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    97 limits..
from bjlc #10606 #10606  
6/21/2012 6:53:29 PM


 wow.. talk about being an open tourny.. 97 limits today.. no one with the exception of three guys is out of the running to win.. and its too bad that fishing was TOUGH TODAY..

Yesterday almost every guy could have caught between 20 and 50 fish for the day..

SUMMER PEAK.. wow Wow.. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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   too bad Wisconsin is srewing the pooch at Green Bay from RJR  6/21/2012 7:13:41 PM
you guys could make a lot more tourism bucks the next few years if your liberal f&w people were more open minded. The Green Bay fishing area limit thing is absurd. Somehow you got the stupid no culling rule nullified, but if that rule had not been in effect you would have 1 to 4 major tournaments up there contributing to the economy for the past several years. Luckily Wisconsin is now on the right track.

   green bay is TROPHY SMALLMOUTH WATER.. from bjlc #10606 #10606  6/21/2012 7:46:25 PM
Listen.. they are holding that tourny on trophy smallie water.. it has to be some what protected. heck come September 1st the season ends..why? because too many trophy fish removed could ruin many years of work..

its a very special fishery. extremely unique in Wisconsin.

   huh? from RJR  6/21/2012 8:22:48 PM
you or I could go up there tomorrow and catch fish anywhere we want. And they limit the Elites to where they can fish? Protected from what? You are being led down the wrong path. I just might bring my posse up there and catch the legal limit each day for 2 weeks and eat the limit every evening for supper and then take home the possession limit for later. Do you see the irony?

   typical liberal responce from MikeF  6/21/2012 10:39:26 PM
Anything the government does must be good. The only thing liberals want is less control over their own lives.

   I don't think BJLC's response is a typical from Hoot  6/21/2012 11:41:23 PM
Liberal Response... Maybe there's more to the story as to why the Fish & Game have made the decision...Contrary to BFHP opinion there are very qualified individuals working within fish & game management that do have expertise and are qualified to make decisions that might not be popular with the "Tournament Fishing Crowd" but are in the best interest of the fishery...Not every thing Fish & Game Departments do is necessarily wrong either.

Should all Trophy Fisheries be managed just based on the economics of attracting a large tournament or two?

The tourist economy in Wisconsin is excellent with all of it's natural attractions especially in the area of Door County where this tournament is being held. The Elite Bass Tournament might not be the savior that many are building it up to be.

Lake Fork has been criticized for years for not waving the slot rule and opening it up to big time tournaments. While there has been sentiment among some business owners the fishing public has not supported it. The mystique of lake Fork's slot rule keeps bringing multitudes of fishermen from all over the world who spend money and are good for the economy.

I'm going to reserve judgment and listen to the Wisconsin DNR's reasoning for their decisions.

   I disagree with.. from bjlc #10606 #10606  6/21/2012 11:58:23 PM
Listen, I totally disagree with the Wisconsin DNR when it comes to managing the fishery here on the Mississippi river. there is no good reason for the 14 inch size limit. for one. .for over 50 years we had no size limit.. and the river is a numbers body of water and not a trophy fishery.

how ever who am I to presume that I know more about Lay or Logan Martin or Guntersville or Dale Hollow, especially since I DON"T LIVE THERE.. more over to the effect of knowing more then the DNR about a fishery.. especially a Trophy fishery.

what I am saying is , I don't come to Alabama and tell you to close the season during the spawn.. don't come here and say you know about the Door County area of the state.. between that area and the area on Lake Superior, Wisconsin has the potential for WORLD RECORD SMALLMOUTH FISHING. not just state record, World Record. and that being said, both those areas of the state are extremely guarded and protected.

Listen the state of Wisconsin DNR has done a ton of things wrong. Including the 14 size limit on bass, to the point of ruining walleye fisheries due to the stunting of bass, and causing at least one community to have a catch and eat tourny because their lake is full of stunted bass. all of which are under 14 inches..

however the management of the Green Bay area is not one of them.. that's a simple truth, and if you lived here you would know and understand that equation..

