I bet I've done this 10,000 times and don't know that it's ever worked I bet I've done this 10,000 times and don't know that it's ever worked
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    I bet I've done this 10,000 times and don't know that it's ever worked
from Skipper  
6/20/2012 9:44:35 AM


 Last night I caught a short fish and was taking it off when a fish broke a far cast in front of the boat. I reared back and chucked the DD22 I was fishing with as hard as I could and barely hit the jump ring. 3 cranks of the handle later I had a 4 pound smallmouth in tow.

Yes I've caught fish in the jumps a lot of them but a random jump in open water that just happened to happen with me there, I can't count the number of times I've thrown a bait at one and I can't recall catching any of them. Maybe here or there over the years but most of the time it's never been something that I've been successful at.

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   I never pass up the opportunity to cast at any topwater activity from MikeF  6/20/2012 9:52:02 AM

I always have a fluke-style bait tied on and will cast at any activity in range. My grandson landed this one last Friday on a softplastic jerkbait worked on top.

   Mikee from Cougarcat  6/20/2012 10:26:22 AM
 Nice fish but I'm not a salty what is it?

I've lived most my life in Missouri and Northern Alabama neither of which are ocean hot spots.

Nice blue water and calm day. Beautiful day to be out.

    an Amberjack, maybe 55#'s from MikeF  6/20/2012 10:43:16 AM
 If the wind wasn't howling I would be out there today. That wasn't the biggest one we caught and by far not the biggest we hooked.

Also almost every time we brought a fish to the boat this 400# Goliath Grouper was about 12' down watching. He never did grab one but you could see he was thinking about it. I plan on taking the right tackle for the Goliath the next time. We'll butterfly something around 15#'s and let it float down to the Goliath.

   Nice fish, Mike! from Bass Stalker  6/20/2012 11:02:50 AM
 Catch any Tarpon lately. Or, is that about done? Do you have a winch on the boat to hoist that Goliath in?

Skipper, I'm with ya on that one. In all the years I've fished, I can't remember too many times where I was successful at that but, I always had to give it a shot! LOL!


   I do it frequently but from Spookchucker #10778 #10778  6/20/2012 11:32:24 AM
 When it is a single, the bait usually has to be on top of it within 3 to 4 seconds, or the chance is gone.

   tarpon has been good from MikeF  6/20/2012 11:34:46 AM
 Except for the last trip when we zero'd we've averaged 6 tarpon per day. Our landing percentage is still way lower than I would hope for but we're getting plenty of fish to fight. Rex fought one for 30 minutes the week before last and now appreciates how much work it is. LOL My friend Steve hasn't gotten any better at fishing either.

   most fun I ever had on topwater from Beartrap   6/20/2012 11:44:06 AM
 back in early years of Toledo Bend,there was still lot of flooded timber with 2-4 acre open areas in the trees...in summer bass would herd shad into those areas and it wasn't unusual for a 1/2 acre or more of bass to school on top.....some days it didn't matter what you threw,they would bite it...other days they were picky and even they were breaking all around your bait, you had to use a clear bait to get bit.....a good day,we would catch 40-60 fish and most of the fish were 1-2 1/2lbs but every now and then you would catch a 4-6lb fish...

   Already looking forward to next time! from Bass Stalker  6/20/2012 11:52:08 AM
 I only had one for 15 minutes and quickly appreciated how much work it is. I plan to do some weight lifting before I come down next time. LOL!

Tell Steve and Rex I said hello.


   me too from MikeF  6/20/2012 12:36:39 PM
 You're welcome back anytime.

   Nice fish Mike from DaveT  6/20/2012 2:17:30 PM
  I would love to tie into one of those.

   then come on down Dave from MikeF  6/20/2012 3:08:43 PM
 Anytime you're in this area we can give it a shot.

   Mike Thanks a bunch for the offer from DaveT  6/20/2012 4:53:42 PM
  I hope to take you up on your offer some day.



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