Hey, here's an idea and I'm gonna just kind'a throw it out there... Hey, here's an idea and I'm gonna just kind'a throw it out there...
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    Hey, here's an idea and I'm gonna just kind'a throw it out there...
from Gridleak  
4/15/2012 8:04:02 PM



If it's all about "fairness" Mr. President, then instead of raising taxes on the rich to make it fair... how about lowering the taxes for people like me to make it fair.

After all... fair is fair... right?


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   mean people will tell you that half of all... from Brad  4/15/2012 8:12:27 PM
Americans don't pay any taxes at all-

That's not true...

If it were up to me, the people who paid the most taxes would be the fortunate ones for whom their taxes never infringe on their lifestyle~

Taxes NEVER infringe on the lifestyle of the rich...

   Unfortunately Brad, that is the wrong answer... from Gridleak  4/15/2012 8:21:57 PM

None of that answered my question about lowering the taxes of people like me to make it fair if "fairness" is the goal. All your answer did was reinforce the fact that people like me foot the bill. In otherwords, yours was a typical socialist response... dance around the issue and never address it directly.

Thank you.


   Time for a flat tax from DaveT  4/15/2012 9:22:47 PM
but the government couldn't manipulate people, and make them do what the government thinks is fair. And Brad over 40 % pay NO income taxes. They pay Social Security I guess you can call that a tax since your Dem party put Social Security in with the general fund. How is it fair some people have an income, but pay NO income taxes? Maybe in your mind and the lib mind.

   Taxes is not the answer. from Funky  4/15/2012 9:57:50 PM
It's like peeing on a forest fire. As Rick Santelli points out in my video below (that Bwad has watched, but doesn't dare respond), we are spending more each month than any millionaire tax would produce. And of course with any tax increase, the libs would HAVE To increase spending... it's just natural! We have to stop these runaway social programs. There is no way we can sustain them.

There was an article the other day about how many billions these state lotteries are taking in under the guise of supporting our schools. In every single case, the pols have cut the states education budget to virtually zero and diverted all that money into social programs.

But when you take to any of these politicians, especially the liberals about cutting spending, the first thing you hear from them is lay off teachers, close schools, then they cut road repair funding, fire protection and law enforcement. You never hear them suggest cutting welfare or their pet programs that net them campaign contributions!

   Actually I would prefer two methods of taxation... from Gridleak  4/15/2012 9:59:33 PM

One, a flat tax coupled with a federal sales tax on luxury items.

A federal sales tax on luxuries would satisfy not only the drive to tax the rich more but would gurantee the dope dealers and anyone else making millions illegally would have to pay at least "some" taxes too.


   Funky. 1.5B from JohnM  4/16/2012 5:58:30 AM
The last big lottery Americans spent 1.5B on tickets. Then the government turned around and spent another. 40% of the winnings. All that money lasted an estimated 15 minutes on the government side.

So Brad, do tell how much is your tax burden this year? We left over two times the average American income. They burned through that faster than I can type this. You can throw Republican and Democrat out there all day long. The fact is the Democrats have held the budget longer than any other party in our history. No matter who came up with the budget in the past Obama ran on a platform of "change" he went as far as saying if he couldn't get it done in four he didn't need to be there. Three years later he is still blaming Bush.

He has no integrity and is making a laughing stock of America.

Truly interested in how much you had to pay in and how you feel about the fact it was spent faster than I typed this?

   it still is bulsh's recession from Brad  4/16/2012 7:36:45 AM
Obama did not create thses economic problems!

what you folks don't understand about social programs is:

ALL of money given to the poor goes right back into their community businesses, sustaining them in these difficult times! Without welfare expenditures, our economy would collapse--so would EVERY first world economy on earth...

BTW John, contrary to your assertion welfare recipients are decidedly NOT political doners!

I never complain about paying my fair share of taxes--its the dues we pay for living in this country~

   Some Corrections to you assertions from Skipper  4/16/2012 9:09:55 AM
Jerry Clower used to tell a joke about Government Aid benefitting the economy. It's like getting a transfusion of blood in you left arm, taking the blood for the transfusion from your right arm and spilling half of it in the process. Paying taxes to redistribute wealth in order to benefit the economy by inducing spending is silly at best and about as efficient as a steam driven automobile.

Welfare recipients are the best kind of political allies to have. The public pays the bill for purchasing their vote. They don't need to donate money to achieve the goal of getting enough votes to stay in office.

Since you are probably someone's secretary, are you not complaining when you want someone else' taxes raised?

   What recession? from Funky  4/16/2012 10:40:26 AM
You claim below that it's all over... Obama has fixed everything!

And of course, you silly goose, we knew all along the was "bulsh's" fault, everything is, always has been and always will be... dimocrats never make mistakes... just ask Hilary Rosen!

   Are these the 'local businesses' of which you speak? from StevieP  4/16/2012 10:51:14 AM

the PRM our heroin dealers prefer the title "undocumented pharmacist." & when you get arrested for being one you use your one phonecall home to have them use your state-issued EBT card for bail money.

Only NOW is the state trying to pass a law to make that illegal. That, and using them at ATMs in casinos and on cruise ships.

Waste, fraud, and corruption are screwing those of us who ARE paying taxes.

Lower tax rates on capital gains makes sense. They're risking that money by investing it. That money helps finance loans to businesses, creates jobs, etc. If "the rich" invest it elsewhere (overseas, etc.) then the US gets NO tax revenue.

Don't drive the innovative, creative, and visionary people out of our country by over-burdening them. We'll be left with nothing but laid-off middle-aged consultants and salesmen & all the libtards graduating with BA's in counseling studies, sitting around in a peace pipe circle under an Occupy Movement tent, wondering where it all went wrong.

   Happy "Tax Freedom Day" Brad from StevieP  4/16/2012 2:41:24 PM
I for one, think having to work from January 1 through April 16th (101 days) just to pay for my share of government spending is a little too much.

My US Senator agrees:

   "Taxes NEVER infringe on the lifestyle of the rich..." from MikeF  4/17/2012 9:12:50 AM
Spoken by someone who will never experience that situation.

Now brad is an expert on being rich too. It's amazing just how many subjects where he has no training and no experience he's an expert.

   Stevie from Skipper  4/17/2012 1:54:53 PM
I don't figure I get done paying taxes till June at least.

You have to include the State, the City, The County, The School, Business taxes and all.



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