   Why do I hear Obama's voice everytime bjlc says... from Spinny  6/22/2012 8:01:36 AM


   KVD has an interesting column about this issue from RJR  6/22/2012 9:54:53 AM
it is on bassmaster.com

   nothing will change from Beartrap   6/22/2012 10:33:06 AM
unless area businesses are made aware of the tourism dollars they are missing out on because of small minded people with a vendetta against bass tournaments....

   yea and from JerseyBasser  6/23/2012 7:23:04 PM
lake Eufaula was known as the bass capital of the world until DNR got a hold of it too.
The mudhole in my back yard could be a world class fishery if I made it bigger and put fish in it.

   for a bunch of guys .. from bjlc #10606 #10606  6/23/2012 10:25:13 PM
for a bunch of guys who advocate states rights.. it must be something else when you guys who have never been here, to know more then the local DNR, who, in Wisconsin, is one of the toughest jobs to get.. years of biological degrees, and only the top guys get hired, its amazing that you guys are superior in the local environmental knowledge..


are you aware, that Door county, is one of the only place in the country, where an angler, could on any given day, catch four fish to achieve an INFISHERMAN grand Slam award.

you could catch a 10 lb walleye, a 15 lb northern. and a trophy Smallmouth, or Largemouth, or even a Musky.. or any one of numerous salmoniods.. all in one day..

Years ago Roland Martin did a tv show with sight of down town Green Bay for some giant northern pike.. I can't tell you how many 10 lb walleyes are produced in this area but its in the 10's of thousands.. and again the smallies..

but then you guys have perfect knowledge of this area. and you all know all this already.

   You just don't get it bjlc and from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/24/2012 12:44:38 AM
Everyone is out of step but you. You have a very bad elitist attitude and no comprehension of the DETAILED reasons that your Beloved DNR used to shut down portions of the fishery....They are strictly anti tournament and if you have all those fish in such a special fishery , how in the hell is a tournament going to destroy it......??? when, as RJR stated.......... we could take a legion of fisherman up there to fish the ENTIRE area and eat our limit of fish everyday for the length of the tournament and ,even tho we would have no lasting effect on the fishery we would certainly have more effect than one tournament..... which practices catch and release. And,believe me....BASS won't be back and your beloved DNR and people with your ignorance are costing a lot of your fellow Wisconsians a TON of money. Your logic makes no sense and if you cannot see the true intentions of your beloved DNR..... you are truly in need of a good cranial enema..... Hutch

Edited 6/24/2012 1:03:01 AM

   no I am not short sighted.. from bjlc #10606 #10606  6/24/2012 6:28:30 AM
well let me start to make the same recommendations for Eufaula in Oklahoma.. let me from 800 miles away, discuss what is best for Lay or Martin or Guntersville..

Lets discuss why a weed spray WOULD BE GREAT FOR GUNTERSVILLE or Seminole..

wait,, are going to say.. You don't live here? .. that's right..


I previously stated that the WISCONSIN DNR IS WRONG on many counts..

just not on this one.. and yes it IS A FRAGILE FISHERY. one that Unique to the state.. extremely unique..

sorry. but YOU DON'T LIVE HERE.. and you have never been Here to see it or the Apostle Islands area as well..

   speaking of which.. from bjlc #10606 #10606  6/24/2012 6:45:21 AM
if the Wisconsin DNR is so bad.. then how come they went after the Nakoosa paper company for mercury poisoning back in the 1960's and 70's..

this is the same paper company that dumped mercury in Lay and Logan Martin.. and yet no one did anything or even said anything about until almost 30 years later in Alabama..

why is that? is it that the DNR doesn't care?

is it that the DNR didn't know.. its the same company.. and had been for like 100 years.. could they not read a newspaper?
were they not informed for close to 30 years that there was this posioning going on?

and what about the fishermen eating fish from these lakes for all these years? Crappies.. blue gills.. kids, expectant mothers..

and don't say that this did not happen.. I was at Luckys bait when he was discussing a lawsuit against both the paper company and the DNR in Alabama..

so say what you want about the Wisconsin DNR.. but for decades they had the finest run deer management in the country.. by far., and by far does more environmental studies of fish quality for consumption then any other state, which is why so many areas are on a limited consumption list.. not because they are more polluted then your area.. its because the DNR is telling you the concerns instead of not doing a consumer hazzard check.. like maybe in your back yard or your personal lake..

