What'll they come up with next What'll they come up with next
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    What'll they come up with next
from Skipper  
6/14/2012 6:02:10 PM


 According to the news on the radio Our MILITARY is working on a plan to conduct a Gay Pride month celebration.

That oughta be good for recruiting fighting men.

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   This is what happens when you open that can of worms from DaveT  6/14/2012 6:24:02 PM
  I didn't see a problem with don't ask, don't tell. I mean you could be gay and still serve in the military.

   I had to bite my lip the other day when guys were from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/14/2012 7:32:17 PM
 Talking about Top Secret security clearances on these pages. One person remarked they even check your finances to see if your debt to worth ratio is too high and you might be tempted to trade secrets for money. THE NUMBER ONE SECURITY RISK when I was in the USAFSS.... and one of the most extensive parts of our testing was about homosexuality.. because Just like people selling secrets for money they KNEW Gays would sell their souls for young virgin boys..... and the two security breach investigations I was involved in BOTH involved homosexual men. Obama would NEVER pass the "known associates" part of the testing when I was in.....(I mean NEVER) and now we let gays serve Openly in the military....... Makes no sense..... can they deny them security clearances...... guess not..... cause I haven't heard of a lawsuit yet..... and you know there would surely be one if a gay were denied a security clearance. Gay pride celebration in the military.......??? isn't that just peachy??? Bring on the transgenders.... that is already a pending legal issue... Insane.... Hutch

   Good summation, Hutch. nm from PPEN  6/15/2012 10:57:29 AM

   I don't understand from Skipper  6/15/2012 1:37:37 PM
 What the military is doing worrying with something like this anyhow. Is that a military function? I thought the military existed to kill people and break things, protect our country, protect our freedoms.

They used to joke about the gays in the military coming in after the fight was over to redecorate the place. Might not be a joke now.

   Recruitment from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/15/2012 2:42:23 PM
 Another problem with gays serving openly in the military is that they tend to "flaunt" their life style and help recruit others and that will create problems as the PROPORTION of openly gay men/women increases. Another issue..... what happens when only straight men qualify to do the really tuff stuff.. (special forces etc) Is that not reverse discrimination? I can just see a squad of Gay men with the slogan.. "Don't give us any problems or we will scratch your eyes out" I may be wrong.....but I simply cannot see a tuff ass Marine wanting a gay man to cover his back..... (no pun intended) His option is to leave the service... so I see gays serving in the military in very disproportionate numbers. The saying "Give me a few good men" will take on a whole new meaning... Hutch



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