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SUBJECT: # 85557: Glasstream Flats Flite

Submitted by Fisherboy #10852 from ALABAMA on 8/3/2011 12:55:00 PM


  1. 8/3/2011 1:29:00 PM Submitted by Funky from VA says Kool...
    but that rear seat looks kinda tall and doesn't appear to swivel?

  2. 8/3/2011 2:07:00 PM Submitted by Fisherboy #10852 from VA says el Wifey's spot
    I figured having the wife pole the boat around is cheaper than a trolling motor.

    Since, this is the only page my reds work, I think we should all move back over here.

    How long will it take you to round up all (5) of them?

  3. 8/3/2011 6:03:00 PM Submitted by Tim #10364 from GA says fisherboy, have your tried tossing your cookies?
    That is deleting all your internbet cookies (specifically the WMI cookie) then clearing your cache, then try logging in to the NF2.

    Couldn't hurt unless you have forgotten your passwords.

  4. 8/4/2011 4:00:00 AM Submitted by Fisherboy #10852 from AL says Not the case
    My membership expired. The original NF has always been for lewsers, so it still works here.

  5. 8/4/2011 10:10:00 PM Submitted by ukey28 from NY says I afraid you'll
    roll off the edge! What's the plan, Bonefish in Maryland? Plannin on waving the fairy stick around?

  6. 8/5/2011 7:17:00 AM Submitted by Fisherboy #10852 from AL says Serious answer
    Just making up a number, I spend about 90 percent of my time fishing in skinny creeks and super shallow water. With this boat I can gain as much as 6 hours of fishing time without worrying about being stranded at low tide. That, and the out of pocket and operating costs are less than half of running a 22-foot / 250. Then, I have a kid going to college in 2 years, and in 4 years I plan on living on the Indian River, or damn close to it. I dont need a bass boat there. A flats is more versitle.

    Did I mention that its cheap(er) ....

  7. 8/5/2011 12:41:00 PM Submitted by CSpots from MO says FB? aint that awfull high for a terlet seat? Howevers
    Now that is a Cool rig

    How long?

    How wide?

    I never thought to ask, why flats boats dont use trolling motors/ too shallow? or will TM's mess with clarity of water?

  8. 8/5/2011 1:40:00 PM Submitted by Fisherboy #10852 from VA says 17 x 6.5
    The sides are 16" wide so you can walk around.

    Traditionally flats boats don't have TMs so they don't spook the fish, and you can go several inches shallower without one.

    I'm having a Riptide ST80 I-pilot mounted. Same foot petal as a Terrova, with the remote, auto pilot, anchor lock etc.

    The platform will most likely find itself in the storage building until I head south. That will give my co-angler a little more room to move around.

  9. 8/5/2011 1:50:00 PM Submitted by CSpots from MO says All kiddin aside- that there is a Purty Boat!!
    and that comes from semi boatless bank trash- 14 jon boat and 1 man pontoooon, I don't know iffen Dr Phyll consideres them boats

    Some day Maybeeeees I be boatyfull again

  10. 8/5/2011 2:37:00 PM Submitted by Fisherboy #10852 from VA says Doc Feel?
    Hank's too good to come back over to this page.

  11. 8/6/2011 9:37:00 AM Submitted by MikeF from FL says nice boat
    Did you pick it up already?

  12. 8/6/2011 4:37:00 PM Submitted by Fisherboy #10852 from AL says A week from today
    They just got the engine in yesterday afternoon. Aparently, uncle sam bought a every suzuki 90, suzuki america had in stock. They tracked one down from another dealer.

    We'll break out of here the 12th, pick it up on the 13th and head back sunday night or monday morning. I need to save as many vacation days as I can, so I can take a real vaction this winter.

  13. 8/10/2011 8:56:00 AM Submitted by Hoot from IA says Many Bass Boat Owners are switching
    to more versatile and smaller boats as I know several who have sold their big rigs. They've figured out they don't need a 21 ft rig with a 250 to catch fish plus the costs of towing and running one is much cheaper..

    Fisherboy has proven he can catch good quality fish and whatever kind of boat he's fishing out of won't matter..That extra low tide fishing time is interesting and might just separate him from the rest of the crowd...

    Looking forward to lots of good pictures from the deck of that boat

  14. 8/10/2011 5:25:00 PM Submitted by Fisherboy #10852 from AL says Hoot
    I was telling Charlie, who is several years my senior, that I must be getting old. He says something like, "I think you are getting smarter."

    Now if my wife would buy that, I would be golden. Lol

    I'm thinking the average cost per trip is going to go way down. I averaged about $100 every time I backed the Bullet into the water. So I should cut that by half.

    I'll put the savings into the kid's college fund. I better fish a lot, she graduates in two years.

  15. 8/11/2011 8:23:00 AM Submitted by Hoot from IA says One good thing about getting older is
    your college tuition paying days are behind you and you start a new phase of life with your kids....One does make better decisions when they approach college age and it once again simplifies your priorities..

    I think you made a good call on getting the new rig looks easy to maintain, cheap to run and really versatile.

    I've avoided the urge to buy a high priced shiny chunk of glass and stayed with my tin boats over the years. Made the call that living this far north and not fishing huge lakes that my 19ft Xpress with a 150 might just be enough boat...Plus I've towed it to Lake MI,Table Rock, KY lake and numerous other big lakes and did just fine..

    Still recall all the backwater places I could get to with my old Tracker TX17

    You'll be fishing out of that boat 15 years from now as what's to wear out on it?

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