-time criticism of environmental groups.

In addition, Klain said, “the relief provides the greatest relative help to lower-income workers who need gas to commute and feel the price pinch the hardest.”

According to AAA, the average regular gallon of gas in the United States costs about $3.57. That’s up from the price per gallon this time last month ($3.38), as well as this time last year ($3.17).

Republicans are working to pin the blame for rising gas prices on Obama’s policies, while promising that expanded domestic oil-and-gas drilling will help remedy the problem. Energy analysts say that even a dramatic expansion of domestic drilling will have little short-term effect on oil-and-gas prices.

Still, Klain said, growing pressure from Republicans on gas prices puts the White House in a politically tenuous position.

They face “three bad choices,” he said: “abandon principled positions on conservation and the environment, watch as working-class voters critical to the candidacy rally behind ill-advised Republican plans for gas-tax cuts and recklessly expanded oil production, or suffer the political consequences of taking no action at all.”

Rather than waiting for gas prices to decrease later this year, the White House should act aggressively to counter GOP attacks with the proposal to give consumers an additional 1 percent payroll tax cut, he said.

"The administration should take this chance to fill its tank with political capital before the gauge says “E” — for economic peril," Klain wrote.

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   Great idea take more mone away from Social Security from DaveT  2/21/2012 4:11:59 PM
I didn't think this was a good idea in the first place. They should have just cut income tax rates. But then again 47% of working Americans do not pay income taxes.

   Me neither from Chawbacon  2/21/2012 4:15:42 PM
It just never ceases to amaze me.

Also, having the ability to make moves like this, is why beating an incumbent is very difficult.

They would never get this through Congress, but they convince a lot of morons that its not their fault.

But I don't like the Republican response above either, cutting the gasoline tax.

Consumer gotta learn to live with volatile oil prices, can't keep holding their hands or using them as political fodder.

   buying votes from stupid people from MikeF  2/21/2012 4:35:09 PM
Buying votes from stupid people is a very good way to get re-elected.

   GUYS LISTEN....Gasoline does NOT COST what we from Bill Hunter  2/21/2012 4:35:46 PM
are paying. IT's the RICH getting richer. We get the shaft. "You say gotta learn to live with it"....That is about as poor a idea as I ever heard. WE ARE BEING ripped off.....WE HAVE to Scream and let our voices be heard. I will most certainly wear my congressman out... you should too! MM

   No way from Skipper  2/21/2012 4:59:58 PM
That 1% will add back $40 per pay check

At $15 per hour 40 hour week that's $6 per week. 4 weeks to a month that is $24.

Brad will be along shortly to refute the arithmetic

   Are you serious Bill Hunter ? from Chawbacon  2/21/2012 5:18:37 PM
Its called free market capitalism.

I guess you in favor of communism or some sort've socialist economic system ?

Obama will pitch right into Bill's wheelhouse, there's always a politician looking to profit from people who think like Bill.

   it's not true capitalism from MikeF  2/21/2012 5:37:50 PM
The market is controlled by many outside forces. The crude oil supply is controlled by a small group, domestic production is limited by our government and a small number of companies control the domestic market. It's about as far from a true free market as you can get.

   I guess your small group = OPEC ? from Chawbacon  2/21/2012 5:54:54 PM
I would not call them a small group.

But its about as free a market as any other commodity.

Everything you mention occurs in all commodity trading. I gotta edit this though, but there's not a " small number " of companies who control the domestic market, there really is no domestic market.

Free markets are messy, no one said they were perfect, but they far better than any other system.

And show me a business who prices their product strictly by their cost , I don't know if that exists ???

Products are priced by what business thinks they can get for the product, or they are priced by what the competition dictates they sell for.

Nobody sells their house based upon what it cost them.

Edited 2/21/2012 5:56:11 PM

   Looks like I lost my Reds from DaveT  2/21/2012 6:09:55 PM
Must be time to re-up.

   Now lets see if that worked from DaveT  2/21/2012 6:17:34 PM
No mesg

   What value to society does record profit for the oil barrons create?? from Brad  2/21/2012 6:58:37 PM
THAT should be THE only questions we consumers should be concerned with!

if the price went to 5 dollars, your paid shil for the industry would still be telling you bumpkins why it is good that YOU give YOUR hard earned dollars to big oil. It's your duty!

the last ceo of exxon retired with a 400MILLION DOLLAR retirement package--

and do you know why WE ALL paid for HIS retirement???

Because Americans consider him to be ROYALTY! Entitled to 400M!

until Americans understand that their royalty are actually only people like themselves, we will continue to be indentured to the royalty class!

GROW some brass! Take a look around you, those people that you worship are no damn better than YOU or your family!

   Brad only exists from Chawbacon  2/21/2012 7:05:24 PM
to provide my day with humor.


   Last year at this time, I bought a Fantom 2TB external hard drive from Chawbacon  2/21/2012 8:51:45 PM
Got it for $90, delivered.

I have an odd hobby of recording sporting events like football and basketball games, and I have a large collection of old Bassmaster shows. And I store them on my computer. Video takes a lot of space on a drive, especially high def.

Well, they had flooding in Thailand last fall. 800 people died. And it washed out three huge disc drive manufacturing plants. There is no supply of disc drives.

And there's only really three players in the disc drive market, that being Western Digital, Seagate, and Hitachi.

Now, the same drive I bought last year for $90, can be found no cheaper than 140.