   Permit negotiation? from Buzz  6/24/2012 7:08:26 AM
In KVD's article on Bassmaster.com he states that BASS got caught off guard by the WI DNR. I'm wondering how this happened? How does an organization like BASS, not discuss the event with the DNR before the event? Was it because they wanted to keep the area a "mystery lake"? Even so they have a responsibility to work these things out. Let's face it they went to Green Bay because GB put up the $$$ for the event (just like LaCrosse). It wasn't as if they threw a dart at a map. Personally I disagree with the DNR decision, but I'm hoping BASS is asking questions of whomever set this up.

   So, bjlc.... from HB #10313 #10313  6/24/2012 10:51:10 AM
If your fishery is indeed that fragile, then it should be closed, period. You and the other weekend or local anglers are doing it harm by fishing there to begin with, so y'all need to stop, too, for the sake of the fishery. If you're gonna save it, then save it... otherwise you are just acting the hypocritical part out in front of all to see.

Also, your closemindedness as to you"living there" is indicative of your attitude toward others coming to fish green bay. Perhaps you just need to stay there and leave OUR fish to US. Sheesh.

   well.. from bjlc #10606 #10606  6/24/2012 12:12:24 PM
this area is closed.. it and the Apostle Islands have the shortest season for the whole state of Wisconsin. I believe that this area closes on Labor day or that weekend.. and it doesn't open until the first week in May ..

so it gets very limited fishing pressure.

you have to understand there are special eco systems.. this area happens to be one of them. Why don't you complain about Lake Fork.. its a special eco system.

other parts of the state have similar restrictions.. on the Mississippi river near Red Wing.. you can only keep one walleye over 26 inches.. Why? because guys were bringing home 50 lbs of walleyes on five fish.. so you do what you do to protect the fishery.. the DNR could have closed the fishery.. they did not..

I just find it amazing that a state with over 1000 lakes has one area closed to a tourny and you guys, who again, have never been here.. are screaming when the whole rest of the state is available to fish.. the whole state..

its like watching kid in a room full of toys .. you put another child in the room and HE wants the one toy the other child grabs first.. its the taboo area that WE MUST HAVE.. instead of being happy that there are more lakes then any other state in the Union to fish..

   Well, you don't have to worry about it now... from HB #10313 #10313  6/24/2012 12:30:50 PM
because BASS will never be back. It's pretty apparent that the DNR doesn't have much knowledge of BASS and their mortality rates of tournament caught fish. Like KVD said in his article on Bassmaster.com, BASS mortality rates are the lowest of any trail, and smallies are notorious for traveling great distances within the Great Lakes, so some of the reasoning of the DNR is moot. This is just a political game of NIMBY, and I hope you all understand the old saying "Be careful what you wish for - sometimes you get it."

As I said above, if it is that fragile and special, close it to all tournaments, period. Otherwise, it's just politics.

   trust me.. from bjlc #10606 #10606  6/24/2012 5:26:23 PM
Bass will be back here in LaCrosse.. countless limits of bass this week.. You bet Bass will be back here in LaCrosse..

   We will see.... from HB #10313 #10313  6/24/2012 6:56:58 PM
60 pounds of greenies for 4 days to win can be had in a lot of places down south, but an 80-100 pound stringer of brownies would cement a return trip. Time will tell, but BASs can go countless other places and still get in excess of 60 pounds for 4 days. Just sayin'.

   I thought we were talking about Greenbay. from Hutch #10968 #10968  6/24/2012 7:20:46 PM
Shows you how dumb I am...... I have seen fewer than a dozen people who are standing up for the Wisconsin DNR and most of the comments are from people who "live up there" (so that makes them quailify I guess) in my travels to other websites and .... bjlc is one of them..... NUFF SAID!! Hutch



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