WH basically pleads the 5th WH basically pleads the 5th
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    WH basically pleads the 5th
from 1sg  
6/20/2012 11:17:25 AM



The Whitehouse will not release fast and furious documents.


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   2 stories breaking. 1 from Communist news network, 1 from FOX from 1sg  6/20/2012 11:25:07 AM


favors the truth!!!!!!!!

   Not a Believer from Cougarcat  6/20/2012 11:43:50 AM
 Neither favor the truth but both put there own political spin on it. Especially in June before a presidential election in November.

   Well said cougar, you'd probably be better off picking up a newspaper rather than...... from Jmac #10965 #10965  6/20/2012 11:50:48 AM
 two 5 minute spins from two cable networks who are trying to influence you.

   Yeah, right.... "It shouldn't be a political witchhunt against the attorney general and the president in an election year," said Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-New York. from GITTHENET  6/20/2012 12:02:41 PM
 A "political witchhunt" that's been going on for what, 18 months? The documents were requested over 8 months ago...

And one cannot forget, Brian Terry was killed in December of 2010. I'm thankful he wasn't my son...

I guess it's acceptable to some that the political wheels of justice, can spin forever and no one be held accountable... I'm not one of those people...

Agree, Impeach! The WH is now complicit in the cover up. This pales the acts of Nixon....

   There is no doubt in my mind from Skipper  6/20/2012 12:07:56 PM
 That this President is moving this country down a road to becoming a dictatorship. He's already blatantly ignored Congress issuing his own orders and policies in contradiction to US law. This deal here is no different. It's Obama and his people operating on their own for their own interest that being the elimination of the 2nd Amendment because when they do drop the hammer and decide they are going to be the dictator of this nation they can ill afford an armed citizenry. The 2nd amendment isn't in the constitution to give you a weapon to protect yourself from thieves, savages, or animals. It's not there so you can hunt, shoot skeet, or have fun plinking at the range. The 2nd Amendment to the constitution is there to keep the government in check and they (our government) knows that for sure and certain.

It's amazing how smart a bunch of European rejects were 150 years before the invention of a telephone.

   Good point Skipper from GITTHENET  6/20/2012 12:33:12 PM
 And another thing that's puzzling, this administration at one point was indicating that this whole exercise originated under the Bush administration. And we all know this president has held no contempt for blaming Bush. So why not release the documents? The obvious reason is exposure to the truth.

   nobody hides stuff that doesn't need to be hidden from MikeF  6/20/2012 12:35:52 PM
 That simple fact never changes.

   What do you expect from a chicago community organizer from Pounce  6/20/2012 1:02:16 PM
 None of this surprises me. The worst is yet to come.

   "in June before a presidential election"? from Funky  6/20/2012 1:14:24 PM
 Yeah, it's all a GOP plan. Brian Terry got killed on purpose 18 months ago just so they could make Obama look bad before the election!... like he needs any help!!!

   Jmac, you have read a newspaper lately...right? (VBG) from Oneeyedjack #13663 #13663  6/20/2012 2:04:06 PM
 I'm still looking for an unbiased news source.

   This Gun running Deal is from DaveT  6/20/2012 2:26:50 PM
  a whole lot worse than any thing Nixion did. I don't remember anyone ever getting killed in Watergate. I agree Impeachment.Cougarcat you need to try to seperate the News guys on Fox, and CNN from the comentators. There is a BIG difference. Hanity is like a bulldog after Obama, he just ain't going to turn lose. But O'reily has been more than fair to Obama. And these two guys are comentators, not the news guy, like Shepard Smith I think his name is.

   Yeah oneeye, I read the local Little Rock paper daily...... from Jmac #10965 #10965  6/20/2012 2:33:41 PM
 and I can tell you that it might not be completely unbiased but it has real reporters that report news rather than tv personalities who read news scripts.

   Pounce is dead on. from TroyJ/Angling Alabama   6/20/2012 3:37:42 PM
 The whole thing irritates me a little. Anyone (and I mean anyone) who calls the efforts to get to the truth of a White House debacle that cost a U.S. hero his life on our soil a "political witch hunt", is unempathetic scum of the lowest order. Obama's efforts (Mr. Transparent) to conceal the entirety of events that lead to this tragedy only prove further that he (Obama) is nothing more than a clueless, power-hungry and narcissistic prick.

A leader is a man who can stand up and take responsibility for what happens on his watch. But to stand time and time again laying blame somewhere else as lobama likes to do is the nature of yella-bellied coward.

Really bad things can happen literally overnight. Just look around the world. Some very educated friends of mine believe that if obama gets 4 more years, we are many steps closer to the risk of civil revolution in our own Nation.

I'm starting to believe them. :/

   Troy, don't be so shy from RJR  6/20/2012 3:39:53 PM

   Troy you nailed it Sir from DaveT  6/20/2012 4:52:28 PM
  What a mess this man has made of our country.

   Oath Of Office from Papafins  6/20/2012 6:30:58 PM
 Has he not violated his oath of office with giving the mexicans a break.

If we don't vote this joke out of office in November you can bet your ass it will get a lot worse.
Socilaism is on its way if it isn't already here.

    And the irony from GITTHENET  6/20/2012 7:15:37 PM
 That this Department of Justice just investigated Roger Clemens for lying to Congress all the while the Head of this Department of Justice has been lying to Congress all this time.

Do these politicians and this administration realize what a joke they are?

   and today the WH spins it from 1sg  6/21/2012 1:11:54 PM
 they say that congress has better things to do than go on a political fishing adventure...like pass bills that help americans!!!!!!!!!!

YOU WANNA HELP AMERICANS......VOTE that BUM/CROOK/2 faced Liar out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   1sg from DaveT  6/21/2012 7:13:02 PM
  Your last part nailed it Sir.

   I think from Skipper  6/22/2012 4:33:52 PM
 He was talking about the Dream act and helping Latin Americans.



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