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SUBJECT: lot of blanks

Submitted by Randy C. ( from ALABAMA on

I am looking for any rod builders near Birmingham, Alabama. My Dad has built rods for over 30 years and is no longer able to due to his health. I have a bunch of partially built rods and blanks to sell. Since I do not know that much about this subject, I would like to talk to someone who would be interested in meeting with me to look at, and, make offers on his things. There are all different types... Mostly fiberglass. I do know there are several Fenwick blanks including fly and saltwater. If you are interested, please e-mail and I will get back to you. Thanks in advance, Randy

  1. Louie ( from TEXAS says Any Harringtons?
    I WAS WONDERING IF YOU HAVE ANY HARRINGTON BLANKS models: 542 harrington/harnell models: 552 harrington/harnell models: 553 harrington/harnell

  2. Spencer Barela ( from FLORIDA says Rod blanks
    Are there any Harrington/Harnell Rod Blanks?

  3. Tom Walters ( from ALABAMA says Harnells?
    e-mail me if there are any left please. Thanks

  4. Peter ( from HAWAII says needed information, concerning fenwick rods
    Hi, wanted to know if you have the following listed? USA fenwick 16810 and USA fenwick 1686 bait cast rod. Rods used for Saltwater Surf fishing. Please let me know.. Thanks

  5. Tom Tarpon ( from PENNSYLVANIA says Harrington Rods
    If anyone out there has any Harrington Rods or rod blanks please e-mail me with the info it will be greatly appreciated

  6. PierTony ( from FLORIDA says fenwicks
    Any fenwick surf blanks?


  7. Larry Holland ( from MISSISSIPPI says Fenwick Fiberglass Ultralite Blanks
    Do you have any Fenwick Fiberglass Ultralite Blanks?

  8. louclrwtr ( from FLORIDA says Herrington
    I have a Herrington 552 and 542 that have never been built if anyone is interested in them me know

  9. tracy ( from HAWAII says usa fenwick 16810
    Any 16810 fenwicks available

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