8" of rain so far 8" of rain so far
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    8" of rain so far
from MikeF  
6/25/2012 8:41:21 AM


 Debbie has dumped tons of rain in Tampa/St Pete. The constant SW wind has caused a 3' storm surge and severe flooding. It's a mess here. There are areas nearby that have had up to 2' of rain. The storm doesn't seem to be moving any time soon.

We're OK; I just have to get my neighbor's tree out of my pool and our neighborhood is cut off by flooded streets. On a good note this should put a dent in the drought.

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   Hope Debbie clears out soon! from Bass Stalker  6/25/2012 8:55:29 AM
 Was wondering how you were making out. Our friends over at Treasure Island are just hunkered down waiting for Debbie to subside. Lots of flooding over there too but they are okay.


   Mike, sounds bad....we could have used a little of that from Bill Hunter  6/25/2012 8:55:59 AM
 rain here in Tennessee. Stay safe! MM

   tornado hit ST Pete Beach from MikeF  6/25/2012 9:10:00 AM
 It was pretty nasty out near Treasure Island; hope your friends are OK. It started out as a water spout and came on land, that doesn't happen very often. There were a ton of tornadoes tracked but most of them didn't last long or do much damage.

   glad you are ok from Gene  6/25/2012 9:39:15 AM
 tornado and flood warnings up here. 3 inches of rain over the night.

   can you guys please............... from RJR  6/25/2012 9:57:24 AM
 send some of that rain up to Southeast Missouri. Extreme drought conditions and no rain in sight.

   no from MikeF  6/25/2012 10:13:41 AM
 Sorry but I can't do that but I will blame this on President Bush if that will help.

   Hunker Down Mike from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  6/25/2012 11:59:01 AM
 Looks like it is going to get worse before it gets better. The wind is really kickin here from her but out of the North so it is dry and no rain. Did not expect to be getting this kind of wind with her that far away. There are some pretty decent gust. Beach erosion and 2-3 above normal tides is actually covering folks' docks and they are giving out sandbags for some of the real low areas.

   Thanks Mike for the info... from ButchT  6/25/2012 12:51:26 PM
 We have a good friend that lives on Treasure Island. I'll try and give her a call.

   I love Treasure Island from StevieP  6/25/2012 1:39:34 PM
 wife and I had a wonderful time there for a week, back in March. Beautiful spot. Hopefully the island didn't get washed away, or flooded over.

On those barrier islands and such, how bad does all that rain make it? You'd think it'd just run into the ocean. How/where does it "flood?"

I can see tidal erosion being a problem due to ocean storms, but (to me), I'd think rain wouldn't be much of an issue (??).

   Mike glad you are OK from DaveT  6/25/2012 2:12:04 PM
  Hope you and family stay safe.

   evacuations just south of Tallahassee from OleTimer   6/25/2012 2:14:18 PM
 where the storm surge is pushing the Waukulla, St. Marks and Ocklocknee rivers out of banks. So far in Tallahassee we are just WET, but I am sure some of the lower-lying areas here are going to be flooded soon. No let-up in sight. Like Mike said, tho - there is a positive side. Porter Sink just opened last week, draining Lake Jackson - AGAIN - so this is very much needed to get the aquifer back up.

   the flooding is from 2 reasons from MikeF  6/25/2012 2:15:24 PM
 First because those areas are low the run-off is slow and second and more important the strong SW winds from the storm push water from the gulf onto the shores and into the bay. There is still at least 2' of storm surge right now.

When you combine the heavy rains (the rain was from 6" to 24" across this entire area in one day) with storm surge the rain can't drain and they both add together and the flooding is bad. And to make things worse tides are high this time of year.

   Saturday... from Funky  6/25/2012 3:09:23 PM
 they had her headed straight for Corpus Christi, last night they had her headed for B'ham. Now it's Debby Does Daytona. Not sure they know where she's going... maybe Key West?

