How many know of the "Motor voter act" of 1993? How many know of the "Motor voter act" of 1993?
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    How many know of the "Motor voter act" of 1993?
from Oneeyedjack #13663 #13663  
6/14/2012 2:11:54 PM


 I guess I'm behind a little, but learned of this today when reading that civil right activists are threatening to sue the Alabama state agencies in charge of various public assistance. Seems that this act required the following to inable and assure that everyone votes:

1. by registering to vote at the same time that they apply for, or seek to renew, a driver's license (hence the name “motor voter”);
2. by submitting their voter-registration applications by mail, using forms developed jointly by each state and the Election Assistance Commission;
3. by requiring states to offer voter-registration opportunities at all offices that provide public assistance of any kind.

The flap here in Alabama was over # 3. Alabama claims they have complied.

But, my question is this. Why must we have to push, prod, and cajole people to vote? Voting is my right; it is my responsibility to register and vote.

If you can't figure out how to do that, I'm not sure you should be voting. Is my logic flawed?

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   Flawed??? Not a bit. nm from PPEN  6/14/2012 2:55:28 PM
  Forgot the LOL!

Edited 6/14/2012 9:51:13 PM

Edited 6/14/2012 9:51:35 PM

   I think the whole idea is flawed myself from Skipper  6/14/2012 6:10:26 PM
 I think that in order to vote there ought to be some requirements of the voter.

1. They be competent enough to make important decisions
a. If they can't find the courthouse to go register, they probably aren't intelligent enough to vote.
b. If they can't fill out the simple form they probably aren't intelligent enough to vote.
c. If they can't figure out the rules for voting they probably aren't smart enough to vote.

2. They ought to be a taxpaying citizen to vote
a. This can be property tax, income tax but not sales tax.
b. Retired people generally still pay tax. They own a home or property and pay tax on it.

3. People on taxpayer funded assistance should not be eligible to vote. Their opinion is not needed and not of any significant value. Yes, I too would like to have the power to vote people to pay me money making me a living but it's not right and I would not do that.



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