So hey, do I have to fork over my money to the disc drive barons ?

Crap happens, consumer got a deal with it. And consumer got to educate himself enough to anticipate that crap can occur. If you don't , that's your fault.

I wish I'd bought three of those 2TB disc drives for $90 each last year. I shudda known that was a good price and jumped on it.

And don't even try to tell me that gasoline is something you must have, no one here is being forced to go bass fishing this weekend. What's been discovered, is that gasoline demand is not nearly as inelastic as we once thought.

Cause $4 per gallon can destroy demand very very quickly, fast enough to drop the price of oil.

   still from Randy B  2/21/2012 9:13:42 PM
for $3.75, I won't push my car down 31 miles of road.

I guess I'll pay.

   Here's the fly in this soup from Skipper  2/21/2012 9:30:31 PM
Now I'm not a communist nor a socialist, nor do I believe the government ought to be involved in the oil business. The problem is, the Government is already involved in it and over the years policies, regulations, incentives, disincentives the Government has undertaken in regards to the oil industry, transportation industry, energy in general, and specifically the price of gas is artificially what it is. It is not now controlled by supply and demand. It is artificially manufactured to be what it is by a concentrated set of people including oil companies, transportation companies (trucking), vehicle manufacturing including Union people, the dumb ass environmentalists who don't have enough brains to understand they are being used, and politicians who depend on financial contributions from the above.

Tricks like stopping pipelines, stopping drilling, and regulating emissions from refineries limit supplies artificially or provide excuses to claim supplies are in peril.

Things like requiring vehicle manufacturers to add devices onto vehicles that reduce the mileage potential of a vehicle by 50% or more cause more demand. They make the Unions happy because someone builds the part and installs it. However, it costs fuel.

Environmental hysteria over leaking tanks at service stations managed to put millions of independent dealers out of business in this country. Left over are the very large corporate places like Pilot or Speedway. And yes, Pilot has the power to by itself control prices. You can bet these corporations lobbied lawmakers for these regulations and the environmental idiots who knew no better got sucked in right with them.

I wish the government would get out of the way and let the market fix this mess, but they won't because there's too much PAC money coming from it.

The fact is, the fuel companies know they can charge what they want, the government is for it because of tax revenue, and we have to either pay it or die out.

   I would recommend buying a more fuel efficient vehicle from Chawbacon  2/21/2012 9:34:42 PM
to make that 31 miles with fewer gallons.

Or going CNG.

There's a reason I've been touting CNG as a transportation fuel. It is an answer.

We've had high oil prices for 10 years now, it was back in 2002 or 03 when prices started rising.

I think at some point, the reality that supply/demand is tight, that its not easy to bring new supplies to the market, and that China, India, and third world emerging economies are pushing demand along as fast as the USA can reduce demand .......... has got to set in.

And this will continue. And we will be subject to price spikes whenever some geopolitical event occurs in an oil producing region of the world.

Continuing to believe that a person or a group of people is responsible for manipulating the price ( and it seems there's a new one every year ) , and once those villains are routed by some valiant politician, that cheap gasoline will return ...... gets people nowhere.

That is a pipedream, that ignores reality.

I'll be real blunt, I've got no sympathy for anyone. I've been preachin in this forum for years and years , saying the same things over and over. If ya don't wanna believe it, then why should I care.

When oil dropped from 147 in June of 2008 to 40 in December of 08, I was roundly ridiculed here and on the potlicker board ...... and I told ya then , that nothing had changed, that supply/demand was still tight.

If Obama had listened to T Boone Pickens three years ago, today we would have the heavy trucking industry running on LNG. And that would free up 5 million bpd for the rest of the world, and would make this Iran crisis far more easier to deal with.

How many times does that message have to be preached ?

And when the event occurs, that politicians were warned would happen, then people start pointing fingers at " greedy oil men " .

Screw that chit.

   Just 1 question Bacon. from Skipper  2/22/2012 7:56:09 AM
Would we assume that since the same people who control the oil and gas prices in the US will also be involved in the Natural Gas Business that things will be any different for the end user consumer?

   replacing vehicles from MikeF  2/22/2012 8:21:38 AM

I just replaced 5 GMC gas powered vans with these diesel powered Freightliners. It's literally 80% better fuel mileage. Maybe instead of subsidizing vehicles running on fairy dust we should be switching over to diesel and NG. But switching some vehicles isn't the end all answer to our problem. We need a comprehensive energy policy that is 100% domestic and includes coal, nuclear, NG and oil with a little fairy dust thrown in where it makes sense.

   two for one from 20_lb_sack #11063 #11063  2/22/2012 9:28:43 AM
It's all about how you label it for the Dims. If you want to bankrupt SS, you know the program that's been going broke for years, just reduced funding and tell the lemmings it's a "tax cut". By the way Brad, wasn't it your one of your guys who said a week ago that five dollar a gallon gas is a good thing, because it helps their "green adgenda."

   green adgenda from GITTHENET  2/22/2012 12:21:00 PM
Must have been a royalty worshiping oil barron that said that....otherwise, Bradiot would have heard it..... and believed it. Couldn't have been one of his beloved democrats who are for the working class, huh Bradiot?

Now get back on your soap box and tell us all how it's a CEO making $400M thats created $6Trillion in debt in this country, Bradiot!

Liberals like you sure have a minimalistic understanding of the bigger picture....



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