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    Hey Wade
from Tbone  
6/26/2012 11:47:03 AM


 Took a look at beach-cam. Sure wish I was there right now. "Green water" to the beach, looks like grass went South. "Rollover" even has a decent number of folks fishing. Tide running I guess. I may need to check that out when I get to town.


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   Yeah Tbone ......... from Wade Fisher  6/26/2012 12:00:52 PM
There is something wrong when we're experiencing 100+ degree days with a north/northeast breeze blowing. It does knock the tops off the waves and pretties up the gulf though.

Rollover is something all y'all should at least take a look at while you're here. Talk is they will allow the pass to fill in, so it might not be there next time y'all visit.


   Yeah I think they are from Sammy #10958 #10958  6/26/2012 12:15:23 PM
because it was man made?? I remember reading sumpin like that awhile back but don't count on my information being correct.


   Dang? from Crowbar  6/26/2012 3:21:56 PM
What's that gonna do to the bay in the area? I guess they figure the intracoastal will allow water to move/circulate. Pretty tiny cut, so I don't guess it is crucial?

   Depends on who you're talking to .......... from Wade Fisher  6/26/2012 4:08:35 PM
I'll share my limited knowledge on the subject.

Rollover pass got it's name way back in time when smuggler's would beach their boats on the gulf side of Bolivar and "roll" their cargo over the narrow stretch of land at that spot to waiting boats on the bay side.

Some of the old timers in the area say before the pass was dredged east galveston bay had large grass flats, much the same as Matagorda and bay systems south. Those same old timers say the current flow through the pass is what caused the grass to disappear. I personnally think it's was/is the huge numbers of shimpers and crabbers dragging and dredging that caused the grass beds to go.

Flash foward a few decades and now the GLO says the pass causes erosion on the gulf side of the pass and additional dredging requirements on the bay side of the pass to maintain the intercoastal waterway. They say allowing the pass to silt in or outright filling it in will save $1M/yr. on dredging costs.

I'm not against saving a million bucks a year, but I have issues with the proposed plan.

Fill in the pass and build a long arse pier that people can fish from. No mention yet as to the cost of admission to said pier, but nuttin's free. Oops wait, it currently is.

No environmental studies done to determine the impact of reduced water flow to east bay. Galveston bay currently has three passes to the gulf. San Louis (SP) pass on the west end of the island, galveston bay entrance proper between the jetties, and rollover. Reducing the water transfer rate in east bay could result in what we see over in east Matagorda bay. Very little tide movement, and when heavy rains fresh up the bay, it stays that way much longer. The flip side is lacking rain, we also see hyper-saline situations. Anybody know why Baffin bay is where to catch the biggest trout? Yep, hyper-saline environment. So is it possible that changing the dynamics could improve fishing in east bay? Sure, but there's way too much commercial pressure on the system to be sure.

Imagine no current flow to flush the bay and year round shrimping, oyster dredging, and crabbing. Never mind the almost constant maintanence in the ship channel and all the mud that stirs up. How long before the entire bay is in a constant state of phucked up with no way to clear itself out.

Not worth the risk in my opinion, but it's not my call.

Some bean counter in Austin will make that decision.


   So, why was the pass originally opened? from Crowbar  6/26/2012 5:26:54 PM
To facilitate the smuggling? LOL

Just curious because there must have been a good reason for opening the pass and maintaining it all these years and now that reason no longer exists?

...but yet the State can feed, educate and medicate every little bambino that lands in the dirt on this side of the river.

   My understanding is ....... from Wade Fisher  6/26/2012 6:19:08 PM
TP&W originally opened it to benefit the exact same thing the old timers say it phucked up.

Assist in flushing the bay, promote growth of grasses, and to give fish another pass to the gulf.

Seems to have backfired. State run agency......Go figure.




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