motel at Potomac River question motel at Potomac River question
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    motel at Potomac River question
from timjohnson #20837  
4/15/2012 11:15:39 PM


 Anyone have info on the Super 8 at Indian Head, Md? Looking at this as an option for the FLW tournament, looks like it is halfway between Smallwood and where we are launching for tournament day.

Thanks for the input and have a blessed day.

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   Not too bad from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  4/16/2012 6:29:10 AM
For larger tourneys the hotel usually has someone outside keeping an eye on the boats over night.

Laplata is better but will add 10 minutes to the commute. I live north of Laplata and it takes me about 20 minutes to get to Smallwood barring a slow poke driver.

   super 8 from Dwight #10907 #10907  4/16/2012 8:03:04 AM
 That place is probably booked full Laplata would be my choice.

   Boater or Non-boater? from billsp from NJ #10879  4/16/2012 8:49:46 AM
 There's beem problems in the past with people stealing from boats parked there, not sure about the vehicles. Not too many places to eat or buy stuff in Indian Head. I used to stay in Waldorf due to the safety and conviencies, but the last three or four yrs have been staying in LaPlata. Last year at the FLW, tried a nice place up near Andrews AF Base, but moved to LaPlata when I made the third day cut and that worked out fine. See you there.

   fishing as boater from timjohnson #20837  4/16/2012 9:13:45 AM
 The tournament is out of Marshall Hall Park, so Indian Head looked to be about in the middle between putting in at Smallwood for practice a couple days and still be close to Marshall Hall for the tournament.

Which would be better, Waldorf or La Plata? I've stayed at Waldorf before and had trouble with room for parking a boat due to the number of people staying at the motels. In the past, the tournament was out of Smallwood, but now we are going out of Marshall Hall.

The tournament is May 17-20.

Just looking for a quiet, not so expensive place to lay down for a few hours.

Thanks again for the help.

   LaPlata is my choice from billsp from NJ #10879  4/16/2012 5:51:48 PM
 For BFLs and Everstarts, we stay at the Best Western in LaPlata when I travel with my boater partner. It's nice, but like all the better places in the DC area - $$$. Call and ask for the fishermans rate and maybe you can get in the $80s. Parking and hookups are fairly good, power goes on with the outside lights, so don't get alarmed at 5PM and no power. ****Take parking cones****. The Sleep Inn next door is nice, slightly cheaper, but parking is tight.
Marshall Hall is one of the launch sites, but the actual takeoff area is at National Harbor about 5 miles up river; up by the I-95 bridge, as is the mtg. Good luck.

   Well phark! from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  4/17/2012 9:04:04 AM
Now I have to share the only free ramp with 200 of my closest fishing buddies .... Someone should kick in a few dollars and put it toward some maintenance.

Marshall Hall has about 14 parking spaces, then a lot of grass.



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