   Birmingham from Cougarcat  6/25/2012 3:14:56 PM
 I'm still hoping Debbie tracks to Birmingham but if they can forecast at all we won't get the rain we need in Alabama. In late June we have the dryness of a normal late July to early August. It is too early for this dry.

   the perdiction here from MikeF  6/25/2012 3:25:38 PM
 The prediction from the local weathermen here hasn't changed in 3 days. They say the storm will probably sit right where it is for 2 or 3 more days and then cross Florida around Gainesville and head NE from there. I would say they're pretty close most of the time but it's a crapshoot.

   Centraal Fla lakes from Castoff33 #13871 #13871  6/25/2012 4:09:08 PM
 Hope all the lakes get dumped on, they need it!!! Sorry for the west coast, as they seem to be geetting pounded .

   ditto that from MikeF  6/25/2012 4:50:51 PM
 We've had 10" so far this month in and around Lake Harris and they've drained every drop of that to support water flow in the St John's.

   The lake from sawgrass  6/25/2012 5:06:38 PM
 I live on the Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes. I am about 25 miles south of Ocala. My lake has gone up one foot 3 inches since saturday morning. It is still raining, on and off. The rain helps but we are still about 6 to 7 foot below where I'd like the lake to be.

   you're not far from me from MikeF  6/25/2012 5:36:30 PM
 Harris is only down 3' from full but it's not coming up with all of this rain. When they stop draining it the lake should come up quickly. Right now there is just barely enough water under my dock to get the boats out.

   Gad to see you have power and are well from JohnM  6/25/2012 6:14:15 PM
 I see you posting on the other site as well. Hopefully you stay dry. I know Paul would love to see his lake back up where he might be able to get into the boat.

We are in a severe drought mode here. The lakes are starting to really show it. Went from floods to nothing over night it seems. I figure they will tell me to shut off the sprinkler system before the end of July if we don't get some rain.

For now I pray the good folks in Florida can weather the storm. We talked about moving down there but our insurance guy told us it's darn near impossible to get flood or wind home insurance. This will hurt a bunch of folks.

   not impossible but expensive from MikeF  6/25/2012 6:42:53 PM
 Anyone can get flood and wind through Citizen's Insurance but it's not cheap.

It's looks like Tallahassee is going to get it a lot worse than we are. We do still have a 3' storm surge. The walkway on my dock is underwater for the first time since the dock was built.

   Snicker MIke (Insurance) from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  6/25/2012 7:49:11 PM
 We cannot even buy wind insurance anymore. All of that goes in a State "Wind Pool." So I have to pay my regular Homeowners Policy and then write a Check to the MIssissippi Wind Pool. What is bad is Katrina did not cost the insurers nearly as much as it could have because wave action did most of the catastrophic damage and there was no way to determine how much the wind actually did as there was nothing left.

I had about $4000.00 in cost after Katrina (Not including Roof) and My insurance cost have Qaudrupled. I live 20 miles inland! I don't have flood insurance since I am about 100' Elevation but those down south of me some are sitting 7' above high tide on a normal day.

   Heard an ad for flood insurance sold ONLY by the U S Govt they said. from PPEN  6/26/2012 6:34:50 PM
 They quoted a rate of $400 per year. I'm guessing that is for a small amount of insurance 'cause $400 sure isn't going to go far with many of the coastal homes here in FL.

We received about 9 to 10" of rain from Debbie and our lake is up about
5 or 6". The rest is spilling into the Peace River.

The rain, rising lake and mist rain conditions did help the bass fishing here off the dock. Sunday evening I caught one 16 1/2" and two each just a tad over 18" long. All on lipless cranks.

Life Is good.

   PPen, $400 is the minimum coverage cost... from Gridleak  6/26/2012 9:12:58 PM

I'm not sure how much insurance $400 bucks will by you from the Federal Flood Insurance Program, but if you've got a pricy home and contents... a $400 dollar policy ain't gonna go far.

Federal flood insurance is available to anyone, and required if you purchase in a flood zone. You can purchase your policy through most any insurance company. When you have a claim you call your insurance company who relays the info to the FFIP who sends out an adjuster.




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