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SUBJECT: All I want for Christmas. Chapter I

Submitted by Boatdood #15226 from SOUTH CAROLINA on

Thirteen is a tough year for a young man. Transitioning to manhood but clinging to childhood, and that is exactly where Sonny found himself this Christmas. It had been a tough year also for his dad, and his mom. An economic slowdown cost Dad his job, and Mom went to work for the first time in years. Christmas was slim for Sonny, his brother, and his sister, but it was hard for Sonny to understand. Mom and Dad had always found a way to make things alright. A PSIII wasn’t that much money, and all his friends got one. How could he tell them he only got a few clothes and a skateboard? Looking in on his little sister she was busily combing Barbie’s hair, and little brother was happily pushing Thomas the tank engine around his track. They were too young to know the difference, he thought. Mom was busy with Christmas dinner in the kitchen, and Dad beckoned Sonny to join him and Uncle Bob in the living room to watch the game.

“Thanks Dad. I’m going to head out to the porch and swing a bit. I’ll catch you later.”

Sonny’s dad waved him on and went back to the game. Sonny sat on the old porch swing and gazed out on the big oak in the front yard full of self pity, quite content to be alone. His eyes were heavy, not having slept well the night before. Long past were visions of sugarplums dancing in his head. These days it was visions of the young girl down the street that danced in his head, but what kept him up was a strange mix of emotions. He felt bad for his parents. Never in his young life had his dad been unemployed, and never before had his mom worked outside the home. In his sleepless nights of the last few weeks he overheard them talking. Scary things like paying the mortgage and buying groceries to eat were discussed. But still, it was Christmas, and Sonny would need to compare notes with his buddies. What did they get? Did they get more than he did? And then there was the guilt for thinking these thoughts. Just as he thought a quick nap was a good idea a voice startled him awake.

“So Sonny, how did Santa Claus treat you this year?”

Sonny would have hated that question from anyone else, but he expected it from Grandpa, and there he was sitting in the swing next to him, a grin on the old man’s wrinkled face. Always happy to see his grandpa Sonny suddenly felt a bit better, and answered honestly.
“Things could have been better this year Grandpa. I’m embarrassed to tell my buddies that I only got this “Things could have been better this year Grandpa. I’m embarrassed to tell my buddies that I only got this lousy skateboard.”

The old man looked at the skateboard in the young man’s lap, then gazed out towards the old oak in the front yard for a while. An old tire swing swayed in the breeze, the rope frayed and the tire cracked with age. How many years had it been since he and old Coot hung that tire? A lifetime? Gently he slipped his hand around the shoulder of the young man at his side and spoke.

“Sonny, let’s take a ride. I’ve got the old Ford parked just down the street.”

“Sure Grandpa, just let me tell Mom that I’m going.”

The old man pulled his grandson close to him for a second and said, “That’s alright Sonny. I’ve already taken care of that.”

The old man then got up and headed to the screen door leading off the porch. Snow was beginning to fall dusting the path to the paved road. Sonny’s shoes left a pair of prints as he walked beside the old man. When they reached the paved road, sure enough, the old Ford was just a hundred yards or so down, sitting and idling, smoke coming from the single exhaust pipe. The cab was warm when Sonny crawled in and buckled up before his grandpa told him to yet once again.

“Grandpa, can I drive?”

The old man chuckled just a bit and said,

“Yes, Sonny, you can drive, one of these days, but that day will come when your dad says you can drive. Not me.”

Sonny was content as he snuggled down in the familiar passenger’s seat, and slipped off for a short winter’s nap.

  1. 3rdbar ( from TEXAS says Yep .. it's CHRISTMAS
    Nice to see some old friends still got it!

    Thanks Dood .. I needed that. Keep 'em coming. ..3rdbar.

  2. old2/75thrangerrex from FLORIDA says Can't wait for Chap 2...
    Good Chap 1...

    Merry Christmas from Afghanistan..,

    Ranger Rex

  3. Boatdood #15226 from SOUTH CAROLINA says As dependable as ever.
    My old friend 3rd bar, never fails to come through. And I see we have a new friend on the porch. All the way from Afghanistan. Be careful brother. You have a family waiting, and we all want you home safe.

  4. Wade Fisher from TEXAS says Been a busy year and stopping by slipped my mind, but....
    Thanks boatdood. Your tales always bring back some real fine memories.


  5. Boatdood #15226 from SOUTH CAROLINA says It's good to see you again Wade.
    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the kind words. It's just a rough draft full of mistakes but my friends on the porch are always kind, as we all should be. Each Christmas, time allowed, I like to write a Christmas story to share with a few close friends. One of these days I hope to put it all together, edit the little missteps out, and maybe even leave something for my little buddies to read on Christmas Eve to their grandkids.

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