Wonder why employers aren't hiring? Wonder why employers aren't hiring?
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    Wonder why employers aren't hiring?
from dontr20x #17419 #17419  
7/4/2012 11:29:30 PM



explains it very well.

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   Great read! Thanks for sharing! from Bass Stalker  7/5/2012 8:09:41 AM
 I think he put it in terms that most people can understand what's going on.


   Good post, dontr20X from PPEN  7/5/2012 8:23:20 AM
 I wish every person in the country would read and retain this. The author does a super job of detailing why we have an unemployment problem in our country.

   Most people from Jeff Hahn  7/5/2012 8:39:44 AM
 Perry: I assume by "most people" that you are excluding one notable exception who will be along shortly (and to whom I am no longer responding) to tell us that the author of that piece has no idea what he's talking about and if the piece is at all accurate the current dismal situation is a result of evil corporations who are rolling in cash.

Jeff Hahn

   Jeff I'd be willing to bet from JohnM  7/5/2012 9:19:02 AM
 That person has never had the responsibility beyond singing the back of a payroll check. Things change when your name goes on the front side, and my name wasn't on that particular company. The responsibility alone of knowing if I didn't do my job my signature was worthless on those checks. It changes your outlook on business.

   demand for products and services from MikeF  7/5/2012 9:26:11 AM
 Other than government most employers hire people because they need more people to make more stuff that other people will buy.

Only a fool would think a business should hire someone because they have money.

   That piece, from GITTHENET  7/5/2012 9:39:15 AM
 As simply as it was written, will be far, far, over that persons comprehension. Too, expect the typical emotional response..

And this is the perfect example of why the democrats are winning around this issue. Their message / arguement with the evil corporation is purely emotional and the true response is far to complex for the morons to understand...

Sorry MikeF, I borrowed your branding.

   Non employers sometimes have a hard time understanding from Skipper  7/5/2012 10:11:08 AM
 In this economy there are very few opportunities for a business to grow. Most are holding their own and looking for better times in the future. The writer is right in that right now, there's not the prospect of new business to warrant expansion of a business and most are choosing to maintain rather than try to grow.

   no copyright from MikeF  7/5/2012 10:15:16 AM
 Feel free to use than term of endearment anytime. It fits so very very well.

   GETTHENET - you said a mouthful! from Jeff Hahn  7/5/2012 3:29:46 PM
 GETTHENET said, "And this is the perfect example of why the democrats are winning around this issue. Their message arguement with the evil corporation is purely emotional and the true response is far to complex for the morons to understand."

That is one of the most insightful things said on these pages in some time...wish I had thought of it.

As an example, many years ago I was in the office in late afternoon and had to go to the bank to make our monthly mortgage payment. I left the office, walked to the bank, and when I came back my office door was open and the "maid" (as we called them then) was in my office emptying the trash. She apologized for interrupting me. I told her no need to apologize, but I did have more work to do, but that I had to run to the bank to make our mortgage payment. And I added as a joke "before the the bank tacked on an interest penalty." The maid says, "You know, I can't understand why banks have to charge interest on loans, especially home loans because everyone needs a place to live." And, Mike, yes, this lady VOTES!

And, then we have Obama's charges against Romney that Romney's campaign is engaging in class warfare. Well, I got news for Obama, he needs to listen to his own campaign ads. In all my years of voting I have NEVER, EVER seen a campaign so set on stirring up class hatred as the one currently being run by Obama. If he had any sense of decency, he'd be ashamed...but we know he doesn't, so he won't be.

Jeff Hahn

   Yea Jeff and Obummer said that from DaveT  7/5/2012 4:50:58 PM
  he was the one to bring our country together. Ha !!!! What a JOKE.

   And your example Jeff, is perfect from GITTHENET  7/5/2012 5:03:30 PM
 And that would be how the democrats manipulate, by emotion. They, the democrats, are smart enough to understand most of our scenarios are far above the comprehension abilities of a large % of Americans, thus they create an emotional message.

What troubles me most, are those who are smart enough to comprehend the truth and the message, and choose not to.... And there are far too many of those as well...



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